if and statements

  1. J

    Using list boxes to display distance data with multiple IF AND statements

    This is not about Nested IF statements. Hi I am trying to output data values when 2 list box selections are true. ie. List box 1 = Player position - Left Forward Pocket -Full Forward -Right Forward Pocket etc... List box 2 = Venue -Adelaide Oval -Bellerieve Oval -Carrara etc... When: List...
  2. E

    Nested if and statements with vlookups

    I'm using Excel 2010 on Windows XP. I would like to vlookup to an excel log that tracks the dates of each time a customer was contacted. The customer may be contacted up to 4 times. I want the vlookup result to be the last time the customer was contacted. Essentially, if E2 is blank I want the...
  3. N

    Excel 2010 Defining Object as Range of Values

    Hello all, So I am trying to have a bit of code that recognizes all values between 3 and 5 within a range (which I will refer to as n) and if a cell value falls within this range then apply the replace the value with the following formula (n[original val] - 3) x .5) +3 Below is the code I have...
  4. M

    IF & AND Excel Statment/s - New User Help Needed

    Hi, I've got a problem with an IF/And Statement and do not know if this the correct function to use. Basically I'm trying to say two things in Cell E2: IF the date in column C2 is greater than column A2 it is Late, if not its on time AND If the time in column D2 is greater than column B2 it is...
  5. A

    If and or statement not working

    SO i am trying to add columns to establish events. In the one scenario I have four columns and one is basically a parent field and has four child fields. Two of the fields have to be added if the parent is greater than zero. The formula does not seem to be working...
  6. M

    If formula and Arrays

    Hi I have an array of Supplier numbers A1:A20 in a separate sheet 'Tier Suppliers' I also have another list of Suppliers which amount to 20000 rows. (Col A). I would like to write a nested If AND formula that checks to see if the data in the 20000 rows matches the array and another column...
  7. J

    Nested If/And Statement as a VBA code

    I can't put an If/And formula into a cell because it has a validation list connected to it. So I need to figure out how to put the formula into a VBA code. This is what I have come up with but it's not working... Private Function FirstProcess(ByVal Target As Range) If Range("F16").Value =...
  8. T

    Error:You've entered too many arguments

    Error:You've entered too many arguments Yea, I know this is a common problem, but I'm stumped. Doing it in VBA is not an option because I need it to run at work and we are still using Excel 03 with no macros enabled Formula...
  9. K

    average if

    I need help with averaging with conditions Example if {'FN Project Tracking'!$M$17:$M$8546=$B22} and if{ 'FN Project Tracking'!$G$16:$G$8546="BAU" } and is more then 14 days old average # of days dates are in {'FN Project Tracking'!$L$16:$L$8546 }{ 'FN Project Tracking'!$O$16:$O$8546 } any...
  10. D

    If and resources!!

    Does anyone have some resources or links to good information pertaining to IF AND STATEMENTS and what a typical argument entails, thank you!
  11. D

    If and statements

    http://www.mrexcel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=356790 Please help on this thread. Thank you!!
  12. D

    If and statements

    Hello, I will say thank you in advance for all your help. I am working with a bonus project and I have corresponding % rates (for a certain percentage increase of unit sales; so for example if customer A bought 100 widgets last year and then this year he buys 105 he falls into the 101%-105%...

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