1. V

    Data Validation for Alphanumeric and Hyphens (dashes) for a column

    Hello, I'm trying to add Data Validation to 50 cells in a column that will only accept: Alphanumeric Hyphens (dashes) No restrictions for length. I did find some examples, but they are all for a single cell. If I try to change it to a range it breaks and won't let me save. I tried this...
  2. H

    Use > or < for hyphenated cell

    hi Is it possible to check greater than or less than in a cell with a hyphenated number? I do not wish to create a further helper column unless that is the only way to achieve what I am after. I have a sheet with football scores in it and they come like this 1-0, 2-2, 2-1 etc. Is it possible...
  3. D

    Conditional Formatting Letter Grades - "Minuses" Not Working

    Hello, I'm sure it's out there somewhere but I haven't been able to find it yet. So sorry, everyone, I'm pulling you into this. I have created a worksheet of letter grades and would like to do a conditional format color fill of the cells for every letter grade in the same cell. These grades...
  4. J

    Data validation and numbers + hyphens

    Hi there all, i want to set a data validation rule so that only the following number sequence can be entered to a cell: 000000-00 the hyphen is a must, if i didnt need the hyphen I would be fine setting this up. Any ideas? I use the data validation from the ribbon, and need a custom formula
  5. E

    Remove hyphen and separate / copy numbers

    Hi all.. So my problem is as follows and not sure if it can be done... In Column B and starting in B2. I have descending data in format of 1-2-3 I need a macro to remove the hyphen, then copy 1 to C2, 2 to D2 and 3 to E2 This needs to be repeated down entire B column and on different sheets...
  6. P

    Format Cells

    Hello. I have cells that contain dates in the following formats: "9/13-" "9/13-9/14" "-9/14" What I am trying to determine is if I can force the "hyphen" into the cell. So if I type: "9/13" The format will auto-update to: "9/13-" I formulas that are based on that "-" being there. How can...
  7. B

    rearrange text in cell (more complex than a first name surname switch!)

    Hello, I would love your help with this. I have a column of cells with text which always takes the following form: aaaaaaaaa - bbbbbbbb, cccccccccc, dddddddddd, eeeeeeeeeee, ffffffffffffffff, etc Is there a formula I could use in another column to reorder this data into the following...
  8. M

    Adding Hyphen in Between of Strings Using Macros

    Hello Mates, i want to insert a hyphen in between of strings in the A column. My string format is AA111AA111 BB222BB222,....... A space is separating the strings. Number of strings are dynamic. Hyphen should be inserted exactly middle of the string that is after 5th character. So the result...
  9. M

    Using VBA to return data before the last hyphen

    Hello all Thanks again for this great forum. It is such a great learning curve. I am wondering if somebody could help me with a query. The BI dept at work send me on a weekly basis a report of SKU IDs and total qtys, but with the SKU description added to the SKU ID by a hypen. Some SKU IDs...
  10. C

    add a hyphen on a 9 digit zipcode

    Hi guys, I am new to using excel. so here's what I'm trying to do: Some US zip codes have 9 digits and I want to a Hyphen "-" after the first 5 digits in a column. However, the same column also includes 5 digit ones so I am trying to use =IF(LEN(a2)>5,(REPLACE(a2,6,0,"-"))) but I can't seem to...
  11. H

    Remove excess punctuation

    I have 1000s of lines of numbers in the following format: 0000-00-000-0000 and I need to remove the last hyphen so the data looks like: 0000-00-0000000. Can anyone help?
  12. D

    ISBLANK and IF inside a VLOOKUP

    I have a table of information. Let's call this Table 1. Table 1 <tbody> A B C 1 Activity TNumber ID 2 Training 54465 3 Exercise A ABC111A 91299 4 Exercise B ABC222B 91300 </tbody> This second table (let's call this Table 2) allows the user to select an Activity from a dropdown...
  13. C

    Joining Text with Hypen

    I have asked this before in this forum (https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1062061-separating-characters-hyphen.html#post5100161), but have ran into a hiccup. Cell AJ2 has "Khaki" without quotes Cell AJ3 has "Medium Gray" without quotes In cell K2 I have (=SUBSTITUTE(AJ2&"/"&AK2...
  14. S

    How to exclude anything that follows the last hyphen that starts with Text (A-Z)

    Hey all! I'm new here. I'm having some trouble with my formula. Im trying to get rid of everything after the last hyphen in the respective cells. here is what i have so far. =IF(LEN([@[column1]])<=10|[@[column2]]|IF(RIGHT([@[column1]]|1)="-"|LEFT([@[column1]]|LEN(SUBSTITUTE([@[Andrew''s...
  15. R

    IP Formatting Issues (asking for VBA help!)

    Hi All, I have messed about with this for hours with zero progress so I'm going to open this up to the room in hopes somebody can be a lifesaver. I've taken on a project of updating IP ranges. I have close to about 2 million of these to work through and our system has generated the IP's in a...
  16. H

    separating hyphen from digits

    Hi guys I have a column that countains numbers with hyphen. for example 42 - 54 or 98 - 45 - 12 sometimes I accidentally dont put space befor or after dash. just like these: 42- 54 or 98 -45 - 12 which are Incorrect for me is there any way that I can formulate another cell to correct this...
  17. D

    VBA to split out hyphen strings into comma delimited

    Hi, Is it possible to split a hyphen string into comma delimited. Example: From This <tbody> A1-10 J1D1_4-J1D1_7 C2, C4-C8, C12 </tbody> To This <tbody> A1, A2, A3, A4, A, A, A7, A8, A9, A10 J1D1_4, J1D1_5, J1D1_6, J1D1_7 C2, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8, C12 </tbody>
  18. S

    Macro to to clear leading apostrophes, but not shading?

    I have a Worksheet with 7,000 rows, some of which have shading. In one of the columns, I started the last 4-digits of a credit card number with a hyphen. Over time, I have come to see that if you start the numbers with a hyphen, it requires you to have the hidden, leading apostrophe, which is...
  19. B

    Concatenate 2 cells and separate with 2 hyphens

    Ok my friends, i have searched for concatenating 2 cells with hyphens and have found several solutions. I cannot however see what it is that i am after. I would like to concatenate 2 values e.g 2453 in cell 1 and 987654321 in cell 2. I have seen how to do the first hyphen using...
  20. F

    Sum values seperated by a hyphen

    How can I sum these values that are separated by a hyphen other than using =LEFT(A2,FIND("-",A2)-1)+MID(A2,FIND("-",A2)+1,2) There will always only be one hyphen and the two values will never be over two digits on each side of the hyphen. Data Range <tbody> A B 1 Count Total 2...

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