hide rows

  1. N

    Need Help with VBA for hiding rows and columns based on value from multiple drop downs

    I am brand new with VBA code but from my google searches, this seems like what I should be using. I’m hoping someone can help me made this worksheet. I’m trying to design a sheet that will keep track and display the number of ports on my circuit. The rules are I can split each port 3 times. So...
  2. G

    Click Checkbox to Hide and Unhide Rows

    I want to create a checkbox that will hide and unhide a specific row based on the value of another cell. Sheet10 Data (Column K): A A1 A2 A3 Sheet9 Data (Column B): A1 A2 A A3 In this example I click a checkbox next to A on Sheet10 and it looks at the 'A' value then goes to find it in Sheet9...
  3. S

    Rows not hidden

    Hi Everyone I have inserted a vba code to have the rows 17 to 25 hidden but it seems that row 25 was not hidden. Not sure what is the issue here.. If Range("C16") = "Malaysia" Then If Range("C7") = "Yes" Or Range("C7") = "No" Then Rows("17:25").EntireRow.Hidden = True...
  4. L

    VBA code for hiding rows does not work

    Hi, I have entered the VBA code to hide the respective rows if certain criteria is being met. However, the rows doesn't seem to hide or unhide. Please assist on which area did it gone wrong. Thanks in advance! Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("C16") = "Private...
  5. G

    Auto Hide Empty Rows

    Hello, I'm trying to set up some VBA that will auto-hide cells with no values. They have formulas in them but if they return no value then I'd rather hide them. Currently I've got this which instead of using blank cells (because I couldn't get it to work), I used a helper column with True /...
  6. R

    Macro Help. New to Macros

    Hello. Column A will always have the date and time in the pictured format, in 1 second intervals for a whole month. My goal is to hide or delete any rows that have a number less than 50 in column B. ( I have the macro to do this, picture attached) Then, I would also like to hide/delete any...
  7. S

    Hide rows or access only specific rows based on userform login

    I have a tricky question. I have a workbook I am using for a game about 1000 people will be playing. The workbook consists of several sheets but the only sheets users will have access to is a sheet called "Picks". Admin users will have access to all sheets so I already have a system in place...
  8. E

    How to hide rows in excel

    How to hide rows in excel
  9. tlc53

    VBA Code - Refer to Range and Rows

    Hi there, Can I refer to a range and row reference in one line of code? Eg. Case 0 Range("208:604").Rows("619, 629").EntireRow.Hidden = True So I would like to hide range "208:604" and single rows, 619 and 629. The above doesn't work. Thank you!
  10. B

    I Need Help with VBA Macros

    Hello, I'm pretty experienced with Excel and have been using it extensively for almost 2 decades now. However, my knowledge of VBA and Macros is very limited. I am looking for someone to help me with a few macros that will trigger when specific cells change to specific values withing a pretty...
  11. D

    Hidden Rows

    Hi there I wonder if someone could help me with a strange thing that's happening to a spreadsheet we use at work. I can't find anything in another thread about this. The spreadsheet is a database of staff and lots of columns of related data such as dates. It's used by 3 different people on a...
  12. A

    Auto hide rows

    Hello! Is there a way to automatically hide a row when specific data is entered into a cell in that row? At the moment i'm using the following: Sub HideNO() Dim cl As Range For Each cl In Range("AI14:AI900") If cl.Value = "No" Then cl.EntireRow.Hidden = True...
  13. A

    VBA help hiding rows

    Hello, I'm looking for a way to automatically hide rows based on cell data. The rows are 14-900, columns are A - AU and if the data in column AE reads "i. onboarded" I would like the whole row hidden. is this possible? Cheers,
  14. M

    Using VBA to automatically hide/unhide entire rows

    Hi all, I am currently making a spreadsheet that needs to hide 30 rows when a certain condition has been met. Does anyone know how to design a macro that can automatically hide/unhide 30 rows (rows 45 to 75) in the first specific worksheet "Sheet 1". The condition that will be met is when...
  15. W

    VBA/Macro Help- Hiding Rows Based on Cell Value

    Hello- I am trying to use a simple macro to hide rows based on the value of three different cells. The code tat I am currently using is below. The first portion works correctly, however when I copy it to use on the other required rows it doesn't work. Can someone please assist? I'm new to VBA...
  16. B

    Hide/Unhide Rows Based on Cell Value

    Hi All, First post here. I'm an experienced Excel user (former Lotus user) and just beginning to attempt some VBA. Most of what I've learned (which isn't much yet) has come from this board. At this point, what I know is pretty much limited to copy/paste of what seems a reasonable match and...
  17. J

    Hide / Unhide a Number of Rows Based on Value in Cell

    Hi guys, hope you can help me out here as I'm new to VBA. I'm trying to forecast tenant rent rolls for a property and have set for a max of 50 tenants. But based on a numerical value in a cell, which denotes how many tenants there are, I would like to hide the unused rows in the worksheet. E.g...
  18. N

    Hiding Rows With past Dates Automatically When Opening the Workbook

    Hi all, I want to hide rows based on a timestamp in column A. If the timestamp is a day old, hide the row. The code below used to work great but I just updated the workbook and the problem is that the code is only working for one of the worksheets (past date rows are hidden), while the other 4...
  19. H

    Delete Rows based on criteria

    Good afternoon, looking to remove some rows if cells equaled a certain text Rows 17-19 ~ AT11 = MS18 Rows 20-22 ~ AT12 = FB18 Rows 23-25 ~ AT13 = STS18 Rows 26-28 ~ AT14 = MH18 Rows 29-31 ~ AT15 = FS18 Rows 32-34 ~ AT16 = SFS18 Here is what I have researched thus far but it can only do one...
  20. A

    Hiding Row if a certain cell in that row is blank

    Hi All, I have a large budget spreadsheet where i have various codes ranging from A1-A50, however right now I only use about 15 of the codes but the other ones will be eventually populated. The description column uses an index match Formula which looks up a code list. What i want to do is hide...

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