1. W

    Requirement to show the hostname value / column heading when a cell is changed

    We keep a server list in Excel ready for any dinosaurs still lurking who want to read it. I'd like to show at the top of the spreadsheet (C2, D2, E2) corresponding column column header last modified cell (highlighted would be a nice touch)
  2. W

    VBA help to match column header from different workbooks

    Hi all, I am looking for some VBA code to help me with the problems, it would be great if one can help. I have 2 workbooks, and there are multiple worksheets in each of these workbooks. In workbook2(sheetname1) I would like to find the column in workbook1(sheetname2) that has the corresponding...
  3. T

    Move names into a text box and pushing data back

    Hi Everyone So I need to get some names and make userform inputs so heres what i need, I have 5 Cells with headers and 5 cells which need readings I have userform1 I want to take userform1 and Place the headers from Cells A10,C10,E10,G10,I10 to header boxes Below the header boxes I have Input...
  4. T

    Copy Columns from Origin Sheet Based on Header and Copy to a Different Sheet Under the Same Header

    Hi guys, Just wondering if there's a more clean and condensed solution to this macro I'm working on. I'm trying to map data from a client's payroll file onto our template in order to upload it to our system for record keeping. I need to copy the data (all rows in the column directly below...
  5. D

    Table headers being replaced when copying to it from another table

    I have some vba code that copies rows from a table to another table on another sheet. The headers for columns D, F and G on the destination table keep being replaced with column1, column 2 and column 3, instead of being left the as they are. I can't see where it is doing it in the code. Could...
  6. L

    Count if Date Matches

    =COUNT(Raw_Data[Week],44,Raw_Data[Region]) How can i change the above formula to count if the date under the header name Date in sheet Raw_Data matches the date in D2 or withing the week of the date under the calculation Sheet and the if the header named Count of assets in BU have data (if...
  7. L


    =SUMPRODUCT((Raw Data[Count of Assets in BU)*(Raw Data[Column1]=TRUE)) Something is wrong with the formula, what i need is to place the formula in the calculation tab that if header Column1 is true, sum the header Count of Assets in BU that meet the true criteria
  8. A

    CopyPaste copying headers

    I have the below code copying data from multiple worksheets on to a master worksheet without the header row. It works fine if data is entered however if no data is entered on a sheet it copies the header row. How can I change it so that the header row is always ignored even if it is the only...
  9. A

    Get Column Name from Range

    If a range is Set MyRange = Application.Range("Sheet1!A2:G2") Is it possible to get the name (Header) of the column anyhow ? I tried ? MyRange(2).Name but no go.
  10. L

    Get Row value from cell below but keep Column Reference

    I am currently picking cells from another spreadsheet (MasterSheet) which is a flat row by row data set Column A to F 600+ rows. The Slave sheet I am using to create a more user friendly layout of the Master Sheet so same data but with a slightly different layout, with headers created from date...
  11. muhammad susanto

    Pull Data Based On Header

    hi all.. how to get data based on header and joint them my target that cell contains data here this below : <style type="text/css"> table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px solid #CCC ; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; }...
  12. R

    Filter with Multiple Header Rooms

    I have a spreadsheet that has about 100 Items in which there is a Header Row for each item and then sub items that breakdown these Items into smaller items by areas. Each sub item total equals the Header Item total. Is there a way for me to filter this spreadsheet so I can get summaries of each...
  13. A

    delete row from VBA

    Hi, how can i delete used range in excel after apply filter, without header (First row). i want to do this in VBA. thanks
  14. D

    Code to make header visible

    I have a spreadsheet that makes a hidden worksheet visible upon clicking a button. How do I make the position of the page be scrolled all the way to the top so you can see the header using vba?
  15. I

    Extract Column header and data separated by multiple semicolon

    Column C in Sheet 1 has multiple "header: data" separated by multiple semicolon in each cell. Column C in Sheet 1 headers and data appears as "header1:; header 2: value1; header: value value 2; header1:; header 2: value1; header: value value 2" In Sheet 2, Column A, I have a list of column...
  16. A

    VBA: Put header text before cell data

    VBA: I have multi column data with header. I want to add the header text before text in every cell data in respective column.
  17. R

    Changing Font Type in Header VBA Code

    Hello Everyone, I'm getting some odd behavior when I try running some VBA code that updates the font type in a page header. Here is the snippet of code: With masterWkbk.Worksheets("Dashboard") .PageSetup.RightHeader = "&""Times New Roman,Regular" & Format(Now, "YYYY") & " " & prevQtr &...
  18. T

    Apply colour to frozen table header when rows hidden

    Hi All, Silly question(s) time again. I have frozen rows 1 to 4 which contains the table header and other details. What I would like to do is have Row 4 cells fill with red when the user scrolls down. My reasoning is it will help remind the user there are hidden rows. So my questions are...
  19. K

    Find a specific column header, and list ALL values under that header

    Hello All, How does one find a specific column header and then list ALL values under that header?
  20. S

    Go to same row by table header

    Hi Experts Right now I'm using VBA that goes to an intended column in the same row. Can there be a way where, it can jump within same row to the intended column by table header name, as I keep adding or removing columns to the table and every time I do so, I have modify so many such vba(s)...

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