hidden data

  1. W

    count the number of hidden windows

    I need to count the number of windows that are hidden and display a pop-up window. My code keep giving me "0 hidden windows" no matter how many windows I've hidden, please help. Sub Hiddenwindows()Dim Cnt as Integer Dim Win as window Cnt=0 For each Win in Windows If Not Win.Visible then Cnt =...
  2. D

    Hidden Rows

    Hi there I wonder if someone could help me with a strange thing that's happening to a spreadsheet we use at work. I can't find anything in another thread about this. The spreadsheet is a database of staff and lots of columns of related data such as dates. It's used by 3 different people on a...
  3. J

    Password Protected Sheets should be hidden until after password is enterred

    Hey there, I'm hoping for some help with my VBA code in Excel 2016. First, I know that this is not fool-proof security, but that's fine for what I'm working with. I have an excel workbook, with many hidden sheets (one for each employee), and a menu tab with buttons linking to each sheet. I have...
  4. E

    Excel 2010 Pivot Table - calculations including hidden items

    Goal In a simple pivot table, I'd like to perform a calculation ( show values as ) in the pivot, that executes the calculation with all items, including hidden. I'm sure as everyone is aware, the clalcs are performed on visible objects only. Details below. I don't want anyone to think that I...
  5. MrExcel

    VLOOKUP to External WB - entire table stored inside linking workbook

    Hello everyone - On a recent trip to California, I met up with some Excel people at a bar. Lots of great discussion :beerchug:, but one chap pointed out what seems like a security hole in Excel. I am passing it along here. WorkbookA has some employee ID. You link to WorkbookB, range A2:S99 to...
  6. M

    Hiding data in graph axis

    My Goal: I want to create a graph that shows employees where they rank in relation to other employees without showing the names of other employees. I want to do this in a graph. What I know: I can hide the data in individual cells by using the Custom formatting ;;;. I then create a bar graph...
  7. eschiesser

    Show categories with no values in PivotChart

    Hi all, I am creating a pivot chart in excel 07 from a table using 4 different columns: Week Number, Acronym, Employee, and Hours. I've got the week number and the employee in the legend, the acronym on the horizontal axis, and Sum of Hours as the values (vertical axis). The problem is, in the...
  8. R

    Protect hidden rows in Pivot Table sheet

    I have a sheet which contains pivot table, I have few hidden rows and columns in this sheet. Does any one has VBA code to protect these hidden rows and columns so that anyone can't be able to unhide them. Protecting the whole sheet is not a solution because it stops pivot table from working.
  9. L

    residual or ghost info tied to workbook

    I have a workbook full of spreadsheets. There are about 10 spreadsheets that are identical in formulas and layout of columns, but are pulling in data related to a specific catalog we have mailed. There is a summary report tab, a tab full of data that is used in the look-up formulas, and a couple...
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