1. A

    how to Changes in the calculation and display of the Grand Total in the pivot table?

    HelloI need to do no calculations in the Grand Total section when the results are the same in the Pivot Table. And calculate only when the results are different. As in the figure below: [/URL][/IMG]
  2. D

    Pivot count to exclude certain entry in grand total

    is it possible to exclude some entry on grand total? let say i have this pivot table. i dont want Pipe to report/count on the QTY column There's another data for him (length) that he will counted. Is it possible to achieve this in Pivot? Thanks guys...
  3. A

    Additional grand total to pivot with percent of grand total

    Hello, I want to add second total row below grand total row. The row will display for each column the % of pivot grand total. How can I do it? Thank you
  4. 5

    Pivot table Weighted average not the sum of its parts - why?

    I have a pivot table that is working out weighted average, now my issue is that the Grand total does tie back to the line by line version, any idea why? The Grand total is saying 78.56% but if I calculate it line by line its 78.14% what is causing the difference...
  5. A

    Change Pivot Grand Total to Change

    I have a data set that includes a field for Year among other fields like Sales. I would like to create a Pivot Table where Change (in Sales between the two years) would replace Grand Total. How can I do that? I have Year in the Rows and Sales in Values, but Grand Total adds the two together...
  6. B

    SUMIF a range with a ISNUMBER SEARCH criteria

    Hi! I am trying to sum up a column that has different product names. For instance a Batavia Grand Vista and a Gazelle Grand Vista both have a sales value and I am trying to sum up all the Grand Vista's. I found a formula using SUMPRODUCT combined with ISNUMBER but I can't get it to apply to my...
  7. B

    Remove Blanks from Pivot Table VBA

    Hi All, How do you remove a row with "(blank)" from a pivot table which is also producing count for blanks? VBA <colgroup><col width="305" style="width: 229pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 9760;"> <col width="129" style="width: 97pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt...
  8. G

    Question on Hlookup

    What is the meaning for below formula ? What is the function for this ROW(A5)-3? =IF(HLOOKUP("E0016 Fully Approved",$A$4:$M$50,ROW(A5)-3,FALSE)=HLOOKUP("Grand Total",$A$4:$M$50,ROW(A5)-3,FALSE),100%,(HLOOKUP("E0016 Fully Approved",$A$4:$M$50,ROW(A5)-3,FALSE)/HLOOKUP("Grand...
  9. H

    macro to color items

    I have a macro which I have written to color A3:E3 with an accent style as well as where "Grand total" is found + 4 columns after Grand total is found The macro colors A3:E3 + E4 and does not color the rows where"Grand Total is found" + 4 columns after this for eg if Grand Total is in A64...
  10. D

    How to calculate percentage of parent and grand total on a measure (Count) field

    Hello friends! I am relatively new to Pivot Tables, and just learned of DAX yesterday to help me with some analysis I am doing. Now, I have not been able to find this answer for another DAX measure field, and hope that someone will help me with what seems to be an easy question. My source data...
  11. T

    How to change the Title of the Grand Total Column on a Pivot Table?

    How do you change the description of the "Total" column on a Pivot Table Grand Total Column? I want to edit the name on the Pivot Table Report from Total to Sum of Tuition. Thank you, Tonm
  12. A

    GETPIVOTDATA conditional grand total

    Dear Excel Community, Currently I have a tab that references data from a pivot table via getpivotdata function. How can I modify the getpivotdata formula in a way that it will give me the grand total value up to a certain month. For example, I would like the grand total from the average price...
  13. A


    Dear Excel Community, Currently I have a tab that references data from a pivot table via getpivotdata function. How can I modify the getpivotdata formula in a way that it will give me the grand total value up to a certain month. For example, I would like the grand total from the average price...
  14. H

    Lookup based on criteria

    Hello - column A is a list of customers. Each customer row has a grand total at the end. The title of that column is "Grand Total". On the next tab I am trying to do a lookup formula that will give me each customers grand total. The Grand Total column number will change each month. I'm...
  15. H

    Pivot Table - Sorting by Row Grand Total

    I currently have the coding to sort by the specific fields on the pivot tables but am now looking to sort the whole pivot table by the Row Grand Total As this isn't in my range data I am struggling to find a solution for this . Has anyone faced this issue before?
  16. K

    Consolidate and summarize data from multiple sheets into different workbook

    My apologies for the drawn out post. I receive a workbook with statistics for three different departments, two sheets per department for a total of six sheets. I copy the stats from these sheets into a larger report file and would like to automate this part of the process as this is the only...
  17. C

    How to get Average of Grand Total in PivotTable

    I have a pivot table that calculates the sum of total expenses per month . Source is raw data in another worksheet. I want to know the average per month. How do i calculate that in the pivot table ? I know i can use the Average formulate to calcualte this outside of the pivot table. I want to...
  18. G

    Easy One-Add more data to existing subtotals

    I have a page that is subtotaled by day (with a Grand Total). I want to be able to add more days, subtotal and refresh existing grand total. How do I add more data to existing subtotals without removing, adding and resubtotaling? I am sure this is going to be a "Doh" moment but I cannot...
  19. J

    To remove Grand total value in Sheet "DASHBOARD" at Column A & B

    Hi Guys, How can i remove the Grand total value in "DASHBOARD" sheet when i hit a macro? Is there anything missing? Please let me know. Thank you.
  20. iggydarsa

    Pivot table with Grand Total and Grand Average

    Hi all, I was wondering if there is a way to show the Grand Average Column next to the Grand Total Column. If I can duplicate Grand Total then I can change the settings of the second Grand Total to show the average but I could not figure out how to show an additional Grand Total. Thanks.

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