1. TAPS_MikeDion

    Google Sheets (Excel) - Always highlighted sheet?

    Would anyone happen to know why every time I go to one specific sheet in the Google Sheets/Excel workbook I'm working on, that particular sheet has all of its cells highlighted? I'm guessing it's something simple I'm missing. Every time I go to that one sheet, even if I click a cell to remove...
  2. P

    After transfering data from a userform one sheet becomes hightlighted

    The problem is when i use a userform to transfer data to a worksheet that worksheet becomes highlighted. the problem is this started at row 54 and continues on the rest of worksheet as i add data from the userform this problem didnt happen in the previous 53 rows. What i have to do to get the...
  3. S

    Duplicate data in consecutive rows highlighted

    I have a table in columns C - N. There are over 14000 rows of data. I need to have data where, in column K, there is data that is identical in consecutive rows. If I could have it highlighted then great, if I could have it automatically filtered out then even better! If filtering out is possible...
  4. T

    =IF (CELL iS Highlighted) then...

    Is there a formula based on highlighted cells? Example If cell A1 is highlighted in any color, then B1=100 Many thanks!
  5. danhendo888

    Sum column using NOT equal to criteria

    https://1drv.ms/x/s!AvjBsEPEq12ngUm0YmMHEk1HGIPY?e=npLKjO My data has account numbers and their corresponding $ value Trying to add the $ value for those accounts which are not in the list in Column E I.e. add column B except the items highlighted in grey How best would you go about it? (My...
  6. A

    Conditional Formatting?

    Hi everyone! I need to make certain cells on a report highlighted based on 2 conditions from raw data. Basically what I need is: If the date in range V2-V400 is today, AND the number in range Y2-Y400 is the same as say A2, then I need A2 to be highlighted. I've been told by a colleague that...
  7. L

    design mode

    Hi I want to understand Developer-->Design mode and what is used for. I read this post https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/32669-design-mode-vba.html and Parry said: ""If you select the Control Toolbox to draw a control etc, you will notice that design mode automatically comes on.""...
  8. K

    Highlight the reverse patterns

    Using Excel 2000</SPAN></SPAN> Hi,</SPAN></SPAN> I need to highlight all the reverse patterns of column C&D are find in the Columns E&F, G&H, I&J, K&L, M&N And in the O&P and want to be highlighted colours as shown in the example including C&D column... for Example C7:D7=2&1, reverse of it find...
  9. redspanna

    Filter rows based on cell colour

    Hello all I have a database with over 300 rows of data. Data is populated through columns A:X Is there a way to filter the rows so that only the rows highlighted a certain colour are filtered? thanks in advance
  10. R

    Required auto fill of months using month number

    HI every one, i need a small logic if any one can help it will be very great full to me. <tbody> Month 8 Year 2019 Calander Year 08.2019 09.2019 10.2019 11.2019 12.2019 01.2020 02.2020 03.2020 04.2020 05.2020 06.2020 07.2020 08.2020 09.2020...
  11. N


    Hi all, this is probably easy for you guys Using Excel for Mac I have a spreadsheet, Columns A through E, many rows Column E is called due date and has a date in it Cell H1 is equals now command If H1 is 1 or 2 days before the due date, I want that row from A to E to be highlighted yellow If H1...
  12. Y

    How to get into that edit mode?

    In edit mode, when one letter is highlighted and left or right arrow key is pressed, usually, no letter is highlighted anymore. However, recently, I highlighted a letter, pressed an arrow key, and the next letter was highlighted. This is quite handy if I need to replace several letters in a...
  13. J

    Highlight Row above an already highlighted row or...

    i have 100,000 with about 15,000 lines that highlighted because there is a TRUE in and AND formula in the row. I just filtered for TRUE< then highlighted in Yellow fill. Now they want me to highlight the row immediately before the TRUE. I can't seem to replicate my AND formula . . thanks
  14. E

    populating highlight cells with drop down data

    Afternoon All This question is in reference to a calendar that keeps track of the 7 employees attendance. In my sheet, Cell AI20 is user entry of the first date. Cell AI21 is the user entry of the second date. Once the user enters the second date, the selected (dates) cells are highlighted...
  15. B

    Highlight row based on cell value

    hi, I was kinda surprised I couldn't find a solution when I Googled this... Let's say I have columns A through M. In Column C, I have various string values (let's say animals). Now, I want to highlight only those columns A through M when the value in column C is "Dog". I know I can do a For...
  16. K

    pulling the contense of a cell to another sheet based on if its highlighted with conditional formatting

    I would like to pull the condense of a cell on one work sheet and apply it to another sheet based on if it is highlighted with conditional formatting? so if cells B5-B37 has a list of names and the cells have a conditional formatting of...
  17. S

    Highlight indivudual cells in ROW if same value

    Is it possible to highlight duplicate cells in ROWS only whereby any text or numeric value is highlighted? So in the below table Row 1 - nothing highlighted Row 2 - Cat highlighted Row 3 = 555 highlighted (ignores 55) Row 4 = Both Cat and 555 highlighted A1000 Lee Steve Darren Martin...
  18. A

    Highlight a cell if any cell in that row contains a certain value

    <tbody> Names John 5 6 8 4 James 7 2 2 4 Mike 5 5 7 7 Jeff 6 3 7 9 </tbody> If a person's row has a 5 in it, I'd like to have their cell highlighted red. So the end result should have John's and Mike's cells highlighted red
  19. N

    Help with SEARCH AND function

    Hi, I am trying to get my excel spreadsheet to highlight rows containing the word ‘June’ in column C1 when I have ticked my checkbox. I have my checkbox linked to cell N11 via conditional formatting so my formula at the moment is AND($C1=‘June’,$N$11) However, this is returning (when my...
  20. J

    Highlighted Text

    Hi, I need help. When I check a checkbox I want the text in listview to be highlighted in blue, I am having a problem where whenever I do check the checkbox the text does not highlight blue unless I move my cursor into the listview. Also whenever I check each individual checkbox in the listview...

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