if statement calculations

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    if and sumifs

    Does anyone have the solution to the sumifs problem i have? =SUMIFS('Import Infomation'!$F:$F,'Import Infomation'!$E:$E,("*"&February!$A3&"*"),'Import Infomation'!$B:$B,B$2) 'Import Infomation'!$F:$F is my quantity 'Import Infomation'!$E:$E is the range for the product code...
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    Formula to apply time loss

    I am stumped with this. I have due dates for my assignments. I would like to apply a 1% penalty for every day they are late. The formula I have been trying to get working is: =IF(TODAY()>Report!D12,F8-((TODAY()-Report!D12)-((WORKDAY(Report!D12,(TODAY()-Report!D12)))-TODAY()))*0.01)...
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    IF statement problem

    Hello, I'm having trouble with calculating a formula. Refer to the numbers below for the questions. 1. I want to calculate if the PIR price equals the Invoice price to change the PO price to the PIR price. 2. Then if the PIR price and Invoice price don't match up, color code the Invoice with...
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    IF Statement calculation HELP

    Hello I am trying to figure out how to format an IF statement, I want to perform a calculation within the logical test the true or false statement will then complete either one calculation if false or another calculation if true, see below =IF(s40*u40)>=u36,(s40-u36),(s40*u40) Basically if...
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    Help me

    So i was given this question by my teacher and i solved it. 1. Copy the data onto a new worksheet. 2. It has been decided to offer a place if an applicant has a PASS in ANY THREE SUBJECTS for the next academic year. Modify the formula to cater for the new rule. HINT: There are 4...
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    If Statement color formatting

    Hi all. I hope you are well. I am trying to work on an If statement and I hope you can help. What I am trying to achieve is this IF Cell O4 = "YES" and C4 <11 and F4 is between 0 and 1 and I4 is between 0 and 1, and L4 is between 0 and 1 then Sum C4, F4, I4 I have attached a picture of my...
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    IF Statement problem

    Hi All Having a brain fade, simply put if my formula returns a number >= 4 I want to make it 3, if its not I want to return the native value. Formula below. =IF((IFERROR(VLOOKUP($B7,'SharePoint Data SHC'!$B:$GB,Q$4,FALSE),0))>=4,3,IFERROR(VLOOKUP($B7,'SharePoint Data SHC'!$B:$GB,Q$4,FALSE),0))...
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    48 Hour Alert Formula ( Help )

    Hello, I need a formula that will look at a date and spit out a date 48 hours later. Here's my problem, It has to exclude the weekends? Here is the formula I'm currently using, however it seems very accurate excluding the weekends. =IF(WEEKDAY(I25+5)=1,I25+6,IF(WEEKDAY(I25+5)=7,I25+7,I25+4))...
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    If statement and variables

    Hello Cell N15 may contain the text <tbody> N 003. N 004. N 022. N 040. N 049. N 071. N 073. N 081. N 087. N 090. N 091. N 093. N 095. N 098. N 099. N 103. N 115. N 119. N 121. N 127. N 133. N 146. N 164. N 166. N 169. N 173. N 179. N 180...
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    Timeline Slicer in values

    hello all - what i am trying to do is take the values from a timeline slicer and use them in an IF statement. the formula would look somnthing like this in excel =if((Date)=(Slicer_Datekey),True,False) the slicer_datekey could contain multiple dates. any ideas on how i would approach this? thanks
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    add another criteria to an IF formula

    =IF(AE2<=30, J2,IF(AE2>30,V2)) This formula works fine; however, I need it to also be based on column AF=0. I've tried (and , but can't seem to get the sequence correct. If col AF=0, and AE2<=30, return J2 If col AF=0, and AE2>30, return V2 if col AF isn't = to 0 "conditions"
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    IF Statement help

    I need some help with an IF statement. I am checking a code vs another code cell. The appears ###/####. What I want the formula to check if the referencing cell is <= to other, and then return one of the respective text strings I enter for true and false. I believe the issue I am having is...
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    IF formula not working for commision calculation

    Hi excel gurus, I have a bit of a dilemma in regards to an IF formula, here is a breakdown of the issue i am facing: I have a commission structure: £0-12,000 = 10% £12,001 – £24,000 = 15% £24,001+ = 20% This is worked out on what we have done in the month – but isn’t as simple as one fixed...
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    How to make a conditional drop down list which auto generates results in next cells

    Hello Friends, I have two tables in one sheet. first table includes three columns and many rows and the second one also has some rows and columns. In the second table headers are "Product Name", "Price 1" and "Price 2" In first table I want to make a drop down list in first column of a row, in a...
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    Calculating average processing time base of conditions in Excel 2010

    Hello, I am trying to find the right formula to use in my spreadsheet for work to calculate my specialists processing and average time. I have several columns with large data but every month I need to know the average processing time by for each specialists. I am sure this question has been...
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    If Condition

    IF(H8="",IF(G8="",IF(F8="",IF(I8="",IF(J8="",IF(K8="",IF(D8="",IF(P8="","","Yet to Start"),"Awaiting Response"),"Awaiting Workstream Lead Review"),"Awaiting Design Team / Business Traige"),"Awaiting for Further Information"),"Response Received"),"Triage Complete"),"Review Complete") D...
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    Formulas in Conditional formatting

    I am trying to build conditional formatting for a report I run daily. There are certain criteria that I want to "pop" out drawing immediate attention. I want build it so that the variables in column O (several) are true column W (several) are true and Column if Blank =AND($O1="BR- PAP New...
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    How can I check that multiple cells have the same string?

    I want to check if cells C1, D1 and E1 contain the same name. For example if the cells all contain the 'Joe Bloggs' (or whatever the name variable happens to be) then cell F1 should say "Yes", else "No". Anyone out there who can help? Much appreciated!
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    Date Range If Statement with 3 Possible Outcomes - PLEASE HELP!

    I am trying to write a formula that will test if a re-fi date is in an annual date range (eg. 01/01/xx-12/31/xx). I need it to return the remaining balance at different dates or "0" depending on the outcomes. IF Re-Fi Date is > Annual period = Balance at the end of that year IF Re-Fi Date is...
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    If statement

    Hi, Question 1. I'm trying to build a data drop sheet. My goal is to create an if statement that reads the column headers and row headers. If both read a certain word "lets say a month & employee wage" then to return the value where they both intersect. Question 2. Same concept as above...

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