1. L

    fonts names list (

    Hi Where can I find a list of all fonts? the link below does not give me the list Thank you very much.
  2. S


    I've discovered this thread from a little time, so if it's possible i post another doubt. I have this formula (really is longer but if a part is correct i suppose that all can be correct as well) =IF(D15<>0,5 +IF(E15<>0,5 +IF(F15>0,5))) I wanna have a total that give me a value if any,one,or...
  3. F

    Sending mail

    I was using a CDO sub to send mail and it work great. I now have upgraded my computer and bought the newest subscription for Excel. I am not sure what happened but the sub does not work any more. I am hoping someone will be able to give me some code that will work. This has ruined my entire...
  4. A

    Need help! Lookup function

    Hello! I need help regarding my file. I am working on my cheque warehousing file. I have a sheet that contains all of my warehoused cheques.I need to create a file wherein it can give me same dated cheques in one sheet. Can you please give me tips on how to do it. I used vlookup but its tedious...
  5. J

    IF formula

    Hi, I have this IF formula but give me error "#VALUE!" here is the code: =IF(AND(L4="AB/BC","QC"),K4/1.05,K4/1.13) here is the data:
  6. muhammad susanto

    Conditional Formatting In Absolute Number, Highlighted Color

    hi all.. how to make CF formula with condition like this : in absolute number (20% as parameter) if C2=>20% - give this cell Red color if C2=>-20% - give this cell Green color <tbody> data expected result (Hightlighted) 25% Red -25% Green </tbody> any help, greatly...
  7. H


    I have a column of number values and need to find a give amount which could be a multiple of 1 or more of those numbers. Is this possible in excel?
  8. L


    Hi Why this formula is giving me 0 =IF(E2>50, ,) I thought it should give me True if E2 > 50 and False if E2 < 50 because I did not specify what would be if the condition is True or False. Thank you very much.
  9. A

    results between two cells

    =IFERROR(O7-O6,"") Hello how can I avoid to see the result if there is no value in the cell of O7? The formula should give me result if there is number in the cell O7, is it possible?
  10. G

    Index Match picking the smallest value

    Hey all, I am cracking my head without finding a logical solution for this problem. This is a small picture of my database (on the left) and I created a pivot table (on the right) to summarize this information. I would like excel to get the lowest number from the column G (date) and insert it...
  11. A

    Formula calculates working hrs.

    =IF(COUNT(E3:F3) = 2, MOD(F3-E3,1)-"8:00", "") Hello, The formula given above calculating the extra hrs after 8 hrs. Is there any way to change it if there are entries below 8hrs the formula will give me the negative result? Sample 14:00 => 01:00 = 3 14:00 => 21:00 = -1 Many Thanks
  12. D

    IIF Statement with Multiple condition

    Cant figure out why i am unable to get the correct response if 3 conditions state Active then give me Active ,if they all do not give me Inactive I am building this report from Excel to Access I am trying to duplicate this code in Excel...
  13. M

    PV function calculation

    Hi all, Can someone help give me a formula that would imitate the PV function of excel. For example, if I use the below formula, then I would get an answer of $10,000 =PV(5%/12,60,188.72) What I need is a formula that would give the same answer without using excel's built-in PV function...
  14. B

    SUMIF Based on Formatting

    Can someone give the way to SUMIF a range of numbers based on formatting alone?
  15. Q

    date and time stamp between two other date and time stamps

    Hi, im trying to build a formula that can check a date and time stamp is between two other calculated date and time stamps. If this was a value issue I would use a IF statement e.g. answer 10 between 5 and 20 =IF(and(a1<=5,a1>=20,"Yes","No") But when it comes to date and time stamps I want to...
  16. C

    Choose numbers from a list to give a total

    Hi. Can you give Excel a target to get to when picking from a list of numbers? e.g. if the list is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and the target set is 22 can you get Excel to pick a selection of numbers to give you 22 - 2,5,7 & 8 for example? Can this be further manipulated to give you the target with a...
  17. A

    IF + OR formula

    What would be the correct formula for IF a cell contains text x OR contains text Y, then give me Z value. Right now I have: =IF(SUM(COUNTIF(A6,{"BSC-NCORP-A","BSC-CORP-A"})),"BSC","CIG") But I am only getting the CIG value for everything.
  18. C

    SUMIF with INDEX MATCH Issue

    I have the following data: <tbody> A B C D E 1 Team 1 1 Team 2 2 2 Team 3 2 Team 4 1 3 Team 1 1 Team 3 2 4 Team 4 1 Team 1 2 5 Team 2 2 Team 1 1 6 7 Team 1-Wins Team 1-Losses </tbody> Whenever a team wins, a 1 is entered manually into Column B or Column D...
  19. J

    Total by PuestoTrabajo (Wrong Calculation)

    Hi, to all members of this great forum. Crossposted : The idea of ​​the table that I present in the file is to distribute a quantity of KG of production in several Puestos de Trabajo, through participations. I...
  20. P

    need VBA Selecting cells Containing specific Characters

    Hello, Forum, I am unable to find a VBA which would select cells which contain specific characters in a range. Could some give a hand? Thank you for taking the time.

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