1. W

    Converting a Hexadecimal with a length of 14 to Hexadecimal

    Dear All, I am trying to convert a hexadecimal string eg <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>EAAA863573781B which should return <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br...
  2. S

    Excel formula to extract words before a match

    Hi Friends, Here is the data and what I am trying to extract I want to extract words like Hexadecimal to character" which is abbreviated as X2C I am able to extract text between characters "(" AND ")" but not full meaning/form of abbreviated word. Hexadecimal to character (X2C) is a...
  3. B

    hexadecimal calculator using Do Until-loop and select case

    I am trying to write a macro that converts a decimal number into a hexadecimal using Do Until-loop and select case here is what I have so far when I run it the computer freezes up Sub HexConverter() Dim L As Double Dim K As Integer Dim N As Double Dim R As Double Dim A As Double Dim P As...
  4. P

    How to convert big hexadecimal numbers to decimal format

    I need to be able to convert big hex numbers into decimal numbers. The problem that I have with this is that when you put a hex number that includes letters excel considers it text. And if the number is too big, you can't convert it to decimal format, and when you try to, it comes up with the...
  5. P

    How to import a file's Hexadecimal Data into a cell

    What I want to be able to do is basically the same thing as opening up a file in a hex editor and then copying all of the hex data into a cell into a spreadsheet. The reason why I can't do that is because some of the files that I will be using have to much data to fit in my clipboard. popcornrulez
  6. B

    I need a 12 bit hexidecimal number incremented

    This formula works but only up to 10 bits: =DEC2HEX(HEX2DEC($A$1)+ROW()-1,10) If I add two bits and change the length to "12" it doesn't work. Help!!
  7. C

    Decimal to Hexadecimal to Binary with a twist

    Hi, I had used the DEC2HEX to convert a column of decimal numbers anywhere from 0 to 1023. It was ok and I got values from 000 to 3FF corresponding to 0000 0000 0000 and 0011 1111 1111 in binary. My problem now is when it is from -1 to -1023. The values I got are from FFFFFFFFFF to...
  8. C

    Working with Hex numbers in VBA

    Hi all I am having some issues in passing Hex numbers to a function: the call which is showing a syntax error is this SetLabel FormControls.lblHeader, 2, iBarSidePad, (iFormHeaderHight - 2), iBarWidth, _ "Header", &H999999, &HO00000 the function itself is this: Private Function...
  9. R

    Importing hex data to a hex string in excel using VBA

    I am using excel to do quick analysis on Ethernet Packet Data I have read VBA for dummies and while it was kind of helpful It really wasnt what I needed It would be incredibly usefule to import the data (in one large cell) into a string and label it as an actual hex valued string . I do NOT...
  10. T

    hex number recognition

    Is there any way to get Excel 2007 to recognize a hex number using the 0x... format? Hex numbers in quotes "deadface" seems really useless.
  11. J

    Automatically format color from Hex color code #palette

    Is there a way to automatically format the text color, and fill color based on a hex code or palette number. For example, #376091, #953735, #C5BE97, #FFCC99. I'm hoping to automatically format based on this color number. Is it possible?
  12. J

    BackColor value on a UserForm

    This will proabably be an easy one for somebody... THe BackColor property on a UserForm is "&H00CFF3FF&" . Can someone please explain what that number means and/or what format it is in. :confused: I need to match that color and I am color-blind so I rely on the color values to help me do...
  13. S

    Hexadecimal Checksum

    I have 5 cells with a Hexadecimal in it, on the 6th cell, I would like to have a Hexadecimal checksum. I have tried this: =dec2hex(hex2dec(H8))+(hex2dec(I8))+(hex2dec(J8))+(hex2dec(K8))+(hex2dec(L8)) but it doesn't work, any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks!!! Scott
  14. A

    Make cell reflect hex value? Bonus: export to image, upload via FTP?

    I have a table of inventory. Colors down the size, Sizes across the top. I'm trying to create a macro that "prepares" the table in a certain way; so I can then make a GIF or JPG out of it, and post it on my Ebay listings online to show a (perhaps even real-ish time) image of my inventory...
  15. S

    Hexadecimal subtraction

    Hi Mr Excel, I am into a problem where I need to subtract two 128 bit Hexadecimals values, Can I do that with Excel. Regards, Umair

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