1. Jyggalag

    Create slicer for a list without pivot table?

    Hi all, I currently have a list that looks like this (albeit much much much larger in reality): I would like to create a slicer for column D (Height (CM)). However, my table is not a pivot table. Does anybody know how to do this? I read online that I have to go into the design tab and do it...
  2. Jyggalag

    Macro to save file as PDF saves full sheet

    Hi all, I have this overview at the moment: If I manually choose to save my file as a PDF, it works fine and I get just 1 page with the overview above. However, I have the following VBA code to save my file as a PDF: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As...
  3. Jyggalag

    Make VBA code that posts a cells formula as a value

    Hi all, I currently have the following setup: I have some numbers in column C and D, and I use a simple sum() formula in column B. However, I also want to be able to click on the cells in column B and see the value in the formula bar. But I want to keep the formulas in the meantime. What I...
  4. Jyggalag

    Have formula data appear as text, maybe VBA solution?

    Hi all! I currently have this setup, please note that I have hidden all the nonrelevant columns however: The formula I use is this (thank you @RoryA !) =IFERROR(INDEX(INDIRECT("'"&H504&"'!$U$3:$U$73"),MATCH(1...
  5. Jyggalag

    Change my VBA code so it sends pdf file instead of excel file

    Hi all, I currently have this VBA code: Option Explicit Private Const FilePath As String = "S:\COMPANY\FOLDER OF COMPANY\FOLDER 15\TEST FOLDER\Attachments\" Sub send_email_complete() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim i As Long Dim ws As Worksheet Dim col As...
  6. Jyggalag

    Merge multiple email cells into one cell?

    Hi all, I currently have this setup: My VBA code is this ( credits to @RoryA :) ) Option Explicit Private Const FilePath As String = "\\UBSPROD.MSAD.UBS.NET\userdata\t684895\home\Documents\faq folder\" Sub send_email_complete() Dim OutApp As Object Dim OutMail As Object Dim i...
  7. N

    Formula for finding value in single row and then returning the value of the cell 2 to the left in the same row

    Hi all, I can't seem to figure out how to make VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP work in this circumstance: to find a value and return a related value from the same array (a single row). Example: Product Code1 Location1 Quantity1 Product Code2 Location2 Quantity2 Product Code3 Location3 Quantity3 Product...
  8. Jyggalag

    Use macro to delete files from folder?

    Hi all, I currently have a data overview that draws data through power query from a folder in my windows computer: However, I plan to update this folder rapidly every week and I was wondering if it would be possible to create two macros attached to VBA codes, where they do the following: 1)...
  9. A

    Need a faster way to look up

    Hey all I have a database that is updated & grows everyday. At the moment I have 13000+ horses, each one has more than 150 vlookups with indirect for another workbook. So as you can imagine, adding new data takes its sweetass time, at the moment is around 10 minutes, then 5 minutes to remove the...
  10. S

    Lookup for MULTIPLE values and return a specific cell if AT LEAST ONE criteria is met

    Dear all, I am trying to find a specific value (from multiple options) in an array (Please, see the picture below). I tried several formulas, playing with OR, HLOOKUP, INDEX and MATCH, but I couldn't find a working formula yet. It is all good if I look for a single value, but as soon as I add...
  11. E

    Horizontal lookup when cell is not blank

    Hi, I have the results of a survey with 4,500 responses, the report groups respondents with similar characteristics in different columns as shown below. I'm looking for a way to retrieve all responses for each question in one column. I've tried Hlookup with CountA, but it's just not working...
  12. Jyggalag

    Issue with Index&Match formula

    Dear all, I am currently trying to return some data from a larger database. I have created a test sheet that is very similar to the real sheet that I am working with, for the sake of privacy and making things easier to understand from an outside perspective. Currently, I have the following...
  13. Jyggalag

    Please help me create an IndexMatch-like formula

    Dear all, I am currently sitting with a rather large sheet of data. I have made a smaller, and more simple data sheet for simplicity's sake. Currently I have the following information: As you can see, the data for 2016 has already been filled out (through an old and more manual method)...
  14. J

    Return a row (containing dates), above a row of values

    Hello, please please can someone help me: I have a simple forecasting sheet, where each month a payment is made, until the value reaches £0. The example below, shows two lots of £500 per month - however if the payments were to increase or decrease this would change the month were £0 is...
  15. P

    Looking for help with v or h lookups

    Let me start by saying I am a pretty newbie to Excel - I know the basics but V/H lookups are out of my capabilities. What I am looking to do: I have bike mile logs on two sheets and on a third are thee highest or max for a particular stat. I was able to create the max sheet but what i would...
  16. W

    about Hlookup, but can not show the first line

    I wanna show the level range beside the alphabet, but does not work if I use Hlookup as normal, like the picture.
  17. S

    Lookup (not sure whether its X or V or H)

    need help to find the result as per below. can someone help me please. ABCDEFGLMNOP3NoEmployee NameP RatingCriticalityResultReference Table41MARCUS LIMD3CriticalityP Rating52ELIZABETH TAYLORC3DCBA63KEVIN COSTNERB31D1C1B 1A174LIM AH LIMA32D2C2B2A285ABDUL PATAHD23D3C3B3A396LEE KUAN YEWC2107NG...
  18. sycodiz

    Hlookup/Vlookup help-this should be easy but I just can't figure it out

    I have a very simple excel sheet. I am going to break out sections and give them to different team members. No team members will have the same data. I need to match on Vendor number (Rows) and dates (columns) as shown below. The main sheet will be pulling the data from each of the other sheets...
  19. S

    Finding values in multiple rows or columns, then returning the first value in the row or column

    I spent a day reading Excel Help articles and trying many different approaches to solving this, but have not been successful. If anyone can help me with the proper formula to make this happen, I would be most grateful. The goal is to identify which physical host (Hostname) a vm computer...
  20. S

    Multiple Cell Check without VBA

    Hi, I have an hard time being able to figure out a solution to my issue and would like to see if anyone can help or has ideas of how this challenge can be resolved. I am trying to find a formula that is able to tell me if a cell has changed from a number to a text (horizontally) resulting in...
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