hidden rows

  1. C

    Filter and un-filter reveals my hidden rows. How to keep hidden?

    I've tried several things and searched but can't find an easy solution. I have approx 400 sporadic hidden rows that i'm hiding formulas. When I filter, and then remove filter, my previously hidden rows are revealed. Is there a way to keep them hidden? I used a macro to filter as well and see I...
  2. R

    Using Aggregate Function excluding zeros and values not change when excluding hidden rows

    Good Evening, I saw a recent post on this subject, but it doesn't address my situation specifically. I have a table that is linked to an Access database, and I'm trying to calculate percentiles using the AGGREGATE function. There are also zeros that I do not want to include in the percentile...
  3. 3

    VBA Shape Color Fill

    So I'm writing some VBA code so that when certain things happen certain shapes change to different colors. Example 1 is a shape-changing color based on if a sheet is visable or not: If ThisWorkbook.Sheets("FlashForge").Visible = True Then ThisWorkbook.Sheets("Farm...
  4. D

    Apply VBA on specific sheets

    Hi everyone, I don't know much about VBA, but I am trying to hide rows on multiple sheets without having to go through each sheet and run the macro. Here is my code: Sub HideRows() Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Range("A1:A30") If UCase(cell.Value) = "NO" Then cell.EntireRow.Hidden = True...
  5. Q

    Making Conditional Formatting ignore hidden rows

    I have a document with multiple filters that cause multiple rows to be hidden. The visible data looks similar to this: <tbody> Column A Row 1 15 Row 3 24 Row 4 13 Row 5 32 Row 11 12 Row 13 20 </tbody> I am trying to create a conditional formatting to highlight the highest 3...
  6. W

    Ignore Zeros in Aggregate Average Function

    I get a feeling this might not be possible, but I have a table that uses the Aggregate function to average a column. It needs to be Aggregate, because that allows me to use slicers to see averages for different items in my table. The problem is, the Aggregate average is averaging the zeros and...
  7. R

    Hidden Object Range Failure in Worksheet Calculate

    I have a formula in Sheet2 named "Parameters" in cell D69. This formula is pulling info from sheet 3 & sheet 4. My excel keeps crashing with a Run-time error: Method 'Hidden' of object 'Range' failed. I don't see how it could be in a loop? In my sheet 2 - here is my vba code: Option...
  8. D

    Inserting blank rows between data, but ignoring hidden rows

    Good morning forum, I am tiring to insert blank rows between a range of rows, but need it to skip over hidden rows. Below is what I have started with and the inserting is working fine. Thanks in advance. Sub Insert_BlankRows() Dim MyRange As Range Dim iCounter As Long Set MyRange...
  9. A

    Excel Function in VBA hidden rows

    Hi everyone, I created a function in excel vba, saved it in the personal.xlsb, and it works exactly as I want it, the only problem is that it only works when I "unhide" the header row. I tried searching the problem but I couldn't find anything. Example Table <tbody> Header 1 Header 2...
  10. L

    Sum and subtotal filtered results for multiple sheets/rows/columns

    Hi all-- I have an extensive formula that works well, until I filter the results. Hope someone can give me some assistance in shortening the formula (if possible) as well as getting the filtered results. Here is a sample of the formula that I am currently using...
  11. D

    Pivot table filter rows hidden, can't get them to show

    Hi, I use a big pivot table with ~10,000 rows of data to make monthly individual reports for my colleagues. It's filtered with colleague name and Location, which indicates type of activity - two filter fields at the top left. Today I tried recording a macro to make the pivot in the hope of...
  12. J

    Muti select ListBox Very inconsistant when running code based on multiple selections

    Hello everybody. I have written a macro utilizing a Multi select ListBox and it is giving no errors. BUT it only works about a third of the time as intended. I have a listbox full of class names in one column and in the other column the corresponding class code. Example would be Class 1 - CL1...
  13. U

    Seemingly random rows of height 0

    Hi all, I've been working on a decently sized spreadsheet (110 columns x 500 rows) with a mix of text and numbers. I have formulas, filters, conditional formatting, etc being used throughout the sheet. My problem is this: I'll be working on the spreadsheet and tend to copy across information...
  14. F

    Need to make code faster: delete unfiltered/hidden rows

    So I found and manipulated code that Autofilters a specific column by criteria (if name is John) and finally deletes all of the other rows that don't have that name. Seems pretty easy but my code takes an entire 50 seconds to run which is wayyyy to long. Is there a way to rewrite this code...
  15. X

    Can COUNTIF exclude hidden cells

    Hi Folks, I'm hoping this will be an easy one. I am simply trying to count blank cells in a column but I would like to exclude the hidden rows if possible. The formula I'm using is =COUNTIF(E3:E63,""), very basic but it's picking up the hidden rows. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. L

    How do exclude hidden Cells in my CountIfs formular

    Hi I have a spreadsheet whit a lot of data for en entire year. I need to count the amount of data within a specific date range and rows containing specific letter. The letters are in Coulumn G and there are a lot of different letter combination. I figured that it would be a lot easier to...
  17. L

    VBA code to hide a row does not work

    Hi All, I have a VBA code which does the following- * Hides a row if the values of column J and O are less than 12 It should look at row 3 and beyond. The VBA code is below, any ideas why it is not working? It does not come up with an error message or anything. The cells which it looks...
  18. E

    VBA - Hiding rows if other rows are hidden on different worksheets

    Hi All, I am looking to implement VBA code in my woorkbook whereby if a user hides / unhides any rows on Sheet 1 (for e.g. row 8), then the corresponding numbered row would automatically be hidden/shown on Sheet 2. By default all the rows are unhidden. I would appreciate any help! Thanks,
  19. 9tanstaafl9

    Can VBA copy and paste hidden rows and keep them hidden?

    I don't think this is possible, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I want to copy a large set of data where many random seeming rows have been hidden. I then want to paste that into several sheets and have those sheets look exactly like the original, with all the same rows hidden. I can't...
  20. T

    Get Array of Hidden Rows and Columns indices

    Is there a way to get an array of all the indices of the hidden rows and columns within a worksheet? I would like to do this without any looping, perhaps using Range.Find() if its possible or whatever is most efficient. Ideally I would like to have two functions (FindHiddenRows and...

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