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    VBA highlight subtotal and grand total on multiple sheets

    I would like to highlight column C with the text "Total" and "Grand Total" on multiple sheets using VBA. Can anyone assist? I have the VBA for a single sheet but can't seem to figure out how to go to the next sheet without debugging. Thank you in advance.
  2. C

    How to change pivot table grand total

    Hi all! Is it possible to set a pivot table column total to show as total just last value in pivot table. For example I would like to have Total value for column % of Blocked Overdue 9,46% not 9,59%. <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Period # of Paid Invoices # of...
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    Loop through column totals in pivot table with vba

    Hi, I have a question regarding pivot tables. I would need to loop through the column grand total pivot items for each pivot table on a worksheet, to see if the values are greater than 0. But I couldn't find anything helpful so far. Could someone help?
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    Can't get subtotals/grand totals to show on rows.

    I have a pivot table that is showing grand totals at the bottom but I need it to show individual totals at the end of the rows. I have tried the Turn On for Rows and Columns several times and nothing is happening. If I turn off the Columns it takes away the grand totals at the bottom and will...
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    Hi All I have created a table where i add all the data, and also created a pivot table. i am trying to get a GRAND TOTAL on the right side of the pivot table showing the GRAND TOTAL....tried many of things, but no joy... Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks
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    Excel pivot table field settings

    I have a large pivot table in which I am trying to see the % of grand total across all cells. The cells show as the "Sum" value in pivot table as a default. I am trying to change all these cells in the table into "% of Grand Total". I am doing this by selecting all cells and right-clicking then...
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    Find Grand Total Row (Dynamic) and Hide Columns with "0" in Grand Total Row

    Hello, I am trying to come up with some code to find the row with "Grand Total" in column B and set that as LastRow. The grand total row will change (ex: move from row 20 to 30, when more data is added), so I need this to be dynamic which is where I'm kind of struggling. Then I want to search...
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    Pivot table Get Pivot Data where grand total is above a certain number

    I have a pivot table with a lot of data in it. I am summarizing that data using the GetPivotData command. The data contains engagements (thousands of them) and then subtotals for hundreds of different activities. All of the sub-total hours across all activities is the "Grand Total" for each...
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    Divide Grand totals in pivottable

    Hello, i am using a pivot table and need to divide a column grant total with another column grant total. The result should be multiplied blwith each sell of the first column. i tried to use a calculative field as follows: = sum(column A)/sum(column B) * column B. The result is not what I...
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    Calculating the Grand Total correctly

    Hi, I have been working on this for a couple of weeks now and have come quite far. But there is this little piece at the end, which isn't working... Scenario: From one FY to another, you get a difference in profit. A change in profit can either come from: Change in volume, change in retail...
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    Copy "Grand Total" from Pivot table, using VBA

    I'm trying to use VBA to copy the Total column from a dynamic pivot table but keep getting an error. Here is my code: MyPivotTable.PivotFields("Name").PivotItems("Grand Total").DataRange.Copy Sheets("Sheet 1").Range("A1").PasteSpecial xlPasteValues This approach works fine for normal columns...
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    Pivot table grand total sum and percentage of grand total, Excel 2010

    Hi there, I'm trying to achieve a pivot table that looks like this: (I have only managed to take the screenshot by copying and pasting the values and then creating % formulae on row 61) I've had a good look at the "Show values as" options, tried having two "Grand totals" by making a...
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    Calculate grand total from multiple rows of quantity and price/unit

    Hello everyone, I would like to calculate and present the grand total, starting from a fixed range of two columns (each 10 rows), where one has quantities, and the other has the price/unit. Since I'm not allowed to change the layout of the sheet (it's a fixed template layout...), I can not add...
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    Pivot Table - Calculate a Calculated Field, Grand Average instead of Grand Total, Month instead of month # in year

    This is like a 3-part question - I am attaching a screenshot of what my table looks like and the questions I have numbered are tied to the spots on the screenshot. 1. You know on Pivot Tables how it creates a grand total by default, does anyone know how to make a grand average? 2. How do I...
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    Pivot chart problem

    Hi all. How is it possible to show an average of the values in a column, in a pivot chart, in Excel 2010? I want to be able to show an average line through the bars in a pivot bar chart displaying ratios calculated from two fields. The actual worksheet deals with a power pivot, and therefore...
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    Pivot "% of Grand Total" changing

    Dear Mr Excel - Please can you assist me. I have a pivot table where I have products shown with their market share calculated by using the "Show values as --> % of Grand Total" function on the pivot. My question is that when I deselect various products, this means that the true share changes...
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    Pivot table total- Need Absolute Value

    I have a pivot table where I have entered a calculated field with Absolute Value: ABS(Forecast-Actual) The totals on each line are good but the grand total ignores the absolute value and sums the entire column as if it was not ABS. Example: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 147pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE...
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    Pivot Table: Show row labels in Grand Total

    Is there a way to show the row labels in an Excel 2010, Pivot Table Grand Total? For example, I have: sales for each SalesPerson and Month Peter Sales JAN: 15 FEB: 10 Susan JAN: 18 FEB: 12 Grand Total 55 I would...
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    tricky subtotals using VBA

    Hi Guys, I need some serious help with sub-total function using VBA. Previously, I have raised this issue on this board and Peter_SSs has been really great help to sort it for me. His solution worked like a magic. Below I have attached three tables, which shows the previous version of the...
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    Grand total in pivot table different from the sum of the rows...

    I created several pivot tables with calculated fields and it appears that , for those calculated fields, the Grand total value of these columns are different (sometimes lower sometimes higher) from the sum of each individual rows value.... :confused: Does someone had the same an issue and an...

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