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  1. B

    Is There A Better / Faster VBA Code To Achieve The Same Outcome?

    Whilst this code works perfectly for what I need, is there a better way to write this VBA code to make it run faster? Sub InsertPageBreaks() Application.ScreenUpdating = False ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView 'ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="password" '---------------Set Variables...
  2. S

    hide button for rows based on cell value

    hello everyone, i need a button that hides and unhides rows based on cell value of the column (No. Date) if the date is more than 6 days ago it becomes hidden, and whats left is the recent ones which are this week. but i can hide and unhide it whenever i want that’s important it’s important...
  3. R

    Hide Rows just before file is saved via commandbutton doesn't work

    Ok, I'm getting nuts. I have an Excel file with Checkboxes on sheet 'RBD' I have a checkbox for each title. And each title has several checkboxes for the options |_| ANIMALS ....|_| Cow ....|_| Pig ....|_| Chicken ....|_| Other |_| FLOWERS ....|_| Rose ....|_| Tulip ....|_|...
  4. C

    Macro: Add / Hide / Number Rows Based on Specific Cell Value

    Hi All, I'm looking for help on creating a sheet which will generate a blank list based on criteria input in a separate sheet. I have various macros in my sheet which have meant I can do some of what I'm looking for but not all. Separate to this one of my current macros, at times deletes all...
  5. R

    Excel 2010 Macros

    I am a beginner with Macros for Excel. I want to create a Macro to hide rows in a spread-sheet if there is a blank in column 7. I found the following Macro on a website that did this which I think I have correctly entered. Sub HURows() BeginRow = 3 EndRow = 416 ChkCol = 7 For RowCnt =...
  6. J

    Hide Rows Based on Values of Two Different Cells

    Hi all, I have been trying to find an answer to this question and can't seem to get my VBA code to work properly. I have two separate Active X check boxes controlling the TRUE/FALSE statement for two distinct cells. What I want the VBA code to do is to hide the row when both values controlled by...
  7. N

    VBA works on MS Excel 2013 but not working on MAC Excel 2011

    Hello Mr.Excel, I wrote a hide rows VBA on Excel 2013 (see the code below), it is working fine. But when I opened in MAC Excel 2011 the button is not working (it become static buttons). I have the button as "form control" Private Sub OptionButton_NA_No_Click()...
  8. V

    Excel Macro Hiding Rows with single predefined Condition

    Dear experts, could you please kindly help with the following Excell challenge. In my spreadsheet I need to have an option to automatically hide all the rows, where formula results in the "Hide" text. Just to highlight, all the cells are with formulas, not text. What code can do this?
  9. B

    VBA Userform itterating through listbox not working properly... VBA must be broken!

    Ok, this is giving me a headache. I thought it wouldn't be too hard to make a small userform with some code that would simply hide/unhide rows based on the selection of those rows in a listbox. Basically I have a table with labels in column C. i want to be able to bring up a simple userform...
  10. A

    How to hide a row if a range of cells are blank

    I would like to hide a row if cells AT4:BM4 are blank. Thanks for any help you can give. AlpacaMan
  11. L

    Macro to hide row on Cell value and row value

    Hi I am looking for a macro to hide any rows that contain "Month 2" in column D, and also if cell F1 contains "Month 2". This is in Sheet 1 of the workbook. i would like it to hide/unhide automatically (when cell F1 is changed by data validation) rather than running the macro. I am using Excel...
  12. A

    Hide corresponding row when cell value = 0

    I know similar questions have been asked, but I can't adapt them to my problem. I want a sheet macro (auto updating) to hide rows when a cell value in that same row changes to 0. For instance, row 3 must be hidden (and unhidden) when value in C3 changes. The cells with zero/non-zero changes...
  13. S

    Hide function taking a long time

    Hi guys, Looking for some help please, I have a report, 500 lines long, one column says yes or no, I loop through the column to the last cell. If it says no, then hide that row. The below code works, but it takes about 2 or 3 minutes to run, would anybody know how I could shorten the running...
  14. J

    Clean up Blank Pages

    I have a template which is 7 pages long, with a few page breaks, Each page has anywhere from 30-45 rows. Sometimes some of the pages in the middle do not need to be displayed so I hide them. I need to save the document as a pdf and then e-mail it as needed. I noticed that instead of being hidden...
  15. T

    Macro to hide rows and columns based on cell values

    I have data in an array like A1:Z38. I have formulas in each of the cells that either display a number or #N/A. I would like to write a macro that will go through each of the rows in the array and then hide the rows where all the cells contain #N/A. Then, I would like it to cycle through the...
  16. G

    Macro to Hide Rows w/ specified value in specific row.

    Hi Mr. Excel, I'm using Excel 2007 and Windows XP. 1. General Question: How to create a macro to hide rows that have a specific value in a specific column. (I have tried duplicating/editing some of the macros on here but my lack of microsoft basic knowledge limits my editing capabilities...
  17. D

    Using Excel Macro to Create a Drop Down List and Hide Cells

    I am having trouble with a macro that is supposed to perform the following tasks: Prompt the user to input a cell where the drop down list is to be located Prompt the user for a range of data to use in the drop down list values Create drop down list Hide the rows in which the drop down list...
  18. A

    Macro Hide/Print/Unhide rows w/ empty cell

    Hi Everyone, I have this macro that is working perfectly, the only problem is that it takes very long time when a lot of rows are empty. I would like someone to help me modify it to make it faster. I have a report with information form A3:P103, when a cell from column B3 is empty the entire...
  19. R

    Issue with Creating macro to hide series of rows based off of Dropdown list

    Hello, I have a dropdown list which contains a list of dates. When I select a date from the list (e.g. 1/31/2011) I wish for only a selected amount of rows in the worksheet to be shown, and then everything else will be hidden. Below I have what I have created so far in the macro, but it...
  20. J

    EndRow based on a cell value not location

    Hi. I’ve spent most of this day looking through Excel help and the internet trying to find a solution. I am VERY new at VBA, so please bear with me. I’m using VBA to hide rows in a sheet, and the column that determines whether or not to hide a row has references to another sheet throughout...

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