1. J

    Return a row (containing dates), above a row of values

    Hello, please please can someone help me: I have a simple forecasting sheet, where each month a payment is made, until the value reaches £0. The example below, shows two lots of £500 per month - however if the payments were to increase or decrease this would change the month were £0 is...
  2. P

    Looking for help with v or h lookups

    Let me start by saying I am a pretty newbie to Excel - I know the basics but V/H lookups are out of my capabilities. What I am looking to do: I have bike mile logs on two sheets and on a third are thee highest or max for a particular stat. I was able to create the max sheet but what i would...
  3. W

    about Hlookup, but can not show the first line

    I wanna show the level range beside the alphabet, but does not work if I use Hlookup as normal, like the picture.
  4. S

    Lookup (not sure whether its X or V or H)

    need help to find the result as per below. can someone help me please. ABCDEFGLMNOP3NoEmployee NameP RatingCriticalityResultReference Table41MARCUS LIMD3CriticalityP Rating52ELIZABETH TAYLORC3DCBA63KEVIN COSTNERB31D1C1B 1A174LIM AH LIMA32D2C2B2A285ABDUL PATAHD23D3C3B3A396LEE KUAN YEWC2107NG...
  5. sycodiz

    Hlookup/Vlookup help-this should be easy but I just can't figure it out

    I have a very simple excel sheet. I am going to break out sections and give them to different team members. No team members will have the same data. I need to match on Vendor number (Rows) and dates (columns) as shown below. The main sheet will be pulling the data from each of the other sheets...
  6. S

    Finding values in multiple rows or columns, then returning the first value in the row or column

    I spent a day reading Excel Help articles and trying many different approaches to solving this, but have not been successful. If anyone can help me with the proper formula to make this happen, I would be most grateful. The goal is to identify which physical host (Hostname) a vm computer...
  7. S

    Multiple Cell Check without VBA

    Hi, I have an hard time being able to figure out a solution to my issue and would like to see if anyone can help or has ideas of how this challenge can be resolved. I am trying to find a formula that is able to tell me if a cell has changed from a number to a text (horizontally) resulting in...
  8. S

    hlookup automatically change 1st line in the table array

    Hi My formula is =HLOOKUP($D48,Directorate!D$52:D$350,3,FALSE) As you are aware for this HLOOKUP formula to work the infofrom Cell D48 must be on the line D52 (in the table array source), to bring back the 3rdrow values. However I would like to drag this formula this down (as Ihave 600...
  9. D

    hlookup and offset

    I'm trying to combine hlookup() and offset() to find the last value in a row, then go up 2 rows and left 1 cell. Each works independently, but when I try to combine them, errors occur. =OFFSET(M3,-2,-1) --- "M3" is the below hlookup() reference =HLOOKUP(9.99999999999999E+307,B3:Y3,1) Is...
  10. X

    Looking for help with a lookup. Happy 4th!

    Okay, this is probably something simple but I cannot figureit out. I have a single column of data – approximately 9,000 cells in length. Itfollows the same format. A person’s name followed by 3 values. Can I use alookup function that will return the same 3 values that follow each person’sname...
  11. T

    Hlookup and push out based on Payment Terms

    Hey guys Got a little trickier one. What I have is a weekly cash flow statement that I am attempting to project when we will receive cash payments on jobs invoiced. I have two tabs: the main CF tab and the invoice tab (see below). What I want to be able to do is for a given week, is to push out...
  12. U

    getting information relative to indirect source

    I have a problem that seems like it should have a simple solution. I'll use this example situation to explain. in the first table I have data validation drop-down lists in the first column to choose a category. In the second column i have an =INDIRECT drop-down list to get an Item out of that...
  13. K

    Hlookup, offset, sum

    Hello all! It's my first post, so please be nice :-) I'm trying to create a "dashboard" which looks up a value (hlookup) in the top row of the data set and returns back a sum of its "scores" from the column to the right. I tried and failed at nesting hlookup, sumproduct, and wrapping them in an...
  14. N

    HLOOKUP with Comments

    Hello, I am new to the forum as a registered user. Can you help me with a source code or something in vba? What I need is to gather data with HLOOKUP and comments from another workbook and put them altogether in another. I need this because the initial file is in the server and is being...
  15. A

    Looking for help with hlookup and concatenate or index match (newbie)

    I have a data sheet like the below and i want to for each row find the corresponding X and put it into the the below. I'm not savy with VB and my work computer has Excel 2016. Thanks for the help. <colgroup><col style="width:48pt" width="64" span="6"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  16. L

    Named Range in a Hlookup using Vlookup

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to pull a Named Range using Vlookup into a Hlookup to return a text value. I've tested the individual parts and they work fine but when i put them together I get "#VALUE" as a result. The formula is: =HLOOKUP(E$1,(VLOOKUP($B2,'Emp Lists'!$B:$F,5,FALSE)),($D2+1),FALSE)...
  17. S

    HLOOKUP multiple table arrays HOW DO I DO THIS? Pls help

    Hi Guys, I have a HLOOKUP formula that looks at a table on a separate tab. I have 2 further tables in the same format but both on different tabs which I also want the formula to read. Basically the lookup value element of the formula contains all of the possibilities within those 3 seperate...
  18. M

    alternative to vlookup for cell 3, 4, 5 etc

    This is my formula that looks at the date then goes to the tab named events check dates and if date matches it posts the information back at the first page. =VLOOKUP(B3,event,8,0) The problem is if I have items in columns 2,3, 4, 5 etc vlookup ignores these columns. I need the formula to do as...
  19. V

    hlookup & sumifs

    Hello, My file has company codes(CoCd) in col's and Profit centers(PC) in rows, with $'s assigned to them. I need to retrieve $'s specific to a PC and CoCd combination. Issue is sometimes same CoCds are in multiple columns. So can't do a simple sumif or Hlookup. E.g. B30 PC0001 B31 PC0002 B32...
  20. T

    Finding Date of Max Value

    Hi, I have a project I am working on where I am trying to find a max value in a row and then insert that max value into its own column and then next to that column create a new one that returns the date that the value occurred on. Any suggestions or functions for how I could find that date? I...

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