if function

  1. T

    Search and Match from a range + Loop + VBA

    Hi I´m sitting with a job-task I would like ideas on. I got two tables. See picture attached. 1. "Pricelist" with product-numbers and prices (Column B+C) 2. "Brochure" that contains same information. (F+G) I need to update prices from my "Pricelist" to my "Brochure". My idea: 1. Search...
  2. C

    IF function comparing values from two columns

    Currently, i have a table with multiple columns. And I want to compare the values in columns name "beneficiary name" and "sender name" using IF function And i want to do this until the very last row of the available data the expected outcome is : If the value in beneficiary name = value in...
  3. M

    How to see if my loan payment is within budget with true or false statement

    ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQ1Rabies cost/shot$ 25.002immunization cost/shot$ 18.00Adoption Rates3food and body weight80%Age (mos)Amount4cost food/pound dog$ 0.865$ 200.005shot treat cost$ 2.0011$...
  4. apgmin

    time calculation results with multiple if

    In cell A1 I insert the date In cell A2 I have the command =CHOOSE(WEEKDAY(A1),"SUN","MON","TUE","WED","THU","FRI","SAT") In cell A3 I insert the worker IN time and in cell A2 the out time ( in mm:ss AM/PM format ) In Cell A4 I need the following results, can anyone please help me with the...
  5. T

    IF function based on last character in string

    Hello, If the last character in a string is equal to "M" I would like to return "Men's" and if the last charcter is "W" I would like to return "Women's" - what formula would work? Thanks
  6. riverspree16

    Chain of IF conditions

    Searching and trial and error have not gotten me anywhere, so hopefully, I can get a tip as to whether something is wrong with my formula, or if I'm using the wrong kind of formula(s) altogether. I'm working with a series of billing codes, and one has a different rate of calculation than the...
  7. Martin_H

    IF function to compare today's date with specific month [VBA]

    Hello, I am looking for an IF macro that will compare today's month with a specific month. This macro will be at the beginning of a larger macro. So IF today's month is < than month August then stop the whole macro and give message box "Not ready yet!" ELSE run the bigger macro. Thank you.
  8. L

    Using the IF Function within Excel

    I am trying to work out a calculation within Excel and my values for 'arg' can lie anywhere between -10 and +10. Within a cell, I would like to work out how to use the IF Function to say: If the value of 'arg' is greater than +1, then the value will be changed to +1. If the value is less than...
  9. S

    IF function not working correctly with calculated value

    So I've run into a strange issue with using IF to compare whether one calculated value is less than or equal to another. The function works correctly in most situations, but in some cases it's incorrectly showing that the second calculated value is greater than the first when they are actually...
  10. J

    VBA or IF & OR function for algorithm

    I need help automating an algorithm, where A is the Nr., that is freely inserted (i.e.: 12, 500, 175, 4, ...). Cell C should recognize the number (as <100 to >5.000) from cell A, and the risk level accordingly on cell B, from No to High and present the result on cell C. There is a second table...
  11. V

    Indirect function with relative movement

    Hello everyone, I'm currently using the indirect function with the IF function to identify if O111 is equal to N112. The problem that I have is if I delete or add any rows the indirect function won't move to follow the last value on the O column. Do you guys have any ideas on how I should...
  12. U

    Vlookup alternative or if function

    I have data in multiple excel sheets in the same workbook. All sheets have the same table but different data as each sheet represents a certain date. The name of shops in the table are chosen from a dropdown list and you can see the full list of shops to the right of the photo. What i want to do...
  13. K

    Can someone please help me with the nesting of IF/AND functions?

    What I need, is if AB17=yes, then if X17=In-State, $7.50 but if X17=Out-of-State, $13.50. But if AB17 is blank and/or doesn't =yes, then no response. This is what I have so far: =IF(AND(AB17="yes",X17="In-State"),"$7.50","$13.00")
  14. R

    IF / AND with exceptions

    Hi All - Looking for help with a problem. I have an IF function with an AND inside it, the AND has multiple rules. Currently, the formula works great but I am looking for one of the AND rules to allow for an exception based on words in a separate cell. Current Formula...
  15. T

    Transposing a Column into A Row Alphabetically Based on Criterion

    Hello community, I have a challenge that I am currently unable to overcome: In one worksheet, I have two columns; one entitled 'TYPE' and one entitled 'PRODUCT CODE'. Under TYPE, you will either have the word 'ALPHA', 'BETA' or 'OMEGA'. Under PRODUCT CODE, you could have one of a huge...
  16. S

    Extracting a number from a text string and returning a third value

    Hello All! I have one Excel file In Column B (275 rows) I have a number (all of these numbers are unique) In Column C (275 rows) I have a string of text which contains several numbers within the string (all of the text strings are unique) In Column D (275 rows) I have a different number from...
  17. B

    IF function giving error... do i need to add AND function as well?!

    Good Morning All, Having issues with my IF function formula, and i'm sure its user error. For the life of me, can't figure out what issue is and how to resolve. Any help would be greatly appreciated. On my sheet, i'm trying to compare orig dates (Column A) vs actual dates (Column B); easy...
  18. B

    IF Formula - nested

    Hi, I need to create an IF formula based the following information (my goal is to have a column with hourly rate per employee, whether they are hourly or salary so I can do a vacation accrual - see details below): col BC this column says either SALARY of HOURLY on each line (by employee) col...
  19. W

    If Formula to calculate cell with value

    I am trying to create a formula that will create a result for a cell if a range of three cells has a value: IN K6-------> IF D6 contains value multiply G6 by 15 IF E6 contains value multiply G6 by 15 IF F6 contains value multiply G6 by 10 Each row (6-xxxx) will have a value in ONLY one cell...
  20. Y

    If Function to Copy a different cell value into another cell and change different cell value

    Hello, My first post because I usually find my answers without asking :) So here's my issue: I'm trying to create a formula, using IF Function maybe??, that copies certain cells from one sheet to different cells in another sheet and change a cell value on the first sheet, but the cells are...
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