1. A

    Solver Optimization Tool

    Hello, I have used solver to optimize the sum of numbers given certain constraints, however I am now trying to optimize the product of numbers given certain constraints. When finding the optimal sum I can use a binary list to select the combination of item to sumproduct together to find the...
  2. A

    Auto-Update Microsoft Excel Data into Google Sheets

    Good morning, I have about 25 different excels spreadsheets with various information. I'd like to auto-transfer any data updated and saved onto any of these excel sheets into One google sheet file; each excel file would have its own tab in google sheets. What is the best way to accomplish this...
  3. J

    Take Excel Worksheet, Divide into Worksheets/Workbooks by Employee/Card #, Email via Gmail to Employee for Input

    Apologies if this is completely basic, but I can't find anything in the forums that directly relates to what I'm trying to accomplish. I am not at all schooled in anything VBA, technical Excel, etc. I just Google to figure things out, and here I am! Here's my starting point: I have a workbook...
  4. M

    How to sumif values (days worked) to each month, across a range of multiple weeks

    The top table has weeks sorted into columns, and a count of days allocated to the weeks. The below table lists out months and the formula in the bottom table extracts the days in each of the weeks. The issue arises where there is a part day allocated, as the formula ignores this- it only counts...
  5. E

    Form in Excel to add a row on another Sheet in Workbook as well as adding a row on on Google Sheets

    Sub RectangleRoundedCorners2_Click() Dim myRow As ListRow Dim cell As Range, DataEntry As Range Dim i As Long Sheets("Sales MTD").Unprotect Password:="password" With ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sales MTD").ListObjects("Submitted_Sales") Set myRow =...
  6. M

    vba to open specific url results in google

    Hello Friends, I need a vba to open pages based on the search results in google chrome? For example i search "Adidas", then i need the url results to be open in the next tabs along with search result. the url we need to open in other tabs are: instagram, linkedin, twitter, website of adidas...
  7. N

    Auto Transfer data from Google sheets to Excel at a set time interval. Help Please.

    Hi everyone, I am new to VBA. I have been trying to get the below code to work, but I am having some trouble. What the code should do: Pick the data from a Google Sheet and transfer/update it to the Excel Worksheet every 20 seconds. Problem: The updating part works fine, the delay works fine...
  8. E

    Web Query limiting to 100 rows, nothing financial

    Hi! I just joined this forum out of desperation haha. I'm trying to link my Google Sheet to Excel Mac (latest version) and it limits the import to 100 rows, plus a message about "Finance Data Listing and Disclaimers." The Sheet I am trying to query has no formula related to anything financial...
  9. aqeelnokia99

    Google sheet help need

    hi all i am trying to get 5% of upcoming result auto in case of new value entered in Cell C i have try below formula but its not work =arrayformula(IF(C5:C="","",(D4*1.05)))
  10. R

    Google Trips Export to Excel

    Hello everyone, I've recently become aware of the data that Google stores about your past trips/travel (not on Google Maps but the flight/hotel info extracted from Mail). It's on the /travel of Google website. Each trip is shown as a widget and you can click in to see the dates and travel info...
  11. I

    Password a folder

    Morning. I have some zipped files that I need to keep for future reference. I wish to keep them in a folder on my pc & this is for my web site. I don’t wish to use google drive etc. Can the folder be password protected ?
  12. TAPS_MikeDion

    Google Sheets (Excel) - Always highlighted sheet?

    Would anyone happen to know why every time I go to one specific sheet in the Google Sheets/Excel workbook I'm working on, that particular sheet has all of its cells highlighted? I'm guessing it's something simple I'm missing. Every time I go to that one sheet, even if I click a cell to remove...
  13. L

    Search, find, highlight cell - cells are hyperlinks

    Hi All I'm in need of some help - i'm trying to use conditional formatting to highlight individual cell when a word is typed. So if i start to type the word google - the cell containing the word google highlights red with a yellow font. So if i type g or goo the cell containing the word...
  14. B

    Need VBA to interact with PDFMaker addin

    Hi all, I have an Excel file with internal links that needs to be saved as PDF. I have found a way to manually do this using the PDFMaker add-in, but am now trying to automate this but am really struggling. I've tried to Google some results but have had no luck there either. Does anyone have...
  15. L

    Minimizing utility

    Hello guys, I have a file at work that has interesting functionality. It has a minimize set up for each month that you can expand to see per day. It's very convenient and i would like to replicate it, but I'm not sure what to even google for, maybe you have some ideas? Image of what i mean can...
  16. D

    Syncing w Google Calendar

    Is there a way to put a date/time in a cell in Excel and have that then synced to my Google Calendar?
  17. G

    Google sheets vlookup

    I have a vlookup in Google Sheets that isn't making sense to me. =MID(A3,search("(",A3,1)+1,6) returns 263972 =vlookup(263972,$S$3:$X$158,3,0) returns the expected result =vlookup(MID(A3,search("(",A3,1)+1,6),$S$3:$X$158,3,0) returns N/A. (Did not find value '263972' in VLOOKUP evaluation.)...
  18. S

    Google Datastudio alternative when using Excel

    Dear all I'm currently using Google Sheets to manage my stock portfolio. The system is to enter day which is tweaked and analyzed in many ways. To visualize data, current status and that I'm (hopefully) on track I use Google Datastudio. Actually I would like to move from Google Sheets to Excel...
  19. R

    Having a right nightmare with exporting Tab Delimited from 2003 to .txt format for Google Shopping Upload

    Hi I have been tearing my hair out with this conundrum and still no nearer to solving. We have a TXT feed from our website to Google Shopping which uploads every morning at 6:00am largely without errors. From time to time, we need to edit items and re-upload during the day. I have downloaded...
  20. E

    Split Column to text in google sheets custom

    I need to split the column into text please can someone tell me how to do this in google sheets <tbody> AJANTPHARM19JAN1180CE CE AJANTPHARM 19JAN 1180 ADANIPOWER19AUG65CE CE ADANIPOWER 19AUG 65 APOLLOHOSP19AUG1400CE CE APOLLOHOSP 19AUG 1400 </tbody> Above is an example of how the column...

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