highlight selected cells

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    Need help VBA code to highlight cells

    Fairly new to VBA and need some help. I have the following data in excel sheet1 in the range C2:D10. I'd like to be able to double click on either the Category or the Volume cell within the range and have that data (for the respective row) copied to another location. I have found a way to do...
  2. J

    Highlight specific duplicate values in a list

    Hello Mr.Excel Community! Hope everyone is doing well. I have an issue dealing with formulas within a conditional format. I have two conditions. The first is simple. a condition that highlights any values in a list of values that are duplicates. The second is complicated. I need a condition that...
  3. A

    CTRL+F contrast problem - can't identify found cell

    i can not see the found cell in a highlighted column when using Ctrl F. I'm using Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007 Professional. When I highlight a column, the highlighted color is so light that when I do a "Find" CTrl+F command and it finds the value I can't see where the value is highlighted...
  4. E

    Moving Cell Highlight??

    Is there a tool or function in Excel that will allow a person to highlight the row that they are working in? For example: If I am in cell J14 and hit enter to take me to J15, I would like the whole row to be highlighted as the current cell moves down or up a row. Don't know if it's...
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    Highlighting Selected Cells

    I never liked the black print on very light gray interior for selected cells that is the default for Excel 2007. I found a cool procedure in an old post on this site to change the color of cells selected in a worksheet. I'd love to make this the default for all sheets and workbooks. Is there...
  6. S

    Highlight/ Conditional Formatting Macro

    Hi All, I've hacked together a macro that looks at my sheet and loops down highlighting certain criteria on the way e.g. if it says "Bankruptcy" or "Failure" it highlights the whole row with colour 42. Great. However, this works fine until I hit a blank cell...then its stops! I need it to keep...
  7. P

    How to highlight cells which falls in working days and in office hours

    Hi Excelperts, I have a column of data with time and date (format: 11/27/2009 12:42:40 PM) with hundreds of rows. I would like to highlight all the cells which fall with in the condition of Monday to Friday and 9:00am to 4:00pm, excluding public holidays. I am bit familiar using conditional...
  8. G

    Increase shade of hightlighted cells for Excel 2007

    I couldn't find anything about this during a search, so I thought I would ask. If it has already been answered, could you point me in the right direction. We now have the 2007 excel here and I hope someone out there can answer this. When I need to selecte multiple cells with data to copy...

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