1. P

    Golf Trip Pairings w/ No Repeats

    We have a 32-man golf trip that is split up into 2 teams of 16. We play 4 rounds. I am trying to come up with a schedule where everyone has a different partner all 4 rounds, and everyone will play against different people on the opposing team over the 4 rounds (8 in total), with no overlap or...
  2. L

    Tough Golf Tracker

    Hi guys, I could really appreciate some help tracking some golf matchplay results between me and 3 friends. Each month we play a team competition 2vs2, randomly picked teams, with the lowest score from the team being used. Whichever team has the lowest score wins the hole, if they're the same...
  3. B

    Vlookup with multiple occurances, return a "Y" if the value appears at least once

    Hi all - thanks in advance. I think this is fairly straightforward with an array formula but can't get it to function. If I have a column that has multiple occurences of a word, and the second column contains either a "n" or a "y", if any of the the occurences contain a "Y" I want the formuala...
  4. D

    Conditional Formating in Calendar

    I want to highlight the days on my calendar that match my Event list, but I want the different events to have different colors. example: Event List 1. 1/3/2020 - Baseball 2. 1/4/2020 - Football 3. 1/5/2020 - Golf 4. 1/6/2020 - Baseball 5. 1/7/2020 - Baseball 6. 1/8/2020 - Golf I want the...
  5. DRSteele

    Golf majors; retreive data from Wikipedia articles

    Can someone please help me? I am trying to use PowerQuery to create a table in Excel of all the golf majors. I wish to extract their dates from the Wikipedia articles for each tournament. For example, from this web address I want the...
  6. N

    8 team Golf Schedule - need formula to choose teams

    Hi all. Newbie here, I'm trying to figure out a formula to randomly choose team matchups for an 8 team golf league. And...I'm completely drawing a blank. Can anyone help me? Thank you! Sandi
  7. B

    golf league schedule 20 teams of 40 players

    new to mrexcel but would like some help putting together a golf league scheduler for a 40 player / 20 team league. 18 total weeks. am new to formulas in excel and a general beginner but use excel daily but not to its full potential. want to learn more. thanks.
  8. Alphacsulb

    Countif Table

    Hello, I have a reception Im going to be keeping track of those people who arrive and I need 2 formulas to keep track of how many group of people have arrived, and of those how many of them are getting an award. I'm not sure how to attach my spreadsheet anymore since I've gone to Excel 2016 so...
  9. R

    Golf Handicaps

    I have a list of 100 names with associated golf scores/handicaps. I need to develop 5 Flights (A, B, C, D, E) into which players will be placed based on their score/handicap, e.g., players who score par to 10 over par (this is a variable) would be placed into Flight A; Players 11 to ? would be...
  10. O

    Looking for an Hlookup and Vlookup criss cross combined formula...

    Hello, I have data in my Sheet that look like this... <colgroup><col width="64" span="8" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 alpha 100 1 1 43 22 1 1 bravo 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 charlie 3 3 3 3 3 3 35...
  11. D

    Average lowest 5 of last 6 golf scores in a column

    I'm having difficulty with the formula to find the lowest 5 of the last 6 golf scores listed in a column. The scores are auto-populated from another sheet so each cell with a score already has a formula in it. I will also have weeks when someone doesn't play so blank cells are common. My...
  12. G

    Working Calculate Golf Skins Spreadsheet by entering scores

    Newbie on the forum. I have set up a nice spreadsheet to where I can see who has won the hole by using conditional formatting to highlight the cells equal to minimum value, which is located in row 45. I have two questions... 1. How do I UNHIGHLIGHT the cells if there are duplicate lowest...
  13. P

    Can I use Excel to solve this problem

    I manage a group of 40 senior golfers and each M, W and Friday I have to submit a roster of the pairings for that particular day. My challenge is to make sure that the same people are not always playing together. I'm looking for a tool that would display a count of how many times Player A has...
  14. T

    High school golf score sheet

    I have a golf match score sheet setup. I works well for my team except that I would like to have a score marked as a birdie, boogy, etc with a color as it is entered. I have different sheets setup for each course we play. Which means I enter the course's hole by hole score at the top if each...
  15. B

    Golf Scorecard and Round Tracker

    Hello All, Frequent viewer, first time posting! I am looking for a spreadsheet to track my golf scores and have not come across a suitable spreadsheet. I recently purchased a Surface RT and would love to be able to input my scores directly as I play to track my rounds. I would like to track...
  16. C

    Highlight cells based on if a cell if less than another

    Im formatting a golf scorecard. What i need to do is highlight a cell where a score gets inputted if the player handicap is equal to or greater than the course handicap for that hole. If that makes sense. The numbers in red are the cells i want to highlight based on if the player handicap is...
  17. A

    Most improved player every week

    Hello again, this message board was so useful last time I decided to try again. I want to add a feature to my Golf Program's Dashboard that pulls in the top three most improved golfers each week. The formula would have to reference a cell that has which week it is while referencing the...
  18. S

    Track golf award on Excel 2007

    I use Excel to track scores for a special golf award for our Sr League. One award is based upon the last four scores made independent of the date played. At present I have to do a lot of manual work to keep the running total updated as well as track four scores, gross & net, none of which may...
  19. G

    Add the last 2 or 3 non-zero numbers in a row

    I have a series of golf scores in rows. For the purpose of this league, we use your last three scores to determine your handicap. If you have played 1 or 2 rounds, we use your handicap for the one round or the two rounds. A typical row might look like this 85 0 84 88 0 81 86 0 85 The 0's are...
  20. M

    GOLF scoreboard

    I'm new to this forum and hope that this is not a repost of a question. I am a golf professional and need help. We hold tournaments and would like to be able to project a possible 36 foursomes and scores (both gross and net) onto a screen or maybe a 45 inch tv monitor. I would like to be able...

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