1. D

    Copy pasting cells from one worksheet to another in Excel

    Hello everybody, I am currently having some problems with my excel spreadsheet. In short, I have a list of materials in my "Order form" sheet 1 and I have all the hard data in a hidden sheet called "Products" (sheet 2). Currently, I have just set the fields in my "Order form" sheet = the...
  2. M

    VBA Vlookup - if part number not found then display Msgbox and Exit Sub

    Hello, I have following macro which on Error will resume to next. Now I want to display a message box if an error is found and after exit SUB Message box( "Part number" & "PN" & "not found. Please define packaging details") By PN should be displayed the part number that is not found. Sub...
  3. D

    IF function comparison

    Hi, In the file attached, there is the Group column (B) and Name column (C) both of which are related to each other. I need a formula that would return a value under certain conditions of what is inside columns B and C. If e.g. the column B value is USA, but in column C we have "wood and...
  4. D

    IF function with ISNumber(Search()) and Vlookup

    Hi! I am trying to write a function that would use two vlookups, where in the first vlookup there are also IsNumber(Search()) supporting it. What I have written looks like this - IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("part of text", d3)),VLOOKUP(D3, 'tab x'!A:B,2,false),VLOOKUP(D3, 'tab x'!A:C,3,FALSE)). As you...
  5. J

    IFERROR twice?

    Hi I have a simple formula I’m using to pull data from other tabs on a spreadsheet =IFERROR( VLOOKUP(A33,tab1,9,FALSE),””) This has been working fine until I now want to pull through data from a field that has a date in it. Now, if the particular cell it’s pulling from doesn’t have a date it...
  6. M

    % Change Between 2 Yrs with Iferror formula

    Hello I was hoping someone could please help with formula that I can't seem too get. I am doing a simple % change formula, if there is no value in column P/row 99 the cell in R99 shows blank. If have no value in column Q/row 100 the formula calculates with "-100%" I wanted the formula to also...
  7. S

    IFERROR formula

    Hi, Im working on a warehouse database with orders and quotes I have this IF formula =IF($B2="","",SUMIF(CheckOrderCommitted,B2, CommittedQuote)) But its giving me a $REF in all cells. This is because the cells reference too, Data is not in the cell., Im trying to do a IFERROR so that when...
  8. E

    Iferror VBA not working

    I have the following VBA formula, which is not working. if i just have the formula in a cell, it works just fine: Range("AI4").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "=IFERROR(RC[-3]/(RC[-15]-RC[-24]), "")" as a formula it would just be =iferror(AF4/(T4-K4), "")
  9. D

    Eliminate #DIV/0! with IFERROR

    Hi there I'm having a brain freeze with an IFERROR to eliminate the #DIV/0! after a simple calculation and it's driving me insane... the formula is =(E108-C108)/C108 the result of course where there are zeros is #DIV/0!. I have tried a few variations unsuccessfully any help will be greatly...
  10. D

    If Error statement

    Is it possible to combine an iferror statement and a countifs statement into one? Here is my current countifs: =COUNTIFS(AACH!C:C,">8/31/2019",AACH!C:C,"<10/1/2019",AACH!F:F,"Y")/COUNTIFS(AACH!C:C,">8/31/2019",AACH!C:C,"<10/1/2019") My current statement is returning #DIV/0! which is correct...
  11. B

    IFERROR Formula help

    I could use some help with this formula. First time using an IFERROR formula so not sure what I'm doing wrong. I keep getting a "too few arguments error". Any help would be appreciated. =IFERROR(INDEX('[TICKET STEP LONG.xlsx]RAW_COMPLETIONS'!$B:$B,MATCH(G2,'[TICKET STEP...
  12. M

    Userform - If value is not found then displays a MsgBox

    Hi - I was hoping you could help me solve the following. With the following code I can get a list of values from a Table and displayed on an UserForm; however, I would like to have a msgbox when the value is not found...
  13. F

    Indirect, SumProduct and Errors

    Hi all, I am currently using sumproduct to find out numbers in a particular column in a 2nd spreadsheet. This formula works fine in column B: =SUMPRODUCT(('Y:\National Careers Service - Mail Merge\Brentwood\[Brentwood.xlsm]a_Main'!$AR$1:$AR$10000=B4)+0,('Y:\National Careers Service - Mail...
  14. R

    copying data from one sheet to another providing a specific condition is met

    Thank you and I appreciate all assistance! Prior to updating to WIN10 and O365 I was able to have the following condition work {=IFERROR(INDEX(Incident!P:P,SMALL(IF((Incident!$Q$2:$Q$301="Yes"),ROW(Incident!$P$2:$P$301)),ROWS(Incident!$p$1:p1))),"")} What this did was go to my Incident sheet...
  15. M

    IFERROR / #DIV/0! causing issues to another formula

    So I have this (the below) excel formula that does work, =IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=60%, "0", IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9<=80.99%, "1", IF('Q1 - Individual Performance'!N9>=81%, "2"))) However the sheet it is reading from has lots of #DIV/0! on there. So I have added in an...
  16. B

    Formula to VBV - weeks of cover

    HI All, Thank you for your help in advance.Im really struggle to translate one formula to the code. Below formula is calculating weeks of stock cover based on deliveries and demand. Unforgettably it have plenty of "if" slowing down the report. Im looking to translate this to VBA code. Is anyone...
  17. B

    Calculating percentages - error

    Please help I am trying to calculate data and find the increased or decreased percentage between weeks: see below : <tbody> <tbody> A1 A2 A3 <tbody> Actions on Page (this wk) </tbody> Actions on Page (last wk) total action % 1 0 0.00% </tbody> </tbody> In A3 i currently have the...
  18. I

    Help with putting a formula into a cell in vba keep getting error

    When I try to put a formula into a cell in vba using Range("A2").formula="=iferror(vlookup(A1,'array sheet1'!A2:B20,2,false),"")" I get application-define or object-define error I use iferror so when A1 is blank I don't get #N/A in A2 Is there another way to do this? Help!
  19. S

    weekdaty Average IFs formula

    Hello, I'm having trouble with the formula below, Im getting "Too few arguments" . Where am i going wrong with the formula below? CELL H2 FORMULA =IFERROR(AVERAGEIFS(C2:C11,"<>100%", C1:E1,G2,A2:A11,H1)"CHECK") <tbody> a b c d e f g H I J K L M N O P Q R 1 Name John Jacob Jill 1 2...
  20. E

    INDEX when a cell has multiple text and return a value

    Hi Everyone, I have this formula that I got working for what I want and now I am trying to add another level of complexity to it. Below is the formula I use to search for a Person's name and if that person's name matches then it will show the task assigned to that person...

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