1. W

    Modified Gantt

    I am looking to take information in a spreadsheet and create a modified Gantt chart. The users select a Category from a drop down in Column B, input a title in Column C, and then select a Year - Quarter in Column F for the start and Column G for the end. The cells that represent the start and...
  2. S

    Auto adjust week length block (possible?)

    In the attached image, I have a construction manpower scheduling sheet that auto generates durations and crew sizes per day. Typically I would copy and paste the appropriate work days per week rows from the bottom of the image. I am wondering if it is possible to enter a 5, 6, or 7 in the...
  3. H

    VBA: Gantt chart coloring

    Hi all. I am trying to create a dynamic gantt chart in excel through VBA. I am currently struggling with the offsetting the coloring part. Below, you can see my code which I have produced so far. I am having problems with the final bit. I hope someone will be able to help me. BR Hans. Sub...
  4. K

    Primavera P6 Progress Line

    Hi, I am looking to make a Gantt Chart where i can show progress as Primavera P6 progress Line does. I am attaching picture where its like a snake. Any given time, the bar will either move forward or backward depending on status of activity. any help will be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. S

    Add Formula With VBA

    I have created a proposal process tracking sheet for my team and have included an "add new client" button. The "add new client" button copies information from a maintenance tab and pastes it at an offset from a cell named "OneAbove" below the last entry on the Proposal Schedule. Sub...
  6. L

    XLOOKUP into date order?

    I have a resource calendar where I have a master data sheet to add in event details, and then I have a sheet that looks up the data to put into a Gantt chart to be able to have a whole overview of the events we book in the year, in a calendar view. As the users will be inputting the data in the...
  7. R

    Automated Gantt Chart

    Hello, I am trying to make a gantt chart that will automatically update when the data is changed. More specifically I would like the bounds of the start and end date refer to the "Min Start" and "Max End" dates. I also am trying to get the data to only capture real values and not blank rows so...
  8. E

    Conditional Formatting for Gantt Chart not working

    I am trying to create a gantt chart in excel using conditional formatting. For some reason, my formulas don't work for every event. I have two colors: dashed gray for uncompleted tasks, and red for completed tasks. The formula for the uncompleted tasks is: <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin...
  9. B

    Help! Gantt Chart Conditional Formatting

    I am trying to conditionally format my gantt chart and have used the formula: =AND(F$6>=$B9,G$6<=$C9). It does work, however it then highlights the entirety of the end column of my table. Is there a reason for this/how do I get rid? Any help will be very much appreciated!! :biggrin:
  10. D

    Excel Gantt: Slow Performance

    Hello Mr. Excel Team Members, I have an issue with a Gantt Chart Template that I create, something it makes it extremely slow... I'm not sure if its due the formulas, conditional formatting or other stuff... Could you please take a look of it and support me to speed it up? Thanks a lot...
  11. J

    One line Gantt Charts

    Gantt charts typical display a different task or job on different lines. So one project will have five lines if it has five different phases. It it possible to create a Gantt chart with all phases on one line? I want to be able to look at different projects and see how their timelines match up...
  12. K

    Condition formatting for overnight hours worked

    I'm trying to create a chart using conditional formatting that will show the hours that each employee is working. I have a formula for that works for Chris' time but can't figure out a formula that covers both Chris & Richard's schedule since Richard is working overnight. Richard's hours...
  13. C

    VBA for merging and centering cells and including text based on a dynamic range and text reference

    Hello all, I am creating a dynamic Gantt chart for an upcoming workshop in which several team members will view and collaboratively edit the start and end dates of various work streams to align on a work plan. I have a worksheet with tasks in column B, the task's respective start date in...
  14. H

    Return month from GANTT table

    I have a Gantt Table based on activities (vertical axis) and and month (horizontal axis). In this Gantt table, cells are colored if there is activity in the month I need a formula to show me in which months that business is doing. For example, if an activity takes place in month 1, the...
  15. G

    Help with ghosted grid lines- need to remove them

    I received an excel gantt chart to work with. It displays item #, task name, start date and end date. At the end is a gantt chart showing horizontal bar graphs. It had horizontal ghosted grid lines visible. Vertical grid lines were not visible. I began populating the sheet and decided to...
  16. C

    Gantt Chart help please! Formula to calculate date range based on budgeting criteria

    I am trying to find a formula for a Gantt chart that will calculate and fill in the graph dates based on a budget dollar amount entered. If the budget dollar amount is $100, and each week is "worth" $2, I need the formula to calculate how many weeks the $100 would cover and fill in the bar...
  17. B

    3 Axis chart with gantt

    Is it possible to create a chart like this in Excel? I was thinking making a bunch of individual charts and overlaying them with transparency and resizing them so they match up might work. But if there is a better way I would appreciate some assistance please. You see it is based on date across...
  18. D

    Determining work days and date ranges (Gantt related)

    I'm working on a gantt chart where I want to be able to determine the number of "work days" which occur as of a certain date (which could be a weekend or holiday start). I have to subtract non working days such as holidays, which are listed in another tab. The function I am using is WORKDAY()...
  19. H

    Creating a Gantt Chart in Excel using conditional formatting

    To Whom itConcerns, I’m trying to create a Gantt chart which would look something like this: However I’ve designed mine around projects rather than tasks, and each projecthas a start, forecast completion and actual completion date. The...
  20. A

    Highlighting Cells Between Dates

    I am designing a calendar for my department. I have dates set up incrementing by week along the top, with an event and start and end dates along the side. I have it set up to check if the start date is greater than the beginning of the week, and less than the beginning of the following week. If...

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