grouping data

  1. R

    How to keep grouping in multiple pivot tables?

    Hello, I created groups in my regular pivot table, but now I want to create a power pivot. Is there a way to carry-over my grouping from the regular pivot table into the power pivot without recreating it? Thanks, RCAAA
  2. C

    Excel 365 (Mac): How do I pull table data from another excel workbook?

    Hello all, I am wanting to pull specific data from one table into another. Basically, I have an accounting ledger that tracks all debits and credits for our business. At the end of the month, I put together an expense report of all our transactions. Rather than sorting the data in the...
  3. J

    Using VBA instead of power query

    i had created an excel 2016 sheet that took 4 columns of data (week, meal time, meal name, food item) and transposed and grouped that data using power query to create a list of food items, by week (columns) and grouped by meal time/name as rows. unfortunately, this was developed for a mac...
  4. M

    Collapsing (grouping) rows based on values in cell(s) below

    I'm trying to figureout a straight forward way to group rows based on values above/below a columncell, then combine the values that are being grouped with various mathoperations. I'm using Excel 2010. For example, saycolumn A has values values that range from 0 to 100. Logic would be: -...
  5. K

    Excel formula for bucket/group

    Hello, I have some numbers in columns that I want to put them in bucket below. Please help create a formula based on below: Anything above 100 should show greater than 100, abything between 76-100 should show in 76-100 buckets, anything falls in between 51-75 should show in 51-75 bucket and...
  6. D

    Trouble Grouping Data in Pivot Table when using add this data to the data model.

    When I use the add this data to the data model in a excel table it will no longer give me the option to group fields. Does anyone know a way around this? I have a table that has a lot of duplicates that can not be removed by using the remove duplicate option due to the source of the data...
  7. B

    Parsing / Merging / Grouping Multiple Rows for Mail Merge

    Hi folks, I was hoping some of you geniuses could help me with this problem. Ultimately I need to mail merge data based on a data source being fed into Excel ideally without using Macros as I know nothing about them. My Dataset looks as follows - Code,Title,First...
  8. F

    Simple line chart with grouping data

    Hello, I know this can be doen and have done it previously but it seems as I cant rememebr how this morning - i am wanting to prepare a line chart that will compare two sets of data. I want the X axis to be days of the week - M, T, W, Th, F and the Y axis is going to be the item - So I want one...
  9. B

    Group a table by category and put category in its own row? (without using VBA)

    First of all, my apologies if this may seem like a simple question, but this has bugged me for close to two weeks now, and I cannot get this to work the way I want it to. Also, my apologies if this has been answered before, but I haven't been able to find a working solution so far and may just...
  10. P

    How to Group Data in 3D Dimensional Scatter/Line Graph

    Hi, Kindly put me through on how to plot and group Data in 3D Dimensional Scatter/Line Graph in MS Excel. Thanks
  11. B

    Grouping Columns

    I previously had a sheet running with 4 sets of columns grouped, and I have also with the help of people on this website added code so that should I be following any of the internal hyperlinks which are minimized in a closed group, they become visible. Recently the sheet crashed and since it...
  12. A

    Hiding a group of cells by condition

    Hi.. I am an absolute newbie in this setting and would appreciate some help. Is there a way by which you can hide a group of cells in an excel sheet by condition?? What I was trying to do was to a) label rows according to date. b) create a condition to hide the rows once the date has passed...
  13. C

    Pivot Tables, Beginers Questions

    Hi all I am trying to get to grips with pivot tables and have a couple of questions that will probably have very simple answers too. 1) The data set i am working from has a percent compleate field which i was trying to group against. I tried various approaches but still could not get it...
  14. D

    Grouping rows using VBA by text string

    Hello, I am trying to tweek the following code to group rows by using text* ,rather than the row reference as it is now. For example; Range("B145:B166).Select to search for all rows with letters xxx*, then select and group those rows and rename group, etc. Sub GroupingbyvendorName() ' '...

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