1. L

    time that crosses mid night

    Hi Someone worked from 10:00pm to 6:00am next day. I want to calculate the difference. So I tried A1=10 pm B1= 6 am C1=(A1-B1)*24 But did not work I watched a video and the guy said use =Mod((B1-A1),1) But did not explain why. I know what mod is used for but how this idea came from? Mod...
  2. L

    inserting line break (ent+alt) in a formula

    Hi I tried this formula ="John"&char(0010)&"Smith" hoping to get John Smith in the same cell but did not work. Any idea why please? Thank PS: char(0010) = ctrl+J
  3. R

    Regarding min/max time

    hi, i have a data table as per the 15 min time for 24 hours. I have to show the min/max time as per the data. I tried every formula i knew but its not working. I have time in AG column and my data is in AH. =AH12=MIN(IF(TIMEVALUE(AG12)=TIMEVALUE(AG12:AG107),AH12:AH107)) currently I...
  4. E

    Find First Blank in Non-Contiguous Range - VBA

    I 'm trying to find the first blank cell in a non-contiguous range (see code below). When all five cells are blank, "C4" is assigned to variable x. "C2" is the expected and correct value. Any idea why that's happening? No doubt I'm doing something wrong. Set x =...
  5. E

    Help with SUMIF

    Hello! I have this function but it doesn't seem to work SUMIF($C$24:$DR$24,C$21>=TODAY()))) I want to sum the cells that belong in the range $C$24:$DR$24, and that the relevant row 21 cell above them, has a date that is later than today. Any idea? Thanks!
  6. E

    Why a function does not populate across when clicking the + icon?

    Hello, I have a function but when I click the + icon it does not populate across the whole column. Any idea how to fix this please? Thanks
  7. E

    INDEX MATCH help

    hello, I want to use the index-match functions and would like some help. I wrote this function: =INDEX($C$212:$AM$212,212,MATCH(>0,$C$212:$AM$212,0)) I want it to search in the range $C$212:$AM$212 and return the location of the first non zero cell. However, it does not seem to accept the...
  8. D

    Shapes question.

    Good morning, I am building a tech tree/flow chart and I had an idea to make it a little more user friendly as it may become quite convoluted down the road. The idea would be to highlight/color change any connected lines/arrows when selecting a specific point(shape) in the chart. I tried a...
  9. L

    FIND Instead of Loop

    Greetings, I'm trying to avoid my LOOP which loops every 7 seconds for 5 days 24/7. Some weeks no worries. Other weeks nightmares. What I'm trying to do is quite straight forward but I have no idea other than calling each sub on a continuous loop. What I'd love is this instead of Looping over...
  10. L

    how many classes/objects in vba - google does not know

    Hi Any idea how may built in classe/objctsi vba? thank you so much.
  11. L

    opening excel as an app - without workbook(s) - excel 2013

    Hi I went to start menu and opened excel. It would open with workbook1.xlsx. How can I close workbook1 without closing the app itself. I do not have that option. If I click on X that would close all the apps. If i go to File->close that would close everything. Any idea please? I want to see what...
  12. P

    Pulling out a country from an address

    Quick backstory that helps explain what I'm trying to figure out how to do. Every week I download a report for my work that has the following info: | Client ID | Client Name | Client Address | My boss is wanting to add an additional column to the report that pulls the country out of the...
  13. F

    Access a shortcut (or program) and then send date range to it

    Is it possible to activate a shortcut on a desktop/start menu/folder and activate it? Then would it be possible to input data into this? Finally extracting the data (.csv save as) to a set location? It's in relation to COGNOS Impromptu so I can auto run reports using excel to open, pass the...
  14. L

    Range object inside Range

    Hi What is the idea of having Range object inside Range Object? Thank you so much.
  15. Z

    Idea needed - Employees Days and hours out of work

    Hi, I prepare excel tool for measure employees production efectivenees. Briefly, it measures production done and available work time for each employee. It works preety good but the issue is how to collect workers absence. I have about 80 people and looking for any way how could I easy add...
  16. Scott Huish

    Weird answer to formula

    I was trying to answer someone else's question and I ran into this. Any idea how that could coerce to a number? <b>Excel 2010</b><table cellpadding="2.5px" rules="all" style=";background-color: rgb(255,255,255);border: 1px solid;border-collapse: collapse; border-color...
  17. J

    Give currency of formatted cell

    Hey, I've got a bunch of data from a BI source, but they havent provided the currency. The values are formatted in the correct currency, so i want to write a formula in another cell that will tell me what currency each line is in. Any idea how i can do this? I'm sure i've done this before but...
  18. R

    Sum Currency out of a large table with certain criteria

    Hello everybody, I have an order table fetched from Salesforce Analytics with a lower million record count. In this table I have several records for the same order. One record for each change, that has happened to this order with a corresponding keydate. In a pivot I now need to sum only...
  19. S

    any idea?

    hello all, how i can do it? <tbody> 1 same nom same nom 1° 2 same nom same nom 2° 3 same nom same nom 3° 4 same nom same nom 4° 5 same nom same nom 5° 6 same nom same nom 6° 7 other name other name 1° 8 other name other name 2° 9 other name other name 3° </tbody>
  20. J

    Custom Number Format

    I looked through quite a bit of posts to see if I could find one that was similar to my question but couldn't find it (if there is, sorry, please link it and that will be greatly appreciated). Anyway, I have a custom number format I want to use where, for example, 2+00 is treated as 200, any...

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