graph axis x

  1. C

    How to correctly automate Radar Chart creation process in VBA?

    Hi everybody! So I'm a total noob and have never used VBA before but I'm trying to automate the creation of 'radar charts' for work. I have a table that looks like this: And I'm trying to automate the process of creating radar charts that look like this: So far I've written this: Sub...
  2. K

    create chart for an action (time specific) along the month

    i work for a pharmaceutical company. Please help me draw a graph. For a given reactor, if batch reaction time is "x hrs" and it will keep continuing all along the days may be for "y hrs" also. Plot a graph with "date" on X-Axis and batch reaction time ( x hrs or y hrs) along the length of...
  3. R

    More Horizontal Axis Labels

    Hello All, I hope you can help me. I have a graph, and I have dates as the axis labels (horizontal axis) - I am struggling to find a way to add more axis labels (more dates) along the horizontal axis. Do you have any advice on how to do this? Do you have any further tips to format the graph I...
  4. J

    N^1.85 scale for fire protection hydraulic graphing on the X-axis

    Hello, I stumbled across the following thread, but just not following how to accomplish this: Does anyone know of any other threads or have any examples they can share with me? Thanks!
  5. N

    Gantt Chart Troubles

    Hi All, I was hoping someone can help me with a Gantt chart I've made. I want the dates at the top to be from the dates the project is starting to finishing. However, they don't match my start date columns and then when I plot the remaining duration date it doesn't correlate to the project...
  6. Nayasoch

    Add check box with option of n Divisons such that It will Reflect in Graph

    I recently found a solution to display date in Graph on userform from John Walkenbach. I was curious and really want to add a feature to be able to change the divison value in x axis or Y axis. If for example the divison is 0-10, and if I want to increase the divison from 0-10 to 0-20, then...
  7. M

    Force x-axis label to be just the years for 1/1/YYYY dates?

    I'm using Excel 2016 and I am working on a date chart. The minimum bound is 1/1/2006, the maximum bound is set to 1/1/2017, and the major and minor units are set to one year each. The ranges and intervals of the chart work as intended (my data points do not actually fall on the first day of each...
  8. M

    How to make values below zero positive on x axis: likert scale Graph

    I created a clear stacked bar chart in excel to display Likert scale responses (strongly disagree to strongly agree) for a questionnaire. However, when placing the disagree and strongly disagree values below zero, i still have negative values on the x axis. I want the x axis to display 0-100% on...
  9. M

    Multiple Ranges displaying in the same it possible????

    I have 2 datasets that have a common y axis and was wondering if it is possible to graph them? i.e. x axis A - hourly wage costs x axis B - hourly sales y axis - hours of the day Thanks for help. Mark.
  10. H

    How to compare 2 sets of data in one graph?

    I'm trying to compare 2 weeks worth of data on 1 graph, and I'm having difficulty trying to get the x-axis to label correctly for the second week. I can't seem to rotate it or move it or anything. Week 1 dates can be altered, but not week 2. I can manually add the week 2 date to the week 1...
  11. cvincent

    Chart x axis data selection

    Using Excel 2007. My X axis is picking up dates from my spreadsheet to chart corresponding $ amounts. The spreadsheet has a daily date in every 5th column that is being charted. Each day new columns are added to cols E thru H, and the new date is then calculated in Col E (=J+1). The older dates...
  12. H


    I create several stock charts using excel 2007, I include in the chart the "moving average", after I include it in the chart the information is "compressed" meaning that the information in the X axis (20 columns) is compressed and in a few columns (3 columns) so you can not read the chart. But...
  13. L

    How to Show all X-Axis in Column or Bar Graph

    Using Excel 2007! I have 91 entries in Column A and B as follows: Column A: Name Column B: Age I want to create a graph based on 91 entries but Column or Bar Graph only shows 45-50 names in X-axis. How can i make all 91 names appear in Column or Bar Graph? Please help!

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