1. A

    Random generated value inside grid.

    I have a 10x10 grid from A1:J10 and want to generate a 'x' in the cells in a random order, based off the below criteria, almost like a reverse COUNTA() function. - Each row and each column has 4 'x' in it. - The placement of those 'x' are random. Something similar to the below grid, but with...
  2. C

    Anyone have code to implement a grid on a user form?

    I'm looking for a way to add something like this in my UserForm. A long time ago, I used to use an ActiveX component that would let me build a grid. But that stopped working like with Excel 2010. This solution has to run on Windows and Mac (and probably in the browser, too), so no...
  3. X

    Maximising Profit

    The price of electricty fluxuates hourly over the course of a year. My goal is to buy electricy for storage from the grid for the asking price at the time and sell it back to the grid at a later time (for a greater price) in order to make a profit. The criteria however is that when selling it...
  4. S

    Moving Shapes (Arrow) with VBA, Macro, or Formula

    Hello, I need help moving an arrow shape in my worksheet. My Workbook has 2 Sheets: One is a Grid to display the users Current and Projected Retirement Percentage. The other is a Setup-sheet where the user enters their (Birth Date, Hire Date, Current Hourly Wage, Planned Retirement Date). When...
  5. M

    VBA get target sum from the grid of 7*9

    Hello, I need a macro that allow me to create target sum from the grid of 7 columns and 9 rows...using technique picking a one number from each columns and making all possible targets sum can be made in the "as per specified sum target in the column S" Example below shows only one set of...
  6. E

    Listing missing info in a grid.

    Some Helpful advice please. Imagine a collection of 10 items (First to Tenth) each item comes in one of 10 possible colours. So to collect them all I need all 100. Now I can create a table with the numbers as column titles and the colours as the row title which would allow me to tick off as I...
  7. T

    Scale document to one page if zoom % exceeds one page boundaries

    I like to print a grid of data at 120% zoom. However if the grid is large the 120% spills over to another page. How to keep the zoom % but decrease if the grid of data is too large for one page? My code Sub seqprt() 'PRINT PREVIEW FOR SEQUENCE CHART Sheets("Key").Select Range("B1"...
  8. J

    Batch conversion for coordinates - Northings and eastings to OS grid

    Hi Everyone, Has anyone got/seen/aware of a batch conversion tool that I can use to get the 10km OS Grid ref from a list of Northings and easting? I've a list that's 3,000 long so can't contemplate doing them manually/singularly using the tools I can see online and don't know where to start to...
  9. M

    list contents of a vertical table's rows in columns?

    I have a table of football teams one column wide and of 10 rows. I want to create a table with teams down the left hand side and along the top so effectively creating a grid of all teams playing against each other 100 cells (I know you have to blank some) I'm using tables because teams might...
  10. L

    I need VBA code to copy data from grid schedules to teams worksheets

    I want put NFL grid schedule into teams worksheets. look at worksheet Teams by division. I want a vba code on the button is on worksheet that is called Put schedule into teams worksheet. GET PICTURES HERE IS ZIP!AnJwxxiz0Ezpg8c5giTqpAFxNZfW7g GET FILE HERE...
  11. Trevor3007

    grid a range

    Good evening, A worksheet I am working on ( only 100+ rows ATM but will grow to 8000!) Range is a1:k8000, can someone sort some VB so when 'data' is in entered into any cell within the range it will grid the complete range & when the data is removed, grid reforms accordingly, fomat:- font...
  12. J

    Plotting curves or shapes?

    Hello everyone! I've posted before, then later deleted my account, but now I'm in need of your expertise again. I have a calculator called "Chutecalc1" written by a gentleman who used to be in one of my model rocket forums. Anyway, this calculator calculates the shape required for a...
  13. D

    Help with Room Utilization Grid

    Hi - I have data that represents classes assigned to a room. Some classes are two days a week, some classes are 1 day a week. I would like to have a visual of the room utilization and open slots. I tried a pivot table with class start and stop time as a row and Class Day as a column. That...
  14. A

    VBA Find Column Based on 2 Headers

    Hi All, I can't figure out how to word this to search properly, so I haven't found something even though I'm sure someone's posted this before... I'm in the process of converting a list to a grid, based on the values in the grid. I've done this before matching 1 criteria, but having trouble...
  15. E

    Excel charts / Align grid lines of 3 separate charts

    Hello, i'm trying to align grid lines of 3 separate Excel charts as seen on image (i'm new to charts), representing Actual sale by products and % variance to Plan/Prior Year. Manually i cannot align them to the exact alignment (check the mismatch on last grid lines below): Is it possible to...
  16. S

    Creating a lookup grid from delimited text

    We receive updates from our supplier in the format below showing products we have ordered by stock number and the options we have chosen against each product in a // delimited format. So the data looks something like this except there are around 50 available options and typically around a dozen...
  17. J

    axis automatic range and grid line increments

    Hello, Does anyone know the formulas excel uses to develop and show an axis range, major grid lines, minor grid lines, and increments when graphing charts? Not sure if it matters, but I'm specifically trying to figure this our for a scatter chart type. Thanks in advance!
  18. R

    Need formula for a grid

    Hello all! I have a challenging obstacle that I need to overcome. I provided a link to my workbook with a few notes that explain what I need to accomplish. I have a single row with criteria in a column above it and different criteria below it along with a column of dates. I need to get all the...
  19. R

    Random single letter/digit grid

    Hi, Based on Mr. Excel's YouTube video showing how to create a random non-repeating letter grid I was wondering if anyone could help me create a random single letter or number grid for 26 letters of the alphabet by the number 0-9 Example: say A-Z are the columns and 0-9 are the rows and then I...
  20. T

    Macro to move some data from a grid layout to a list

    Hi Everyone, I have my data in a grid layout So Sheet"Data" goes like this Column A, is Date Column D, is Company Columns E to BB are sales person and commision So E would be "Dave" F would Be "£100" G would be "Simon" H would be "£200" and so on with sales person and commision next to each...

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