1. A

    password protect each sheet

    hi there i have created a workbook with many sheets. each sheet is a grade sheet for students which they have a unique id and password written in it.i want when i run the macros to create a copy of the workbook and when i open the copied workbook to directly show a search box for the students...
  2. A

    School Project

    Dear friends i am in need of some help. i am quite new and learning. i have done some work on it but dont know how to continue now. So basically i have a ''master'' called sheet that has a list of students from A6 TO A36 and their student ids from B6 to B36 and from C6 to C36 to have their...
  3. C


    I am a middle school math teacher. I bought Power Excel (2019 edition) and was instantly overwhelmed. I am sure the book has the information to help me but I don't know what is called to do what I want. We have to post grades with comments 4 times a year. The list of comments we can use are...
  4. R

    If statement with grades

    I need an IF statement that keys off grades of C- to A+. Something like this: IF(B1>="C-",A1,""). I know that statement doesn't work, while using a series of OR statements does, but I wondered if there was something simpler than the OR statement approach which uses 9 substatements, e.g...
  5. D

    Calculate GPA from Grade List

    I am doing admin for a college department. I want to enter the student's grades in A1:A10, for example, and in one cell, to convert those grades to grade A becomes 4.0; a B+ becomes 3.3, etc. I tried doing a vlookup for multiple lookup values. If I do...
  6. R

    In a Pivot Table, how to subtract Sums of Values from a fixed value?

    So I am building this spreadsheet to monitor our suppliers. Each delivery a supplier makes gets grades for several different aspects, like documentation compliance, quality, ponctuality, etc, etc. The grades for each delivery are summed and multiplied by -1. Because if everything was perfect...
  7. E

    Fill Template with student Grades

    Hello, I was wondering if it were possible to fill a template that I have with individual student grades. I have the template that gets hand written but is it possible to enter a students last name and the grades auto fill into the template one at a time for review? also is it possible to input...
  8. S

    VBA Parse out the 3 digit numbers

    Good evening I have a pretty large data set. with certifications. I need to parse the numbers out (the 3 digit ones) <table class="tableizer-table"> <thead><tr class="tableizer-firstrow"><th>Certification</th></tr></thead><tbody> <tr><td>Intermediate Administrator (092)</td></tr>...
  9. B

    not sure how to ask this

    Ok i am trying to collect some data on test scores. i will have a column of scores entered i need to find a percentage of grades between certain numbers (70-79, 80-89, 90-100) and the total tests taken is this making sense? i am envisioning a column of grades (column A) and then in another...
  10. M


    I have a scoresheet that has letter grades in column B and A NUMBER FROM -4 TO +4 IN column C. I want to adjust the letter grades based on the number in column C. With the new letter grade in column D which is called ADJ. <tbody> Team OFF PIT/DEF ADJ HM Pressure Red Sox Q -2 K Dodgers...
  11. Y

    Help with VBA noob

    Hey i need some help with some VBA stuff, I have to create a function / sub that can be activated from a button in Excel, so that once the user has selected a row, the grades (in my case) will be saved in a variable. At any given time after any number of rows, the user must be able to press...
  12. K

    Need help on Auto calculating aggreggates

    Please, I made a simple template to take grades of my pupils. In the templates, some subjects on a continuum are compulsory (H - K) while the remaining (L- P) are optional, but 2 of them (best 2 with good grades ) to be added to H-K to give the aggregate in Q as indicated in the table below...
  13. timetabler

    List numbers by their quantity

    I am using 'small' / 'large' to give a rank order of students, such that students are ranked according to their test score, which works well. However, we can only award a limited number of grades to each class, therefore, once I have ranked ordered the class, (it does this dynamically), I need...
  14. P

    Forecasting & Predicting Data

    Dear All, First of all sorry if this has been answered somewhere else also I am a newbie so sorry if I'm wasting your time. I'm currently analysing data for my School. I have two questions: <colgroup><col span="22"></colgroup><tbody> Art <tbody>...
  15. L

    students marks to grades (using if and logical operation)

    Hi What is the best way to convert numbers to grades. For example 0 to 50 is F 50 - 60 is C 60 - 70 is B 70 - 80 is A 80 - 100 is A+ What is the best way or formula to do so. I was thinking of If() with logical operations like AND, OR etc Any idea would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  16. S

    Lookup problem

    Hi, I'm a teacher and I'm using Excel to convert levels into a numerical value so that I can get an average. My problem is that my LOOKUP is returning the wrong result. My lookup array and match type is this table: 1c 1 1b 2 1a 3 2c 4 Etc. The table goes from 1c - 8a...
  17. S

    Best Students List

    Hi, Thank you for all your advice on I find your site very informative and easy to understand. I'd like to ask a question about something I've been stuck on. I have a list of about 100 students that meet for an event every week. After their individual scores are entered on...
  18. A

    Combining Vlookups?

    Hi everyone, new member here, though I've been lurking for awhile and have learned a lot! My question: I have a spreadsheet that calculates Student grades based on a vlookup formula. I want the cell to do a second vlookup if a certain grade is calculated. For example, I have an assignment...
  19. A

    Calculating Grade Percentage Excluding Blank Cells

    Please help.... I need a formula that will calculate the total percentage, excluding blank cells (assignments not yet graded). Currently, I get 52.50% by dividing the sum of column B by the sum of column C, but that's not correct because I need the blank cells to be excluded. Any suggestions...
  20. S

    Ignore lowest of 5 numbers

    Hi guys, i'm new. I have to create a spreadsheet for a class that calculates student grades. In total there are 5 assignments, 1 midterm (worth 25% of final grade) and 1 final (worth 50% of final grade). "The final grade should be calculated using the following information. The worst of the 5...

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