1. M

    Resizing textbox based on the table height next to it.

    Hi I have a few tables and a few textboxes next to the tables. I want the textboxes to expand when new rows are added to the table. The range would be dynamic hence I have to find the textbox in the specified range and then adjust the height. I tried to code it but the height of the textbox...
  2. M

    Do i need Vlookup or Indirect or something else?

    I have a simple workbook with two sheets. Sheet 1 contains: <tbody> NAME AGE HEIGHT WEIGHT JOHN 34 52 23 PETER 23 12 62 LUCY 45 23 86 DANIEL 23 42 34 </tbody> Sheet 2 contains a message: Choose a person I then has a dropdown/combo box (data validation list, the source being the list...
  3. T

    Help with Word Table

    Good day all I need help with a MS Word form. I've searched all over the net and followed everything I've seen (I think) and I'm still stuck. I have a word table that I want people to fill out as a form. but I don't want the person to be able to change the forms layout. Specifically the height...
  4. T

    Stange .RowHeight results

    I have a very simple routine that uses: ThisWorkbook.Worksheets(proposal).Range("B" & a).EntireRow.RowHeight = 17 to set the row height to 17. When the above line of code executes, it sets the row height to 22 instead of 17. I have two other identical lines of code that should set the row...
  5. C

    Lookup between a range

    Hi All, I'm wanting to lookup a value from 2 separate cell values one being height and the other width - to find a match in a pricing matrix. If this can be done at all. E.g - 717 x 448 = $36.06 <tbody> <tbody> Qty Height Width Price EA Price Total 2 717 448 3 357 405 3 357 405...
  6. A

    Find the text from a range of cells on the same row.

    Greetings esteemed and learned people of Excel. Please help me with a problem that I thought I could easily handle, by using the max formula. I need to find the Height, Width and Depth of a series of cabinets. Each row caters for one cabinet, resulting in only one of the cells to have a value...
  7. A

    Change Row height and colour based on value

    Hi great people I have a work stream spreadsheet that I sort by date, the only thing that I'm.struggling with is the height of the rows based of column A containing the number 1, and then colouring the row (A to M) being dark grey Can anyone help me?
  8. T

    VBA to resize a range to fit the textbox.

    Hi Everyone, I have a problem, I need people to be able to copy and paste text from Word into excel, I have encounted a number of problems doing this as the people doing the cut and pasting are all at the lower end of the gene pool. So after many hours of testing the only solution I could find...
  9. N

    AutoFit Row height with cells that have a formula

    Hi all - whenever I used AutoFit Row Height on a row that is referencing data from another sheet(Lets say, Im on Sheet1 and Cell A1 is referencing Sheet2!A7), the row height does not expand to fit all of the text. Is there a simple way to get this to work? Obviously there is no problem when...
  10. S

    AutoFit Row and add 5 to row height via VBA

    I have a spreadsheet w/ vba coding to format the sheet via command button. It will autofit the row height, but when printing it cuts off the of some of the cells that contain a lot of wording. Is there a way to have it autofit and also add 5 more to the height via vba?
  11. P

    Default Excel row height doing something strange

    <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica}p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px Helvetica; min-height: 14.0px}</style>Hope someone can work out what I've done wrong .... In ONE particular file, default row height is misbehaving. COLUMNS A...
  12. J

    vba regulate row height

    Hello, in a workbook it is possible to adjust the height of the rows only if clicked in the cells of column C / F / G not selecting the whole row? I hope I explained myself john
  13. D

    Adjusting height of an active x control text box

    Is it possible to increase the height of a active x control text box as you type in it. This would mean that it appears to expand downwards. I tried the auto size feature but this just shrunk the text to squeeze it all in when you deselect the text box.Is it possible to make it just stay...
  14. R

    Show value as height while referencing weight for calc

    I have two columns one with heights (i.e. 6'6", 6'7" etc) and one with weights say column I and J. In another cell C2 I would like to be able to enter a height, while still displaying height, yet for a calculation use the corresponding weight.
  15. B

    Row height change if less than....

    Is there a way to get a row to resize if it is below acertain height? I have my rows in a range set to 38 but I have them autofitting once the day is entered in case the row needs to be taller. Is there a way for this to either only resize if it is goingto make it taller OR after the AUTOFIT...
  16. lopiteaux

    Row height automatically adjusted without reason

    I have a small issue with a particular workbook that is driving me insane. The workbook contains a log of personal transactions over the past couple of years. Every other time that I use it, the row height for a set of 3 rows is increased to the maximum. The set of rows changes each time, and...
  17. B

    Dynamic Row Heigth

    is there a way to set a set cells/rows to change the row height based on how much is typed into that cell? If the user types too much it will make the cell height higher instead of shrinking the text. I know there is some way because I have another worksheet that does this but I do no know how...
  18. K

    Change the line spacing between items in a VBA listbox

    Hi Guys, I'd like to change the line spacing between items in a VBA listbox. Let's assume I display month names in a listbox control. Name of my listbox is "Lista". It's easy, I just add one line to "Private Sub UserForm_Initialize" for the userform: Lista.List = Array("January", "February"...
  19. R

    Calculation based on existing column, don't know range

    Need help with the following: I have a height and width column in pixel count. I convert the pixels to inches without a problem. How do I figure out the last row in the column. They amount of rows will change every time I pull my data. In other words, how can I create my calculation for each...
  20. W

    Code doesn't work unless delay is added

    Hi all, I can't wrap my head around this. I have a userform that will resize frames and listboxes based on the number files in the folder. However the resize doesn't work unless I input either 'DoEvents' or 'Wait' into the code. The code is in the form and not in a separate module. Private...

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