1. K

    Highlighting near duplicates?

    Hello, I am trying to find out how to identify near duplicates in a large excel sheet based on a monetary value. For example, If i have 2 rows I want to be able to highlight these as potential duplicates if the number is within certain criteria. Is there a formula that I can create to say: If...
  2. M

    Custom Fuzzy Lookup (in rows)

    Hi all, I have inherited some fuzzy match code (below) which compares two text strings, it works fine and gives me the character similarity I need, but it also gives me 5 columns of other data (which I don't want or need). Example below. Would anyone know which bit of the below to edit out so...
  3. svkroy

    FuzzyMatch Function/Logic

    A simple fuzzymatch logic that can be placed in an access module. This is a UDF(User Defined Function), and can be called from a query to retrieve suitable results. Variations can involve replacing special characters, vowels before matching so as to customise as per requirements. Function...
  4. J

    Performing a "fuzzy" look-up by row

    Hi everyone I have a long spreadsheet with just 1 column (and around 8,000 rows) which has the names of Educational institutions in it. I would like to perform a fuzzy-type lookup on the data to see if there are any similarities. An example would be where I have one row saying University of...
  5. B

    Fuzzy look up or alike

    I've got two lists of names on two tabs. One is from payroll and one is from the email system we use. People have left but their email accounts have not been deleted. I want to run a check and flag all the names that have email addresses but are not on the payroll so they can be removed...
  6. R

    problem with fuzzy lookup

    Dear Friends, Earlier I installed Fuzzy LookUp in my laptop where Windows 7 was installed. There fuzzy lookup addin was running fine. Recently I installed in another laptop where windows 10 64 bit is installed. But unfortunately fuzzy lookup is not running. After click on Go no result is...
  7. C

    Using "Fuzzy Lookup" to compare 2 columns and return cell contents of adjacent cell to matched record... on Office on OS X

    I know there are great plug-ins for Fuzzy Lookups on Windows machines but I work in a Mac office. I have 3 cols of data: Col A = My accounts Col B = Each account's point of contact Col C = Attendee list I want to know if an account I own in col A is in the attendee list in col C but there...
  8. C

    Using "Fuzzy Lookup" to compare 2 columns... on Office for MAC

    There are great plug-ins for Fuzzy Lookups on Windows machines but I work in a Mac office. I am trying to: I have 2 lists: a Lead List of companies and an event Attendee List I want to compare these lists but there will be spelling inconsistencies between the 2 lists (e.g. - Coca Cola -vs- The...
  9. C

    Fuzzy Lookup Help

    Hello, New here, but this is a great resource. I am having a heck of a time getting my fuzzy lookup to work. I have the following 2 tables: I am trying to use the second table to generate a cost for the first table where the Origin/Dest state pair match 100% and the weight is just the...
  10. sleek12

    Approximate match in columns to merge along with amount

    <tbody> Debtor Amount $ X Insurance ltd 5800 X Ins. Ltd -480 X Insurance Brokers Ltd 4700 X Ins. Brokers ltd -950 Y Enterprises 8900 Y Ent Ltd 950 </tbody> Objective: I have fuzzy logic in my excel but it compares 2 columns , but i have inexact data in debtors...
  11. R

    Comparing two columns using Match Function (Approximate)

    I am trying to compare two columns, each of which contain company names. The list is over 6,000 rows so I would like to use a function and drag it down. Normally, you would use the Match function, but the problem is the company names are slightly different. Example: Column A...
  12. H

    VBA Fuzzy Lookup (Find) - Case Sensitive Issue

    Hi, I have a function that performs a "fuzzy" lookup/find against a set of data to find matching values. For example, for each cell in Field 1, the value in that cell is looked up against the entire range of data in Field 2, and where there is a "Fuzzy" Find/match, that value is populated on...
  13. G

    Approximate match

    Hi. I have a list of upc codes, which should be 12 digits. Unfortunately, some digits have been dropped while doing data entry. I would like to compare these 11 digit upc's to a 'good' list, which contains the upcs they way they're supposed to be - basically doing a vlookup where one character...
  14. S

    Matching column a string with a single value

    <tbody> Model Manufactur and Model H834 Cuisinart H297 H296 Hitatchi L945 L8435 Hitchachi H834 N923k1 Cuisinart H296 </tbody> I have 2 columns on seperate sheets one will contain a single text value, the other a string. I want to return true in the Manufacturer and Model sheet if it is...
  15. R

    How to match fuzzy duplicates in one column

    I have some data in a single column, this data contains titles. Some of the titles are exact matches but others have the same words but just in a different order. Is there a way to find the fuzzy duplicates within a single column?
  16. D

    Help with Fuzzy/Similar Duplicates

    Hello, I am trying to sanitize a spreadsheet of data and get it to be more uniform based on Brand (column A), and PolishName (column B). Using AbleBits Fuzzy Duplicate finder ( https://www.ablebits.com/excel-find-similar/find-fuzzy-excel-duplicates.php ), I was able to find most of the...
  17. T

    Compare two columns for Exact match and Similar matches

    Hi all, I have two spreadsheets (SheetA and SheetB). SheetA has 4 columns, with ColumnA having names. SheetB has only 1 column, ColumnA, containing a different set of names. I need to match SheetA.ColumnA with SheetB.ColumnA, and all matches need the data from SheetA copied to a new...
  18. E

    Matching names using "alias list"

    Here's a great problem that even I can't solve, but I see possible glimmerings of a solution. I have a giant database (250,000 records) and a smaller to-find list (35,000 records), though the sizes are a problem. These are both lists of peoples names and addresses from all around the...
  19. R

    Fuzzy Duplicates, must return values "True" or "False"

    Hi, I've read as much of this forum as I could, and I have also seen FuzzyVLookup, but it doesn't suit my needs (or I don't know how to use it properly, could be the case too.) I have a database of 90 000 lines, which contain clients, company names, emails, logos, etc. by column. I need to...
  20. T

    Adapting array formula to search for strict matches

    In this example, as I understand, the formula is using a fuzzy search both for the count in D column and for the array in E onwards. Am I right in thinking, that if I wanted a strict match I could replace column D with this?: =COUNTIF(B:B,A) Does anyone know how to adapt the second array...

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