1. G

    Data Validation

    Hello all, Trying to add multiple data validations for a cell and having hard time getting conditions to work. Restrictions are numbers between 0 and 100 or just the text value of x. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!
  2. D

    Index/Match in 2 data tables

    So Index/Match is a great tool but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this... I want to return a field called "Date" to "Table1" from "Table2" using a common field of "Ticket" but i keep breaking things.. Kind of like a Vlookup but without the first column restriction... Thanks in...
  3. C

    Conditional SUMPRODUCT to also ignore blanks

    Hi, I have the following code which calculates a weighted average: =SUMPRODUCT(--($U$2:$U$1203=AE3),$AB$2:$AB$1203,$C$2:$C$1203)/SUMIF($U$2:$U$1203,AE3,$C$2:$C$1203) It works very well except that I would like it to ignore blank cells in the range $AB$2:$AB$1203 I tried to change it to the...
  4. M

    Macros stopped working?

    Hi Guys, I recently got some great advice on here regarding a function I wanted to get working. I added some code to the vb module, referenced it back in the worksheet and all worked great for a couple of days. Im now opening the *xlsm and none of the calculations are working, just #NAME ...
  5. C

    Running a "Run All" using Scheduled Task

    Greetings, I can probably do this for something similar but I just cannot piece together my needs for this specific task. I did not write the code but know if I click the button "Run All" it will go through all the processes contained below. My goal is to run this section on a schedule where...
  6. D

    index match with 2 mathc arguments

    <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> 2019 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec </tbody> I have this it is formatted so they are dates not text or numbers 2019 is in A2-A13 then each date in in B2-B13 Across the top, i have headers so A1= year B1= month etc...
  7. D

    Auto fill just one column in a table but all other columns have auto fill

    Hey guys always such great help :) Had a question that i could not find on the web: I have a table with the auto fill function on which is great, however this is just one column that i would like to disable the auto fill function. Is there a way to do this?
  8. T

    Formula question

    Here is what I am looking to do: Column A Column B X(unknown # =X*.35 If X less than 857 =300. If X is 858 or more than it is X*.35 Any ideas how to do that? Any help would be great appreciated!!!
  9. Y

    remove duplicate lines in text file

    how can i use a macro to remove duplicate lines in my text file such that the last one will remain, for instance the boy is good great thinking great thinking he lives the boy is good what's up great thinking it should now be like this he lives the boy is good what's up great thinking
  10. J

    Conditional Formatting | Dragging to other Cells

    Hello! I have a very simple conditional format: =$I2>1/1/1900. Basically if I2 has a date greater than1/1/1900 then I want H2 to not have any fill and for the font to be regular. I have other conditional formatting in H2 to tell me if the date is expired. This works great BUT when I drag to...
  11. T

    Time Hours/Minutes before and after Midnight

    Hi I have cells J2 (start time) and K2 (finish time) I need to calculate the time elapsed between the two cell values in hours and minutes but some will be start AM and finishing AM but some will be starting AM but finishing PM. The format of the start/finish is h:mm AM/PM Any help would be...
  12. D

    Finding a max value in range of cells and returning which sheet that value exists in

    Hello, I am creating a dashboard so that i can see who has the highest value of in a certain column. I can get it to return the value which is great, but is there anyway to get it to return the sheet name too? e.g. so far i have this...
  13. L

    Loop through VBA to join two columns prints properly, but I can't write to my destination column

    I'm trying to join the contents of two columns, and have the new string appear in a third. It looks great when I use Debug.Print, but I can't get the new string to appear in the third column. Here's my print statement, which works great: Debug.Print Worksheets("TEST").Range("AJ" & i).Value...
  14. I

    VBA run-time error "the specified value is out of range"

    So i have a listbox connected to a "button" in my sheet that allows me to check off certain selections - it works great until i protect the do i get it to run when the sheet is protected???
  15. K

    Number Of Occurrence

    <tbody> sunday monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday peter <tbody> 09:30 - 15:00 </tbody> <tbody> 15:00 - 22:45 </tbody> <tbody> 09:30 - 15:00 </tbody> amy <tbody> 09:30 - 19:00 </tbody> <tbody> 13:15 - 22:45 </tbody> 09:30 - 19:00 before...
  16. L

    VBA code gives error message Type Mismatch

    HI The below code produces a runtime error I3 Type mismatch It removes all text in a cell (string) before the last "" ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(z).Cells(i, 5).Formula = "=Right(d" & i & ", Len(d" & i & ") - Find(""@"", Substitute(d" & i & ", " \ ", ""@"", (Len(d" & i & ") - Len(Substitute(d"...
  17. P

    vlookup help

    Hi I have been trying to carry out a vlookup but I am getting the #N/A reply. The Column I am looking up has only a Product Code like AA. however when I overtype AA then my vlookup works. That woud be great but a 3000rosof da o lookup
  18. D

    VBA Converting date from UK to US

    Hi, I've currently got some vba that merges csv's together however the date is getting transferred to US by the macro. The date is in Column E, i've tried various things to get this to work even creating a second macro to convert the date back afterwards however this didn't work either only...
  19. S

    Macro Question/Support

    Hi, On a worksheet I have 3 seperate ranges (J9:J28, U9:U28, J36:J55 = total 60 cells) where users can select from a drop down box either Y or N to poulate an indivudual cell. I would like to have a limit of 30 Y's within the 60 cells. If someone would try and enter another Y after 30, this...
  20. E

    Looking for a Similar Forum for MS Flow

    Good Day!! I am a long time user of the Mr. Excel Forums. THEY ARE GREAT!!! I am looking for recommendations for a similar forum for Microsoft Flow. Thank you in advance!

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