1. J

    axis automatic range and grid line increments

    Hello, Does anyone know the formulas excel uses to develop and show an axis range, major grid lines, minor grid lines, and increments when graphing charts? Not sure if it matters, but I'm specifically trying to figure this our for a scatter chart type. Thanks in advance!
  2. S

    how to fix the Grid lines missing in Excel

    The Grid lines just not visible on a PC. following things I have tried. 1. The Gridlines are check-marked 2. I selected the whole sheet and gave "No fill" to Fill colour. 3. I went to Excel option, went into Advanced section, in Display section, the Gridline colour is black. After all these...
  3. S

    Excel 2010, gridlines not showing - tried everything but still not showing

    Hi, I have excel 2010. Gridlines do not show on the screen. The gridlines box is already checked. background color is set at no fill. border line are set to automatics. in File, Option gridlines are set to black. but still nothing shows. When i highlight the page i can see that grid lines are...
  4. C

    Showing grid lines on the surface of a Surface Chart?

    I've dug through the chart options, but didn't find a way to show the major grid lines on the Surface Chart itself. Anyone know how to do this? THX Chad
  5. richardlevett

    Excel 2010 Print gridlines

    Help i have a large (very!) sheet that used to print gridlines in excel 2003. now we've upgraded to 2010, gridlines show on screen ok but printing seems to have a mind of its own. sometimes every other line prints other times its can be a random selection that print. everything else is ok, just...
  6. K

    Pasting Excel data intoo Outlook Gridlines

    This isn't the least bit important and it really doesn't matter, but I was hoping someone could tell my why it happens anyway. I love to fill my mind with useless knowlege. Sometimes when I paste data from Excel 2007 into an Outlook 2007 message body, faint grid lines appear and other times...

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