1. J

    Excel chart - Changing Axis Format number/format to 01-mmm-yy

    Hi, I am wondering if it's possible to change the axis labels of my date range from MMM-YY to the date of 01-MMM-YY ? This is because I have gridlines and as an example one of my bars starts on the 1st July 2019 but my bar will start before the gridline of "Jul-19" because the axis date is...
  2. D

    I have gridlines appearing in my header image

    I add a image as a header and I have white gridlines appearing throughout the image. If I add the image just as an image, it is fine but if added through the insert header, it has the lines through it. How do I get rid of them?
  3. Ironman

    Chart - Insert major gridlines every Monday?

    Hi I have a dynamic stacked column chart that displays the last 90 days data. The chart displays major gridlines every 7 days. However, the 7 day period starts 7 days from the earliest entry, which only sometimes (coincidentally) falls on the first day of each week (Monday). Is there any way...
  4. R

    Excel 2007 Won't Allow Major and Minor Chart Gridlines

    It seems like whenever I add major gridlines to a chart in Excel 2007, the minor gridlines turn into tick marks. And whenever I add minor gridlines, the major gridlines turn into tick marks. I've even tried clicking "Major and Minor Gridlines" in the chart layout menu. But all this does is give...
  5. G

    Trying to print gridlines for all columns in a worksheet

    Hello everyone... I'm trying to print all gridlines on a worksheet to get separation between them but they don't all show up. I've even tried putting data in the columns that were blank but that didn't help. I've tried turning on Page Layout - Sheet options - Print gridlines (of course) but that...
  6. M

    How to stop the user for turning on gridlines & headings

    For the workbook I am creating, I am turning off gridlines & headings. However, the user can easily turn them back on by going to the View tab and clicking the check boxes for those two items (I'm using Excel 2016). Is there a way to make it so they CANNOT turn them back on?
  7. Traveler

    Page Set up

    This is driving me nuts. Today every time a go to print a sheet excel has somehow selected 'row and column headings' and deselected 'Gridlines' on every spreadsheet I open today. I tried rebooting the machine still does it. I can select 'gridlines' and deselect 'row and column headings' then...
  8. S

    how to fix the Grid lines missing in Excel

    The Grid lines just not visible on a PC. following things I have tried. 1. The Gridlines are check-marked 2. I selected the whole sheet and gave "No fill" to Fill colour. 3. I went to Excel option, went into Advanced section, in Display section, the Gridline colour is black. After all these...
  9. C

    Some gridlines disappeared

    I am trying to add boarders to a workbook and it works on all cells bar D47 amd D49 where the right gridlines have disappeared on the workbook. No other gridlines have disappeared. I have inserted a column, deleted column D and hidden the column but it remains in column D or if I hide the...
  10. F

    Gridlines don't print on several rows

    I've tried printing the active sheet and gridlines don't appear on several rows. I've tried deleting and recreating the rows and it still doesn't work. Does anyone know why it doesn't print and how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
  11. G

    How to remove gridlines for all but work area

    Hello, I see lots of worksheets where only the work area has gridlines, the rest of the worksheet is all white - not grayed out. This focuses your attention to the work area. How to accomplish this? Thanks! G
  12. S

    Getting back gridlines

    When I download certain auto generated reports, or convert a pdf to excel, I end up with no gridlines. The usual tricks to get them back don't work. In the View tab 'Gridlines' is checked. The color of the lines is set to automatic, and changing them manually to gray doesn't get them back...
  13. C

    Chart gridline GraidentStops using VBA?

    Dear forum, I am making a lot of charts. I have used VBA to save most of the work, but the desired appearance is a blank white plot area, with no gridlines except for the X axis, no line separating the X-axis labels, and a vertical line separating series by X-axis categories. An example is...
  14. E

    Grid Lines

    I am new here and to Excel. And I would like to thank each of you for this great forum and what you do. I have created a simple spreadsheen which consists of (9) columns and (20) rows. I have shaded (5) of the columns in different colors. When I was working on this I somehow was able to then...
  15. T


    Hello, I have a vertical column graph which shows total takings for a business on a weekly basis. I want to add a horizontal line to the graph, which shows the weekly target takings. How can I do this?
  16. T

    Hiding / Showing header

    Hi everybody, I have a strage problem. I am trying to cycle through all the sheets in the orkbook and hide header, sheet tabs and the gridlines. I have tried to do this through 2 macros Sub DeGridize() Dim wd As Window For Each wd In ThisWorkbook.Windows With ActiveWindow...

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