1. S

    toggle button to hide columns

    i have this toggle button code that hides and unhides for me column E and D but now i want to also hide column P at the same time with them but without hididing the columns between them i just want to hide E,D,P i use this code but i’m writing this on my phone but just to get an idea private...
  2. J

    VBA code to hide/unhide rows that have a "1" in column A - 32 sheets

    Greetings - I have learned a lot over the years from reviewing these threads. I'm hoping someone can assist. I have a workbook with 33 sheets. Two summary sheets and 31 data sheets. The first sheet "Monthly" has data within that will be changed regularly. All other sheets have an A column...
  3. K

    Multi Criteria Code - Sort, Filter, Hide/Unhide

    Hi guys! I am having trouble figuring out how to do the following. Basically, I have a spreadsheet that I need to add controls to so the end user can re-sort the log based on how they want to see the data. Rows 1:6 are headers Print Range is A7:AG1525, but range will grow as new rows are...
  4. D

    Hide/Unhide Sheets Based on a Cell Value

    Hello all, I am wondering if I could hide/unhide sheets dynamically based on a cell value. For example, in A1, I will have the following formula.. (If Row B is blank, then "Blank, if not " "). The following sheet macro that I have been working with will hide the sheet if A1=Blank. However, Row...
  5. K

    VBA: Automatically Hide/Unhide Rows Based on Cell Values

    I am attempting to make it so rows hide/unhide based on the values in Cells C6, C12, and C14. I wrote the code for it and had it working, but for some reason after coming back to it a few days later it no longer works. The code is as follows: Private Sub WorkSheet_Change(ByVal target As Range)...
  6. S

    Macros to Hide / Unhide Columns for Printing

    Hi. My colleagues are not good with excel, and sadly I am their last hope. I have created spreadsheets that measure the profitability of jobs, and need to lock cells and protect them. I then need to automate the formatting so they cant unlock the sheet by themselves (the macro does it for them...
  7. O

    Hide/unhide a number of cells and columns depends of two values

    Hello all, I have a challenge. I want to do a table that changes its structure. Is about a block of flats. I need to modify the number of stairway and the number of floors (biggest). Here i received a code to hide/unhide the number of stairway. If i have 3 stairways (based on a cell value...
  8. S

    Hide/Unhide sheets with a checkbox on a mac

    I'm looking for a way to use checkboxes to hide/unhide sheets. I've found code for PCs, but they all use ActiveX. I'm on a Mac and don't have access to ActiveX. Is there a way to accomplish this on a Mac? TIA
  9. C

    Hide/Unhide Selected Rows

    Should be fairly simple (think I'm just having a brain fart) - I want to hide/unhide certain rows based on cells values in another table (and I'd iterate through this table) to hide/unhide throughout the document. Cells(2,y) is the starting row, Cells(3,y) is the ending row - I want to hide all...
  10. T

    Hide/Unhide Button help

    Worksheet contains 16 buttons labelled "0100", "0200", etc to "1600" that are used to hide/unhide rows based on cells contents. Code below: ActiveSheet.Unprotect "password" Application.ScreenUpdating = False For Each cell In Range("k91:k153") If cell.EntireRow.Hidden = True Then...
  11. M

    Hide/Unhide Command Button with save file option

    Hello... I wish to have a command button that can hide/unhide with various safe file option based on drop down list value in G6. Here is a table: <hide command="" button=""><unhide command="" button="" and="" save="" file="" only=""><unhide command="" button="" and="" save="" &="" close=""...
  12. G

    Excel 2013 VBA: Coloring Visible Rows Only in Used Range When Hide and Unhide Rows

    Hello, I have code that uses a command button on my spreadsheet to hide rows that contain the text 'Complete' in column AX. When the command button is pressed again, it will unhide the rows. This works. The other code is used to color rows in my data range based on when the value in column J...
  13. M

    VBA Autohide/unhide rows with data from another worksheet

    Hello all, First time posting. I am attempting to create a spreadsheet where 1 employee can enter inventory counts on one sheet and another employee can place orders off of the same data that has been copied over to another sheet. I also want the "orders" sheet to autohide/unhide the cells...
  14. A

    Macro allowing both column grouping and row hide/unhide functionality in a protected sheet

    I've been struggling to find a macro code that allows both column grouping and row formatting (hide/unhide in my case) in a password protected sheet. The macros that I've used to allow column grouping work for that purpose, but then seem to disable the ability to allow row/column formatting when...
  15. R

    Screen Refresh (Ghost) Problem

    Screen Refresh Problem Hi, New to the forum and have had the same problem as in this post: http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/430562-screen-refresh-problem.html The solutions here haven't solved the problem I have. I'm using the Excel 2013 and get the ghost image that disappears...
  16. Alan_P

    Excel VBA UserForm - Easier way to Hide/Show TextBoxes/Labels based on ComboBox Selection?

    Hi All, Bascially I have created a UserForm that has a ComboBox and depending on the number selected I want it to show that number of Labels/TextBoxes... so if I select "0" nothing is shown, if I select "1" one set of Labels/TextBoxes is shown, select "2" and two sets of Labels/TextBoxes are...
  17. L

    hide/unhide rows using check box dependant on each rows value if true or false

    I have looked almost everywhere to find a macros for my active x check box and can't find one that I need. Your help would be awesome. I have a spread sheet that lists all the vendors. In row 5-154, Column V I have a list that states true or false. True = we will buy from this vendor...
  18. B

    Help with the if/then function and hide/ unhide

    So, I have four different spreadsheets that I compiled into one excel sheet. What I need to do, is create a dropdown menu of what do you want to do: Option A, Option B, Option c, or Option D. So far I had created the drop down menu. However, I can't figure out how to make it so when a user...
  19. K

    Updating Target Cell To Hide/Unhide After Deleting Rows

    Hello, I am very new to VBA code. I am trying to write a macro where based on the response of a target cell, a number of rows will hide or unhide. Here is the code that I currently have, and it works. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("C62") = "Yes" Then...
  20. J

    Hide/unhide rows through VBA

    Hello, Can anyone help regarding hiding and unhiding rows based on cretiria I need to do it through vba Regards

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