1. Jyggalag

    Good way to hide rows?

    Hi all, I have an overview like this: I am looking at four quarters for a year. I have a filter as well. I want to specifically hide the first three quarters somehow. However, please note that: 1) I cannot use a filter, because I often use a macro that wont work if a filter is on, and 2) I...
  2. B

    Hide/Show rows in a different sheet based on Yes/No responses

    I am trying to build a macro that will hide or show a group of rows in the Options sheet (shown below) based on the Yes/No responses from the Questions sheet. Essentially, someone will fill out the Questions sheet to narrow down what they actually need to see and then further define their needs...
  3. E

    Hide - Unhide

    Hello All: Looking for some VBA to do the following: I am routinely hiding and unhiding rows 5 through 15 on a number of worksheets in one workbook. Would like some code that when run would hide the rows if unhidden -THEN- unhide the rows if hidden. Will assign to a button thereafter. Thank...
  4. C

    Hide Excel Toolbars, Ribbon, etc. in a file i'm opening without messing up any other open Workbooks

    Hi guys, I'm using the following code to hide all bars and open a workbook to give an app feeling look. I'll call it my EXCEL APP STYLE FILE from now on. Code i'm using to hide all the stuff and define the width and height is the following: Sub UIHide() With Application...
  5. R

    VBA Help for Hiding rows from a data validation list choice.

    Running Excel 365. Windows 10 machine. So I think I have a few issues to sort out, I am working on a spreadsheet that will change the rows available to show (fill in) by 2 variables. I'm creating an Address Matrix for a programming file on another type of system and there are 2 versions of...
  6. G

    How to Hide/Show Tabs off list in workbook

    Hi All, Need alittle help. Would like to create a macro that will either Show(S) or Hide(H) workbook tabs based on a list in a separate tab. So in a nut shell if Column B is "S" Show Tab in Column A. If Column B is "H" then Hide Tab in Column A. Can any of you wise guru's help me out? Thanks in...
  7. K

    VBA to hide rows based on multiple criteria

    I can't download your add-in due to work IT restrictions, sorry. I'm trying to hide rows too and I know I'm doing something wrong. If the values in $i3, $J3, $O3, or $Q3 =0 then hide row, if not then don't hide row. then go to the next row in file. I have this: Sub HideRows() StartRow = 15...
  8. S

    How to hide VBA Code on a Protected Sheet?

    I am using code to add a double line that requires me to set the same password as the password to protect the sheet. And I don't want someone to be able to view the code on my protected sheet. How do I do this? Also, I don't want to hide the sheet, just protect it. Here is the code, if needed...
  9. B

    How to suppress ActiveX checkboxes based on a macro

    I have a macro that I'd like to use to reset a form to original conditions - All rows/columns shown - Cell updated with today's date - Background colors reset - Clears contents from multiple ranges I'd like for this same macro to hide lines and the checkboxes within those lines. This section...
  10. M

    VBA Macro Column Hiding

    Need help if anyone can provide it. I'm trying to write a Macro where i can hide columns based on a cell value. The issue I'm having is trying to figure out how to construct it in a manner where I can have the macro work based on multiple cell values as well as work throughout the entire...
  11. K

    Loop Shapes and Hide if Value/Text is Zero

    I am trying to create a sheet to print scales and chords for guitar students. I am having trouble hiding shapes on the fretboard based on the value within the shape. There are 224 shapes on the worksheet. Each shape is linked to it's own cell on a separate sheet. I figured out how to hide a...
  12. B

    VBA code to remain in the same page while running the macro

    I have a VBA code with multiple subs and it has multiple worksheets which will be hided and only macro worksheet will be visible. when someone runs the macro it will unhide the other worksheets and exports the output then at the end it hides the worksheets. problem is at times towards the end...
  13. B

    Masking password characters in VBA code

    Dear Mr Excel, I have created a password activated spreadsheet, but I cannot find how to 'Mask' the characters of the password box, does anyone know how to help? I have created the code below; Sub Run_Password_Admin_Macro() 'Password protect for Admin Dim strPassTry As String Dim...
  14. C

    Hide / Unhide tables based on a list chosen

    Hi all, I’ve got a sheet with 4 tables on it. I have a cell in B2 with data validation set to a list on another sheet. I can currently hide or show the tables based on either columns or rows. As one table is shown the others are hidden. What I’m wandering is if it is possible to hide or...
  15. S

    Hide Scroll Bar in Sheet

    Hi, Hopefully this is possible. I'd like to hide the horizontal scroll bar in a specific worksheet. The code below does it generally for all tabs, would appreciate some help tailoring it to only apply for the "Results" worksheet Code - For All Sheets: Private Sub...
  16. R

    Button To Hide All Option Buttons

    Hello, I am creating a button that will display all hidden Rows, GroupBoxes and Option Buttons. My code for the GroupBoxes works but I cant get the option button code to work correctly. Below is my current work. Thank you. Private Sub CommandButton5_Click() ' Enter Editing Mode Dim myGB As...
  17. R

    Hide Multiple Option Buttons

    Hello, I am trying to reduce the number of lines of code in my workbook where I am hiding and unhiding a lot of Option Buttons. Is there a way to hide/unhide multiple option buttons in one line? ActiveSheet.Shapes("Option Button 20").Visible = True 'Yes Sub 1...
  18. B

    How do I get a userform to refresh information that changed in the spreadsheet when it is reactivated by userform1.show

    Greetings everyone... Longtime viewer but 1st time poster. Hopefully this will make sense... I have a userform that tracks who gets a project revision when the person the project belongs to is gone (this part works great). In this userform there is another userform that allows me to alter the...
  19. M

    Please help!! Need help with specialized formula.

    Hi everyone, Thank you in advance for your help! <style type="text/css"><!--td {border: 1px solid #ccc;}br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style> <colgroup><col style="width: 142px"><col width="142"><col width="142"></colgroup><tbody> A B 1 10/24/19 =A1+10 2 #b7e1cd[/URL] , align...
  20. G

    Hiding rows with Threaded Comments

    I am using Excel 365 and have a worksheet with a threaded comment. I wish to hide all rows from above this comment to the bottom of the worksheet. If this were a normal comment, now called "Notes", I could format the comment to move and size with cells and this would allow me to hide the rows...
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