fuzzy match

  1. D

    Fuzzy match with similarity column

    Hello, i created a power query fuzzy match merge. And I am wondering either with VBA or power query if there is a way to add a column to give a number to represent the similarity of the two columns I am doing a fuzzy match. With 1 being exact and 0 being either its empty or doesnt match at all...
  2. SkywardPalm

    Best Match (Fuzzy Match Alternative) for Product Description and Pulling Respective Product ID Code

    I'm looking for the most efficient way to find the best matching cell (based on a product's description text) and pull the product ID code from a reference sheet into a separate (product ID code) column on the initial sheet. The product's description needs to be compared to the entirety of a...
  3. M

    Custom Fuzzy Lookup (in rows)

    Hi all, I have inherited some fuzzy match code (below) which compares two text strings, it works fine and gives me the character similarity I need, but it also gives me 5 columns of other data (which I don't want or need). Example below. Would anyone know which bit of the below to edit out so...
  4. svkroy

    FuzzyMatch Function/Logic

    A simple fuzzymatch logic that can be placed in an access module. This is a UDF(User Defined Function), and can be called from a query to retrieve suitable results. Variations can involve replacing special characters, vowels before matching so as to customise as per requirements. Function...
  5. P

    multiple match with a fuzzy search

    hi all good people i have a spreadsheet with over 27000 rows of data and 11000+rows of reference data My reference data all unique, however some of the cells have a string that is similar for example c/dog/001/01, c/dog/001/02, c/dog/001/03, c/dog/002/01, c/cat/001/01, c/cat/001/02...
  6. I

    Partial Match in 1 Column

    Hi, I'm stuck on a list with 1 column consisting of 13000 company names. These company names some are partial matches. For example, Company ABC Pty Ltd. and Company ABC Proprietary Limited. Is there anyway for me to be able to filter through this? Even a macro ...anything. :(:(:( I only have 1...
  7. K

    ANY text contained in cell C2 is ALSO contained in cell B2 (Fuzzy Match)

    I've been searching for a formula on the forum for some time now and have not found this exact scenario. I'm looking to have a formula that indicates if there is any text in cell C2 that matches any text in cell B2. Yes B2 C2 Acme Mfg. ACME MFG CO No B2 C2...
  8. K

    FUzzy matching - names (newbie help please)

    Hi, I'm new to this type of query in Excel: I have some data where I want to find and extract a list of names from cells in rows where any of the names match. For example the data is like: Row 1:'Jon Smith 46 years old is but a new brown car' Row 2:'Jonny smith 46 yrs likes brown cars' Row...
  9. P

    Unifying List of Strings Using Approximate String MAtching

    Hello, I am sorry in advance if I have picked the wrong words for the title of thread (which i think is the case, since web search returned no relevant results). Basically I have a column with company names where the company names were not standardized. Meaning you will see for example...
  10. N

    Partial or Fuzzy Match inside PowerPivot (DAX alternative to 2^15)

    Hello Dear Friends, I think most of the people faced with fuzzy match (partial match) problem found the following tutorial posted by Mike Girvin ExcelIsFun) and discovered a surprisingly interesting solution that starts with = LOOKUP(2^15(SEARCH(....... Here is the url to the video...
  11. S

    A comprehensive fuzzy match (counting bananas!)

    Hi all, This is a tough one to explain, but I’ll do my best as I’ve not found anyone who can offer a solution. I have a list of measures that a number of organizations are monitoring and I've been asked to find out which organizations are measuring similar things. There are thousands of...
  12. O

    Returning All Values that occur when a loookup should see multiple items in list

    Hi I'm trying to run what I might call a "multiple vlookup" so something like this happens: <tbody> A B 1 12 Green45 2 45 Green36 3 95 Green48 4 12 Green71 5 12 Blue10 6 12 Blue92 7 95 Red84 8 45 Red63 9 45 Red88 </tbody> [On another sheet] When I have a value "12" in a...
  13. J

    how to delete similar lines?

    Hello, I have a list of names, some of which are misspelled in various ways: benno friedrich toermer benno friedrich tormer benno geiger benno sachs benny pinabuka benny setiawan benny tipungwuti benny tjapaltjarri benny van groeningen benny van gröningen bozidar jakac božidar jakac brad david...
  14. G

    Fuzzy Match

    I have found some information on the website of MrExcel about Fuzzy Match. I am looking for a function like this. I have got text in colomn A. I want to have this formula working that it will give me a percentage match to the highest percentuage hit in colomn C. (Any row) For example, Cell...
  15. S

    How to omit cells from automatic calculation?

    I would like to omit some cells (a single column, as it happens) from automatic calculation, but I don't want to switch the entire worksheet/workbook to manual calculation ("F9"). The reason for this is that the column in question contains some fuzzy matching formulas which can take a long time...
  16. H

    Userform to decide what to do with a text input

    Hi people, I have written a fairly basic programme (which uses the wonderful fuzzy match by user al_b_cnu) which is a quiz. Various People can write questions in the spreadsheet, and then hide them, and other people can answer the questions, and the results will be saved with their name etc. So...
  17. T

    This is a fuzzy doozy...

    Greetings to all from a new user! This is a fantastic forum and site, and I'd like to thank the community and Mr. Excel in advance! OK, here's my issue. I have 2 lists to match: I am trying to match 2 columns of company names, one current customers (15,000), and one a list of industry leaders...

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