1. Jaafar Tribak

    Adding a Menu system to UserForms

    Hi forum, Workbook Example I have been playing around with this little vba project and thought I would post it here. Basically, the code creates a full menu system for (MODAL) userforms (up to 10 entries per menu) based on a table in a worksheet. PREVIEW The menus are indexed in the...
  2. Jaafar Tribak

    Animated GIF placed on the UserForm Title Bar (Pseudo-Icon)

    Hi, For a static icon, sending the WM_SETICON to the UserForm window is the standard way and it is straightforward. However, for an animated icon, we would need to use multiple images\frames and periodically alternate them in a timer procedure or in a loop. This can become quite tedious and has...
  3. Jaafar Tribak

    Can we place an Icon and a Caption on a CommandButton ?

    Hi, I have a commandbutton on a userform and I want place on it an icon and a descriptive text below it. Based on a couple of testings, I managed to add an icon to the commandbutton without obscuring the caption text BUT it only works if the icon is very small (16x16) which results in a...
  4. J

    Referencing an "icon"

    On the INSERT menu of the Excel ribbon, right under "shapes" you can insert an "icon". Once you've done that, how can you reference the resulting picture via VBA? I tried searching but most of what comes up for "icons" is in relation to conditional formatting.... Thanks!
  5. B

    Gantt Chart Deadlines

    My gantt chart shows a list of tasks and their start date, end date, duration etc., but within the calendar/timeline I would like it to show a marker on the date of the deadline. How can I do this?
  6. Q

    I have forgotten what I did to make this work!

    I have a macro to pull a row of information from a worksheet upon clicking an icon and posting on the sheet with the Icon. Its been a long time since I used this macro and I have forgotten how I made it work. Can someone tell me what is wrong with this macro? It gives me a runtime error of 1004...
  7. B

    Windows API to check if currently selected object is of the outlook data type

    Is there a windows api function to check the data type of the last item focused on or clicked down on (this includes a dragged object) is of the outlook object type? For instance, if you clicked on your desktop icon to drag it highlights to show its been selected and when you select an email in...
  8. T

    Conditionally remove conditional formatting icons? VBA?

    I have columns of ones (for True) that I format with an icon set. I want to see the green dot, not a one. This works well. But I also have a Total line, and that total line isn't static. When a list of data ends, a formula adds "Total" in the next empty cell below. It's at that point that I...
  9. J

    Print Black and White - Don't Hide Icon Set

    I have a spreadsheet and I have conditional formatting on all cells so that if a formula exists in a cell it shades it a gray. this is solely for my benefit when i'm in the workbook. I also have a column that contains conditional formatting to provide a visual cue using icon sets which is for...
  10. J

    Quick Access Tool Bar Self-Changes

    I am a big fan of the Quick Access Tool bar which I have customized to give easy access to my most commonly used functions. I have them grouped logically. For some reason the icons don't stay put. The icon in one location keeps moving elsewhere on the Tool Bar. Occasionally, another icon...
  11. UniMord

    Suppress Sizing Handles on "Packager Shell Object" icon

    When embedding a file as a “Packager Shell Object”, I’d like users to be able to click the icon without the sizing handles displaying. Is there any way to prevent the handles from appearing?
  12. S

    Customize Ribbon on Excel for Mac - Symbol or Icon is Not Available

    I just added a handful of macro buttons to my ribbon (using Excel for Mac) in customizing my ribbon. On the Windows version of Excel, when you create or rename the button being added to the ribbon, a symbol / icon palette appears, allowing you to choose the icon you want to appear above the...
  13. M

    Picture Icon

    Is it possible to have a picture inserted that is roughly the size of an icon in a cell that opens up to a full sized image? I don't want it linked. If I drag and drop a file from an email, it links to the email. I want to be able to open the picture to see it in full size, but not take up...
  14. S

    Cannot insert content of PDF in document

    Hi All, This is actually a problem that is effecting not just Excel but all office. I am trying to embed the content of a PDF into the workbook - I totally understand that I will only get the first page of the document, thats all I want as the PDF is always one page in length. I am using...
  15. C

    Embedded files within excel naming

    In Excel, when I go to Insert/Text/Object/Create from File/Display as icon then Browse and find the file I am wanting to embed. Then go to Change icon and ensure that my Caption box is the exact name of the file I am wanting to embed, then click OK. It successfully embeds the file and shows...
  16. welshgasman

    White is the new Yellow

    Hi all, Posted here on thread https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1078016-what-am-i-missing-again.html and got to the bottom of that problem. Solved it by using the Round() function. Now my sheet and not even the affected rows does not show values > than a cell value as yellow...
  17. E

    Why a function does not populate across when clicking the + icon?

    Hello, I have a function but when I click the + icon it does not populate across the whole column. Any idea how to fix this please? Thanks
  18. S

    Icon sets

    The icon sets in excel are pretty basic and boring. Is there a way to make your own or upload better looking sets from the internet?:confused:
  19. G

    Icon Sets using text values rather than numerical values

    I want to use Icon Sets for a sales spreadsheet based on the status of the sale. For example when something has been allocated, it is one colour, when it's invoiced and waiting payment it is another colour and then when it is fully paid it's a third colour. Unfortunately I dont' believe the...
  20. L

    embed an object in excel based on user values

    Hi, I have an excel file with embedded pdf object (as an icon) in B1. Is it possible to change the file based on the user values entered in A1 ? For e.g. if user types the name "tony" in A1, it shall show the resume of that person in B1(embedded icon in pdf). If they type again "Greg", it...

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