1. P

    Formula - rank numbers high to low

    I have a listing of values and I need to place a number 1-10 for the top 10 highest numbers. For example, out of these 16 numbers I need a 1 next to the highest number, a 2 next to the second highest number, etc. <colgroup><col width="72" style="width: 54pt; mso-width-source: userset...
  2. H

    Select Filter based in Value

    I would like macro to select the filter in A2 (Financial Year") on sheet summary if Cell c10 on sheet "Data" is zero, otherwise select highest year from Filter Your assistance is most appreciated Book1AB12Financial Year(blank)34Row LabelsSum of Capital Cost5(blank)6Grand...
  3. O

    Need help - cant figure out the right formula

    Hi, I'm having Excel issues and I'm stranded after multiple hours of googling. Question: How can I perform a VLOOKUP when the value is included in several rows (I want the highest number) Context: I have one overview where I wish list to various type of Information. This information have...
  4. T

    Find highest number when mixedwith text in each cell

    Hi everyone, I need to find the highest invoice number but the cels are not numbers but text They look like this, <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> CA0939 CA0940 CA0935 CA0928 so all I want to do is return the highest number into Sheet Control AB25 so it would be CA0940 its in sheet...
  5. N

    Conditional Formatting 4 Color Scale

    Hello everyone, I have data like this 12 23 35 44 45 6 3 9 I would like the show them: highest one filling red lowest one filling green 2nd highest one filling yellow 3nd highest one filling blue is that possible? The...
  6. T

    Selecting some rows, on value and randomly

    Hi all, I have a table that consists of varying columns, and rows. Its exact format varies with each run, but it will have 2 columns at the end of the table, called "Adjusted Value" and Comments. The number of rows varies. There are lines in the workbook beyond the bottom of the table that are...
  7. E

    One Minus The Next Highest Number

    Hello, I am looking for advice on a formula to basically minus one from the next highest number. If A1 to A8 have the numbers: 3 5 1 8 4 6 2 7 if the number 2 is removed from the above then i want a formula to correct the order in cells B1 to B8 so they would read: 2 4 1 7 3 5 6 Any...
  8. S

    SQL - SELECT data with MAX(SUM()) Criteria

    Hi guys, need help on ADO SQL code for accessing Excel Data (using Excel version 2013) i have data like this in picture https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QGWO4fmCx8wYR-U1vkKEJq5xfDgPDSJS what i need is shops in every office that have highest sum(credit) in each TOP the yellow colour is the...
  9. S

    Formula to find highest unique values in a range

    Hi All, I have a range of risks with risk scores between 1-25 ("F2:F2460"), and details about each of these risks within the range ("E2:E2460") I need to provide a list which will return the top 'X' amount of risks depending on what the risk scores are. I need to show a minimum of 5...
  10. K

    Nested IFs with ISNUMBER

    I am a newbie to writing anything other than a very basic Excel formula, but I need to write a formula to determine if the values in AV29, AV31, AV37 & AV40 are numbers and if they are to add one to the number with the highest value UNLESS AV40 = "N/A" in which case it would need to add one to...
  11. L

    Pull the highest values (with other data) from multiple sheets into 1

    Didn't quite know how to word the title... I keep a spreadsheet of music, albums that have come out every year going back to the 70's. As I listen, i score them. One sheet for each year, column A is the artist, B is the title, C is the score. I'd like to put a worksheet in front of all the...
  12. P

    Find the highest rolling average from a range

    Hi All, I have numerical data in over 1000 cells in ColumnA, and I am in need of finding the highest average from a rolling average of 10 consecutive cells. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance Pedro
  13. A

    To Separate the men from the women

    I know how the title sounds LOL. I play in a mixed dart league. I have a page that has stats of the highest scorers but they are mixed. I would need a suggestion where in 1 column I have all the players in which I sort from highest scorers from the week and in my results page I can have 1...
  14. P

    Return a result from an overall array but limit by another value

    This might sound complicated but that is because I am not really up on the lingo - sorry!! I have workseets - the first has the following data: A B C 1 Area Error type Total 2 Bradford Food 4 3 Bradford Cleaning...
  15. J

    VBA: Return first 10 values with criteria

    On SHEET "States": I have column B with a list of states, Column D has a list of corresponding dollar amount already in descending order & column A is a list of zip codes. On Sheet "Highest": I have a state listed in cell A1, for cells A6:A15 I want to return the first 10 values that appear in...
  16. S

    Seperate WS sort highest to lowest

    I have a report that has over 1500 data points. On a separate ws, I want to pull in the top 10 values that are highest to least. how can I do this? Thanks
  17. S

    Userform cell - obtain highest number in a sheet

    Hello, I designed a cell adds value to a specific column in a specific sheet. I want to add one more of the highest number in a cell.
  18. A

    Highest simultaneous occurence at a time

    Dear all, I would need a formula which gives the highest simultaneous occurence. In this simplyfied example it would 2 for "A" and 1 for "B" Seems easy but I don't grasp it. Thanks very much ... Arjen <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="72" style="width: 54pt...
  19. E

    Horse Racing Strength

    Hello all, I am looking to produce a rating (number) for a horse based on it's previous race strength figures. In the below example the highest race strength is "19" but i want to be able to rate the horses based on Starting price (lowest to highest) and Last Start Margin ((lowest to highest)...
  20. D

    Find two highest values and index (even value is the same)

    Hello I tried many combinations of formulas but every time first and second highest value is the same im getting first key for both. DATA <tbody> # A B C 1 1 USER1 8 2 2 USER1 8 3 3 USER1 4 4 4 USER2 5 </tbody> Display <tbody> # A B 1 [find key [DATA A:A] of first highest value...

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