1. M

    Another Newb question

    Column A, cells A1, A2 etc have values in it. i.e. 525000 675000 etc. In cell B1, B2 etc I need to know how to get 7% of the first 100,000 and 2.5% of the remaining amount I.E 525,000, 7% of 100,000 plus 2.5% of 425,000 675,000, 7% of the first 100,000 plus 2.5% of 575,000 I can do it in two...
  2. T

    Is there a way to show different currencys i.e "£" or "$" depending on the text in a cell?

    Hi Everyone, I create invoices in several currencys and I constantly have to change the formating of column J, K, & N which i can sometimes forget. however ever company has is currency stated in cell B2 of the sheet. so is there an easy way to format the cell to show the correct currancy? i.e...
  3. R

    Adding to a collection (item and key) through named ranges

    Hi there, I have two columns of data that I want to add as an item/key to a collection. I have the two columns individually named but I can change that if necessary (i.e. two columns under one name). What's the best way to get these data into a collection?
  4. Y

    Format number digit

    I Use zeros to format the number of digits i want when generating numbers, i.e 000 will display 054, 001, etc. how do i code it on a userform to just type the number of digits i want directly instead of using zeros, i.e typing 5 in a textbox and it will generate numbers like 00045,00004,00569, etc?
  5. G

    Sum with Index and Match or Vlookup?

    Hi guys, If you guys could help me it would be great. so basically I have a spreadsheet of Daily SLA that needs # of Cases and Cases Processed added. I couldnt figure out and I have searched google and youtube. Column A just has the name of the Task (i.e. Logging voicemail SLA#1) because...
  6. N

    Check if two Listobjects are same size

    I am trying to develop a macro where I will be importing values from one Listobject to another Listobject. Before pasting the values, I need to ensure that the two Listobjects are the same size, i.e. they have the same number of rows and columns. If this is not the case, then the "new...
  7. T

    Indirect vlookup match

    I have two sheets for 2 assets: 13100 and 13200. I have monthly numbers (i.e. Jan, Feb etc) for several accounts. I am trying to create a formula to get the numbers for a particular month for a particular asset. I am trying to use the indirect function. I have created "Data" in the Name manager...
  8. G

    Insert Columns using VBA

    Good Morning All, I'm new to this - so bear with me... This is what I am trying to achieve. If Cell N2 contains a number (say 12), I want to add 12columns after column EN with the formatting from column EN. There is a formula in cell EN3 which is"=IF(EN$5>'Tender...
  9. H

    Offset Function

    I would like to know how the 4th and 5th function in Offset works i.e height and width eg =SUM(OFFSET(J14,0,0,1,-5)) Your assistance is most appreciated
  10. G

    Simple formula help...

    I am not sure if it because it is Monday, but I am having trouble with a formula that I thought would be pretty easy. Here is a simplified version of what I am trying to accomplish: I have two columns (A1:B5) and a special cell A10 (ifgreater than 0). Column A is filled in manually with %...
  11. A

    return text after 2nd occurrence of an equal sign (=)

    Hello i have to extract numbers from a string in Col G (varying rows) the data looks like this <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Width = 760, Depth = 350 Width = 1610, Height = 50, Depth = 16 Width = 1610, Depth = 350 my formula in col H </tbody>...
  12. L

    How to include text in another cell as part of formula

    Hi, I have a table with multiple columns. Each column represents a different time period (i.e 31-Dec-17, 31-Dec-18, etc.). Each column reads data from respective tabs using a sumif. Each tab with source data is labelled with the date the data represents, i.e. 311217, 311218, etc. respectively...
  13. T

    Addition formula in a single cell

    Hi there I have a four product code (i.e r,p,E,Y)in cell range A1:A4 and the price for that product is mentioned against each code in cell range B1:B4 (i.e 6.87, 9.18, 10.54, 22.73). I am seeking for a formula for following purpose if i enter multiple codes in a single cell (say Er,Yp,EY, EE...
  14. S

    [VBA] extending Autofilter to filter with multiple words, using wildcard

    The following codes only manage to filter for 2 words. (i.e. txt, txt) When user inputs more than 2 words to filter (i.e. txt, txt, txt), an error just returns. Is there any workaround to filter more than 2 words, for a particular column? Thanks! Sub Test() iTxt = InputBox("containing ...
  15. A

    Add Numerical Tab Names in Combo box

    My workbook sheet tabs would be named by Year (i.e. 2018, 2019, etc). Currently I have one sheet (i.e. 2019). I would like to display in a combo box the previous 2yrs (i.e. 2018 & 2017) and also the following year (i.e. 2020). Maximum years displayed should be limited to 4. (i.e. 2017 -...
  16. P

    Macro - clear cells but keep formula

    Hello, Can anybody help? I have made a form for my purchase orders and all apart from when i run the macro, it works but has a bug with the following Range("E33:F50").SpecialCell(xlCellTypeConstants, 23).ClearContents I am trying to keep a simple formula i.e =E33 Thanks, Richard
  17. S

    looping with Auto Filter

    Hi board, I recorded the following macro: Sub Macro1() ' ' Macro1 Macro ' ' ActiveSheet.Range("$A$1:$Q$2975").AutoFilter Field:=2, Criteria1:="2014" Range("A1").Select Range(Selection, ActiveCell.SpecialCells(xlLastCell)).Select Application.CutCopyMode = False...
  18. N

    Copy/Paste in Sheet - Values Only

    I would like my users to be able to copy and paste freely on a ListObject table, but only values (i.e. not messing with formatting/data validation). Is this possible with a worksheet change event ? many thanks Andrew
  19. J

    VBA code to convert/encode multiple cells

    I have a worksheet with several 000's rows of data, holding information about patients' visits. Each row holds the information of a single visit. Each patient can have multiple visits (i.e. appear in multiple rows). The table is sorted by patient name, and the left-most column holds the patient...
  20. gssachin

    How to find first empty cell in diff columns (i.e. c5, e5, g5, i5, al5, aw5)

    Dear All, I have two worksheet (i.e. Emp_Master & Leave_Paid) I want to update Leave_Sal paid amount from "Leave_Paid" sheet to "Master" Sheet For Example Leave_Paid sheet a2 having emp no 1111 then Macro to copy that number and search in "Master" Sheet Column "A" and then it should Copy...

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