if function

  1. C

    VBA find and replace under multiple conditions

    Hi there, I want to create a macro where I can find and replace the wording of my data in one column depending on the condition of another. I would like to search column A for "Scotland" and "Southern" then if column J is "SHIPPER" change column A to "Scotland Transport" or "Southern...
  2. T


    Hello, I have a problem to solve regarding placing the orders for materials before the material runs out from the stock. for example in the image below, row 2 shows the demand per week of part x. Row 3 shows the stock inventory after consuming the week's demand plus the shipment received in that...
  3. V

    Auto Generate unique number in serial if some condition match

    we have the following sheet:- ABCDE1Unique NoSelectNameUnique CodeBook Status2Call WorkSevian3Work Recd. 4Call WorkJohn5Work Recd. 6Review 7Call WorkRoz8Work Recd. 9Recd/Started!!SQ360#Partial10Recd/Started!!SQ360#Partial now we want to auto generate a unique number (which will be in serial)...
  4. B

    Difficulty Copying IF Function

    Hello, I am struggling with my IF function as it is copying down but the formula turns grey and does not adjust for the row it is moving down. Essentially, I am looking to calculate the time to fill which was originally done by using the DatedIf function containing job posing date and the...
  5. R

    Trying to label data as Gainer or Decliner

    Using last years actuals for January and February and using this years January results +February forecast. If the customer's year-over-year variance is positive they are label as a gainer, if their year-over-year variance is negative then they are labeled a decliner. This is the formula I was...
  6. D

    Macro creation

    Hi there! I am trying to come up with a macro, what would deduct cell values from the certain cells, depending on their existence. In the example before, one can see data in the D column for the for the data points "1" and "2" in the C column. Those data points belong to the specific file...
  7. I

    Excel Formula

    Hi, I need help on how to formulate excel formula on this file. I need to get the exact rate per ton of specific employee based on their Ranking and Type.
  8. C

    How to reference a column name in a VBA formula?

    As of now I have an IF function in VBA that references column locations - eg. IF(R4=1,"Complete",SUM(AB4:AB1000)) There will be situations where I can't reference columns R or AB because sometimes columns get deleted. I would need to reference columns called CompletionLevel (this is column R...
  9. G

    If Range (A1:A15) = "x" then add all of B1:B15

    Hi, I need help with a formula and keep getting Spill errors. What I am trying to do is say if the range A1:A100 = Anthony and E1:E100 = 1 (on another tab) then add H1:100 (on that other tab) that meet that criteria and divide by B15 on tab where formula is entered. Basically I need this...
  10. B

    Why wont the OR Function Work in this Formula?

    I've tried to make this formula more concise using the OR function, but it doesnt need to like it. Have I done something wrong? Any ideas how to make it work? Before OR Function (Works): =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("M&E",D$41)),"Electrical &...
  11. J

    Formula to determine which column fields are marked as NOT blank and input corresponding column value in cell on Google Sheets

    I have a spreadsheet on Google Sheets with essentially 2 tables. The below is an example of what it looks like, but my data is more complex and with a wider range. In the first set of data or table, in the rows down I have items, and in the columns across I have categories. Each Item (row) has...
  12. R

    Excel double condition formula

    Hi, I am looking for an Excel non-VBA function formula based on two parameters. If a cell holds the value 10, then a date starting from 24 December is added, but only if this date is a workday. If this date is not a workday, then it takes the first day before this date that is a workday. If...
  13. T

    Search and Match from a range + Loop + VBA

    Hi I´m sitting with a job-task I would like ideas on. I got two tables. See picture attached. 1. "Pricelist" with product-numbers and prices (Column B+C) 2. "Brochure" that contains same information. (F+G) I need to update prices from my "Pricelist" to my "Brochure". My idea: 1. Search...
  14. C

    IF function comparing values from two columns

    Currently, i have a table with multiple columns. And I want to compare the values in columns name "beneficiary name" and "sender name" using IF function And i want to do this until the very last row of the available data the expected outcome is : If the value in beneficiary name = value in...
  15. M

    How to see if my loan payment is within budget with true or false statement

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ1Rabies cost/shot$ 25.002immunization cost/shot$ 18.00Adoption Rates3food and body weight80%Age (mos)Amount4cost food/pound dog$ 0.865$ 200.005shot treat cost$ 2.0011$...
  16. apgmin

    time calculation results with multiple if

    In cell A1 I insert the date In cell A2 I have the command =CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(A1),"SUN","MON","TUE","WED","THU","FRI","SAT") In cell A3 I insert the worker IN time and in cell A2 the out time ( in mm:ss AM/PM format ) In Cell A4 I need the following results, can anyone please help me with the...
  17. T

    IF function based on last character in string

    Hello, If the last character in a string is equal to "M" I would like to return "Men's" and if the last charcter is "W" I would like to return "Women's" - what formula would work? Thanks
  18. riverspree16

    Chain of IF conditions

    Searching and trial and error have not gotten me anywhere, so hopefully, I can get a tip as to whether something is wrong with my formula, or if I'm using the wrong kind of formula(s) altogether. I'm working with a series of billing codes, and one has a different rate of calculation than the...
  19. Martin_H

    IF function to compare today's date with specific month [VBA]

    Hello, I am looking for an IF macro that will compare today's month with a specific month. This macro will be at the beginning of a larger macro. So IF today's month is < than month August then stop the whole macro and give message box "Not ready yet!" ELSE run the bigger macro. Thank you.
  20. L

    Using the IF Function within Excel

    I am trying to work out a calculation within Excel and my values for 'arg' can lie anywhere between -10 and +10. Within a cell, I would like to work out how to use the IF Function to say: If the value of 'arg' is greater than +1, then the value will be changed to +1. If the value is less than...

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