group box

  1. M

    Radio Buttons Falling Out of Group

    Hi I have a workbook in which I need to be able to select from three column-filtered views: year, quarter and month. To do this I created form control group with three form control (not ActiveX) radio buttons. Each runs the same macro that check for the radio button selected and hides or shows...
  2. S

    Two series of Option Buttons (raters) in one Group Box

    Hello, I am doing a mock up of a review system where an employee rates themselves on a scale of examples as does the manager. I have created a group box with the 5 option buttons for the Self rating, however I am not sure how to add a manager assessment as adding options buttons into the group...
  3. M

    Find Group Box and Iterate through controls

    Hello all! I hope I'm posting in the correct section, and that there are no duplicate questions. This is my first post, and I've been searching for the past hour to find this answer. I have been programming for 4 years now but I'm new to VBA. I'm trying to make a simple interface of...
  4. D

    How to get scroll bar in group box field (form control)

    Hi, I have inserted a group box (form control) within the portion of 4 Rows and 5 Columns. I need a scroll bar to be inserted automatically if the data exceeds the group box size. Is that possible..? Please let me know if anyone aware of the above scenario. Thank you!!! Regards, Dheepak
  5. D

    Selecting only group boxes, not the option buttons inside

    I have a spreadsheet originally created with Excel 2000 or earlier, but now running in Excel 2010 on a Windows 7 machine. One of the sheets in this workbook has several dozen group boxes created from the Form Controls menu. Inside each group box are exactly two option buttons also created from...
  6. G

    Group Box with Option Buttons

    Hi, I am trying to replicate a group box which includes 5 option buttons. The options buttons provide a score the individual line. When I copy and paste a group box to a new line the option buttons carry the relationship from the original group. I want them to be unique on each line. Is there a...
  7. C

    Copy worksheet with all radio buttons and group boxes

    Hi, I have a problem duplicating worksheets within the same workbook. When I CTRL-click > create copy it only copies cells/content, but none of the radio buttons or group boxes. Why is that? Is it something to do with the fact that the objects are locked? Please help! Oh, btw, I am using a Mac...
  8. R

    Format control with option buttons

    I am entering Option Buttons on an excel worksheet, using form control. I have 40 questions, each with 5 options. The option "reports" in the next cell to the right of the question group box. I have set up 37 questions just fine, but when I try to set up the 38th (or 39th, or 40th), it...
  9. Johnny Thunder

    Macro to highlight tabs based on group box option buttons

    Hello, I have a workbook that contains 16 tabs, all tabs have a group box with 3 option buttons (See below) Pending=Red Viewed=Light Yellow Completed=Green is there a macro I could enter that when an option button one of the three is selected it will change the tab color? on all tabs G4 is...
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