1. B

    Sum If a Pivot Table Data Set Based on Date

    Hi Gurus, Am I able to sumif a range of dates within a pivot table. The formula I have is as below, but returns a #ref . =GETPIVOTDATA("DUE",$A$3,"Group","AP","Payment Date","<"&DATE(2019, 6, 21)) <tbody> Sum of DUE Column Labels Week Ending AP CX 1/03/2019 10/05/2019...
  2. M

    Dynamic criteria for SUMIF or dynamic getpivotdata

    Hi Everyone, I need help with a spreasheet issue related to my trading strategy. It would be great if I could upload the excel file, but it is too large. So I will carefully explain the problem with several images labelled in a word document -...
  3. C

    Extracting data from Pivot Table

    Hi all I'm trying to automate a monthly report and all the information I need is presented within a pivot table. The pivot table contains two columns, A is Customer, B is value. The pivot table has an additional row within the customer to subdivide them into categories. Essentially i'd like to...
  4. D

    Can I use a condition in GETPIVOTDATA?

    I have a pivot table that is tracking occurrence per device as follows: <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> PJ1065 1 PJ1089 1 PJ1156 1 PJ1197 1 PJ1573 2 PJ1754 1 PJ3159 1 PJ3223 3 PJ3648 1 PJ3944 1 PJ4064 1 PJ4073 1 PJ4309 1 </tbody> I need to find a way to...
  5. P


    Hello All, GetPivotdata formula will give column values from a Pivot. Is there any formula similar to it which will give row label data from a Pivot?
  6. A

    GETPIVOTDATA conditional grand total

    Dear Excel Community, Currently I have a tab that references data from a pivot table via getpivotdata function. How can I modify the getpivotdata formula in a way that it will give me the grand total value up to a certain month. For example, I would like the grand total from the average price...
  7. A


    Dear Excel Community, Currently I have a tab that references data from a pivot table via getpivotdata function. How can I modify the getpivotdata formula in a way that it will give me the grand total value up to a certain month. For example, I would like the grand total from the average price...
  8. R

    GetPivotData Data Model with Date as Criteria

    Hi - using PP Data model pivot is really new for me, i am trying to use getpivotdata below is the formula =GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Distinct Count of nama]",$K$2,"[Range].[date]","[Range].[date].&[2019-03-12T00:00:00]") i want to get the data based on the date. i tried looking over the...
  9. B

    using getpivotdata as reference point to sum range

    I have a pivot table where my rows are client names an the columns are dates. Is there a way that I can use the getpivotdata function to identify a reference starting point and then sum the prior twelve dates/columns. If there aren't 12 prior dates/column, it would just return zero? I am...
  10. B

    getpivotdata (offset)

    I have the following formula that is returning the correct value: cell 'ODS TTM Coverage'!N12 = GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[Amt]",'ODS TTM Coverage'!$A$5,"[Time].[Calendar]","[Time].[Calendar].[Year].&[2017].&[12]&","[Client].[Client.Name].&[M1...
  11. S

    Help with Getpivotdata

    Hey guys, Looking for some assistance as I have never used this formula before. I have multiple accounts with various sellers. I have summarized them into pivot table. What I need is a formula to pull from the pivot table all the names that fall under a certain account. so if account 2 in A2...
  12. K


    Hello I am hoping you can help me. I am trying to use formula GETPIVOTDATA and I can not get it to work! I attached some screen shots below of the pivot and I have created a table by month to bring through the total by month. I cant see what I am doing wrong Any help appreciated Katherine
  13. G


    Hi Would appreciate any help with this GETPIVOTDATA, I need to make it dynamic, and link &[2.018E3] to a year in a cell and&[1.] to week in a cell. I've tried a few things but nothing is working. =GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].[MP Count]",'[3Data.xlsx]ATT ENT'!$A$4,"[Subscriptions].[Attend...
  14. R

    getpivotdata formula issue that searches for text with an _

    I have an getpivotdata formula that works quiet well for multiple items but fails to return data for one item. The main difference between the item that fails to return a result and the others is that it contains an Underscore. =IFERROR(ROUND(GETPIVOTDATA("Events",Changes!$C$503,"Last changed...
  15. B

    GETPIVOTDATA returns 0 when one item from list missing

    =IFERROR(SUM(GETPIVOTDATA("Count of Age",Pivots!O$3,"Case Type",Cases!$B$4,"Age",{13,14,15,16,17})),0) In my current data set there is nobody age 16 and the formula returns 0 even though there are kids age 13, 14, etc. The formula works fine if I take 16 out of the condition array. But the next...
  16. A

    GETPIVOTDATA Power Pivot

    Hi, I want to make the "getpivotdata" function dynamic. It is important to know that I used Power Pivot to create pivot tables. This is my function: =IFERROR(GETPIVOTDATA("[Measures].["&$D9&"]";'ST...
  17. A

    How to Obtain Bottom Performers from Pivot Table for Excel Dashboard

    Hi All, I need some help with obtaining Pivot Table data. I am unsure about what is the best way to accomplish what I want. I have a Pivot Table that is filtered to display the bottom performers for each class of students. Each class has a different number of bottom performing students. For...
  18. A

    GETPIVOTDATA Relative Reference and Cascading Slicers to Sort Students and Test Scores

    Hi All, I could really use some help before I go jump off a bridge. Jk. The issue I am currently having it related to using relative references in the GETPIVOTDATA function and cascading slicers. I have a PivotTable set up that has a list of students and their test scores. What I would like to...
  19. A

    Help with GETPIVOTDATA and Dynamic Dashboard

    Hi All, I need some help with the GETPIVOTDATA function and setting up an interactive dashboard. I have a PivotTable that shows the grade percentage for each student in a certain class. On my dashboard, I want to split the students up by class. Unfortunately, I do not know how I should...
  20. E

    GetPivotData Function

    Hello, I would like to know what is the purpose of GetPivotData function. What are the benefits of using this function rather than a regular function? I have "Googled" and can't find a clear answer. Please forgive me for this basic question. An advanced thank you for your support...

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