1. Jyggalag

    Make a nicer trendline in bar chart in Excel

    Hi All, I currently have a setup similar to this: I want to create a trendline for the 2022 bar charts. My issue is that no matter which one I pick (exponential, linear, logarithmic etc.) it doesnt touch the top of the bar charts for 2022 and it seems to just go through them. Does anybody...
  2. P

    Laptops and large Excel files

    Hi, I have started a new job which is heavily excel driven, I have encountered a few laptop issues with speed but mainly excel files failing as it "does not have enough resources" to complete the actions - so I have to close down Excel, re-boot etc etc When I look at the spec of my laptop it is...
  3. M

    Excel 2016 crashing when 2nd display plugged in/out and when power supply plugged in/out

    Hello, I'm running the latest version of excel, with a spreadsheet that - contains a lot of calculations - has an RTD feed - uses add-ins The spreadsheet/excel crashes more often than I would like, and I am starting to notice it often happens when I: - plug a second display into the hdmi port...
  4. E

    Graphics distorted when cells calculate

    Hi I have a strange problem with one workbook. When you do anything that requires a recalculation of the sheet the graphics are distorted so that sections of other sheets appear overlaid with the current sheet. Clicking on different tab then returning is a short term fix but I'm keen t know of...
  5. Prevost

    Prevent Excel From Loading Charts When Opening File

    Hi There. Is there a way to prevent excel from loading and displaying charts on worksheets and tabs when the file is opened? We have charts that plot many data points and opening the file can be lengthy when you wait for the chart to load. Also, when you scroll through a sheet it pauses at the...
  6. W

    Sorting by picture (Not sorting with picture)...

    I found a table on the Internet with some information that is useful to me. The table consists of about 700+ rows of data with seven columns. For each row, five of those columns contains either a checkmark or a dollar sign, or nothing at all. I copied this table and pasted it into Excel 2007...
  7. J

    Its possible do this kind of graphics in excel?

    hello!!! Some of you know if its possible create this kind of graphs in excel?, this actually creted in Visio :( PS. Sorry for the link, but I was unable to post the image :stickouttounge:
  8. P

    Chart lots of names in a legible format?

    Hello there, Hoping for some graphic representation advice.. I surveyed 100 people on their favourite company for 15 different types of investment. I need to be able to print this as a 'graph' on half a page. I would like to try and include the granularity that we achieved and not just lump it...
  9. J

    AutoShapes VBA Macro

    I'm trying to find a way to create a Macro in Excel 2007 that creates/formats an existin AutoShape Arrow (msoShapeUpArrow) With the following properties (H: 0.13" W:0.49") With the rotation being flexible dependent on a cardinal direction (meaning If the spreadsheet shows South it would equate...
  10. P

    How to do Pull-Down menu with colored graphics icon?

    Hi All, I'm trying to do a pull down menu with three selections - green,yellow, and red dots? I set up the data validation and referred it to a list. That is under Data Validation -> Settings -> Allow: List; Source: a range of cells where I put 3 colored dots(graphics). Now in the pull down...
  11. M

    Excel 2007 graphics

    Hi I produced some spreadsheets in an earlier version of Excel. These included both text and graphics. However, I recently upgraded to Excel 2007 (running on Vista). I now notice that the graphics viewed on the screen are much larger than before whereas the text is unchanged. It is not a major...
  12. M

    4 axes graphics in excel

    Hi, I would like to manage in excel a graphics on 4 axes. For instance, I will have 4 quadrants for a group : 1 for % achievment 1 for # opportunities 1 tenure 1 talktime In order to see the correlations between them Thanks for your help
  13. L

    Dynamic Graphics/Charts

    Hey I will really appreciate if you can help me Every day I need to do a presentation using graphics containing sales of the last week, that is, the last seven days. So, every day I ad data in the sheet, but I need to do manual change in intervals to change the graphics too, because I need to...
  14. E

    Loading Graphics in Excel 2007 is slow

    Hi! We are required to review a sheet of detailed graphics within Excel. Most of us have upgraded to Excel 2007 and opening the file with the graphics takes 10 to 15 minutes. Moving objects around in 2007 takes a long time or will cause the program to hang. We opened the same file within Excel...

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