1. M

    Can this complex rate-of-return formula be simplified?

    =IF( ROW()-ROW(Table1[#Headers])<12, NA(), (1+INDEX([Monthly RR],ROW()-ROW(Table1[#Headers])))* (1+INDEX([Monthly RR],ROW()-ROW(Table1[#Headers])-1))* (1+INDEX([Monthly RR],ROW()-ROW(Table1[#Headers])-2))* (1+INDEX([Monthly RR],ROW()-ROW(Table1[#Headers])-3))* (1+INDEX([Monthly...
  2. T

    =IF (CELL iS Highlighted) then...

    Is there a formula based on highlighted cells? Example If cell A1 is highlighted in any color, then B1=100 Many thanks!
  3. R

    If Statement for Time Range Help

    I'm needing help with as time range IF statement I'm working on. I have in Row 1 (starting in Column D) time listed out in 15 minute breaks starting at 6 am. It is in military time currently. (06:00, 06:15, 06:30, 06:45, 07:00.... 23:45, 00:00, 00:15....) In Column B2 I have the start time...
  4. K

    Alternative to ifs function

    Is there another option if you can't use the =ifs command other than using multiple & if over and over? Thank you!
  5. tryingcake

    =if, then answer needs to be a number, not text

    I need to run a formula similar to this: =IF(C58<0.06, "2") My issue is, it's reading the "2" as text. I need it to be a number than can be added to other numbers. I can't find the correct formula. What do I need to do differently? Thanks!
  6. R

    To Excel Pro MVP's

    Hello Guru's ALT + ENTER and some spaces NOT IN VBA! What are the disadvantages of this neatly coding in Excel formulas, aside from I have to manually type the spaces? =IF( COUNTIFS( P23:P40,">="&NUMBERVALUE("04/01/2019")...
  7. B

    Help with repeating formula automatically adjust cells

    I really can't word this well, so I'll explain what I mean. I have 2 sheets, the first one you manually type things and the 2nd formats it into a certain way. The first sheet is setup vertically with names being the rows, and the formatted sheet has the names as the columns. To format the 2nd...
  8. T

    Auto populating empty cells with specific text selection from drop down list

    I am trying to auto populate a group of empty cells with specific selections from a drop down list. The total list contains five entries, two of which I want to populate the empty cells when they are selected. I have tried the =IF formula, but it only seems to work within the same sheet...
  9. M

    If Statment within an if statement

    So I am having trouble with my if statement. My logical test is if G19>40, If its true I want it be F19-(G19-40), however if F19-(G19-40) is a less than 0(or negative), then it needs to read"0" if false f18. HELP!
  10. A

    Formula to return a value where the reporting month matches on two separate worksheets

    Hi there, new member here.... Looking for some support on creating a formula to return a value where the reporting month matches on two separate worksheets. SHEET1 cell L5 is where the formula will go. I want the formula to change the response depending on which month is typed into cell F5...
  11. Y

    No Blank formula (oposit ISBLANK)

    Hi. Is there a formula that i can use part of =IF / =IFS (the cell is not blank). As there is =IFS(ISBLANK(A1). E.g. =CONCATENATE(IFS(ISBLANK(A1),"",(the cell is not blank(A1),"YES")
  12. M

    Help with formula to add addtional rules. IF formula

    I’m trying to come up with a formula to handle multiple situations. Current formula: =IF(Indiv!C5<8,Indiv!G5,Indiv!B5). current formula will return “227” with example below: <tbody> Cur Ave Gms Total Pins High Gm High Series Ent. Ave 201 4 804 217 804 227 </tbody> C5 =...
  13. P

    =if() function is not working like it should be

    Any formula that starts with =if() doesnt work. What should i do?
  14. M

    addition of =ROUNDUP, causes function to become 'text' in formula bar

    Hi all. I have a function below which compares two values to two reference cells and works as expected: =IF( OR( AND( AL33 >= $AW$15, AM33 < $ AW$15), AND( AL33 >= $AW$17, AM33 < $AW$17) ),"Y","") However, when I add =ROUNDUP in the formula it isn't recognized as a formula, and instead becomes...
  15. H

    CONCATENATE and IF statements using dates?

    Good day all, I was making a spreadsheet and ran into an issue that I was not sure how to solve. I am using the =CONCATENATE function to write a text string for an email title as well as using =IF statements in it to determine some variable. I ran into the problem when I wanted to reference a...
  16. H

    logical formula without using =IF

    I am trying to create a formula in excel 2007 without using =IF and I am struggling to come up with a solution. Cell A1 is the input cell and cell b1 is another input cell. I am creating a table from A5 to a50 starting with A5=1 The formula I am looking for in row B1:B50 is equal to cell A...
  17. R

    Trying to FIND Neutral Characters to do mass rename in EXCEL

    Ok for some reason when I run my Macros things get moved around in my Manual labels I created. So to get around this I shut down all my formulas in my manual label sheets then rename em back in. Easy solution. But lately I have been running into issues??? I am not sure if it is because of the...
  18. G

    Static cell in a formula

    I am copying the following formula down a column and need the f2 to remain constant instead of canging to f3,f4 .... =IF (OR (C10=0),"",INT (YEARFRAC (C10,F2))) Can anyone help?
  19. G

    Help embedding vlookup in if formula

    Good Evening I'm trying to use an IF formula with an embedded VLOOKUP formula. I need the formula to search the grid for a specific term, and if it matches, use the VLOOKUP. However, if it doesn't match any of the terms, I want it to match the original term it was looking for. The formula...
  20. K

    Excel Formula

    Hi i would like some help with a formula basically if a cell let's say A9 has a value i want the cell to take the value in another cell away (D9) the cell in question is J9 and includes the current formula =MAX((D9-E9+F9-G9+H9-I176),0) Any help welcome Thanks

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