1. M

    Excel IF Formula & Remove Substring

    Hello, Could someone please help me with the IF statement in column Q? The formula should be If Column J is "Y" then remove substring "HM" from column P. The formula I'm trying is also deleting everything after the substring and if the substring doesn't exist then it's giving me #VALUE...
  2. N

    Formula Help Please

    Hello, I have a worksheet with Works Order Numbers in column A, then OP_No in column B. There are date and time data in column D. Is there a formula I can use to look at the works order number, use the date column, to return the previous op no? For example WO123 OPNO1 20/03/2022...
  3. J

    If formula not updating cell reference when insert row

    Hi all, I'm a new member so forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere but I have scoured the internet in search of an answer to my problem but I am yet to come up with a solution. Basically the problem is this. I have an IF formula that starts in AH4 that runs the length of Column AH from...
  4. D

    If statement to place in column

    I am trying to get my if statement to work but it is not going how i want it, i want it that if the first name value is FRS then cNum and gNum go in those columns (3 and 4), if it is not then go to column 4 for cNum and 3 for gNum If shtList.Cells(Index + 4, 11).value = "Yes" Then...
  5. S

    If statement - blank cells

    Hi all, I'm trying to use the if statement to check for blank cells and then do something if the cell is blank, and if not then leave the cell as is. Below is the formula I'm currently using...
  6. E

    VBA loop to skip over certain sheets that do not contain a specific phrase.

    Hello, I am creating a workbook to track repairs and create a report for a specific client. Each trouble ticket (RMA) get its own sheet with details, I am able to copy the necessary information to the place that I need it for my report, however it is doing this for all worksheets except tabs...
  7. Y

    For Loop, If Statement, and CountIf (Cutting down run-time)

    Hi all, For each cell in column B, I want to count how many cells in that column have the same value. If there is only one cell in the column with that value, change the Cell.Value to Cell.Value & "a", if there are two cells in the column with that value, change the Cell.Value to Cell.Value &...
  8. Y

    If Statement in loop

    Hi All, I am trying to write a simple If statement inside a loop which applies to all rows which have a value in Column A. The if statement just needs to check if each cell in Column H is empty and if so paste the value from the same row in Column K. This needs to repeat for every row which...
  9. A

    Help with IF statement to VBA code

    Hi, I'm trying to learn a bit more about conditional statements in macros. Can you help me adjust my VBA code based on a condition in a different sheet? On sheet2, I have the following data on which I am running a macro (see code below screenshot) Sub MyMacro() Dim n As Long Dim lc...
  10. B

    Using If statement with a unique ID

    Hello, I am having trouble setting up a document. I am currently using Concatenate with an agents name and date to form a unique ID for that week. I am then trying to bring that data into a new sheet which marks the percentage 1-5 based on ranges. I have attached an example sheet but I can...
  11. A

    IF Statement for a negative range

    Score Range 5 -30% 4 -10% to -29% 3 +10% to -9% 2 +11% to +29% 1 >30%;High Hello, I need to test the above mentioned criteria for a set of values(in percent). Could...
  12. C

    IF statement issues

    I need to adjust the below to say if what is in orange is >=12 then return a value of "monthly"...right now it works how it is and brings back a value of 12, instead of 12 i'd like it to say monthly. I have tried adding another if statement but i keep getting 0 or errors. It's probably something...
  13. C

    IF Statement

    Hi everyone. I know I may be missing a rookie link here, I'm just burned out at this point. Help. I'd like to name my Processed Count column based on the Completed Column. If there is no date in Completed, then the Days are assumed Open: Open 7 Days or Less, Open 8-14 Days, etc. If there's a...
  14. C

    VBA Find and Replace other column and IF statement

    Hi, I have a dataset where I want the following and I am stuck. I have a datasheet, where I have clientnumbers in column E and in column Q the type of business of the client (i.e. new business, lost business or excisting business). Sometimes Column Q is not correct, so I have a correction...
  15. C

    IF Statement with Vlookup, largest amount

    Hello! I'm hoping for help on a formula. Here is my source data: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O 1 Employee ID Name JobCode Jobtitle Store Number Secondary Store Hire Dt Rehire Dt Termination Disciplinary Start Date End Date Days LOA Annual Rate 2 1234 EEA 01574 OTSA 1021...
  16. W

    PLEASE HELP----Writing If statements in VBA

    <tbody> A B C D Test Water Pressure Test--test 21 Test 21 Water Test --- 21 Test---21 Pressure Test </tbody> Hello, I need help writing an if statement that searches for a number(or phrase) is in a Cell. I want it to find if "21" or "Pressure Test" is in the...
  17. W

    Macro Troubleshooting---Multiple Ifs

    <tbody> A B C Tests 410--Troubleshoot Test 410 Troubleshoot Test 873---Water Pressure Test Water Pressure Test 873 </tbody> Hello, The problem I'm having is that I have a column (Column B) of about 30 different tests that are...
  18. D

    If Statement + Is Number + CountA

    Hello- I have the following data set, which I'm trying to calculate the time spent based on =CountA of the items (columns A-E below). <tbody> Col. A B C D E F G H I Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Total Time Spent (mins.) Time Spent - Item 1 Time Spent - Item 2 Time Spent - Item 3...
  19. P

    VBA code for If statement that recognized background color

    Hey guys, so I’m looking for VBA function code that could help me with if statement based on active cell background color. So what I mean by that is let’s say: if active cell q8 is blue and if D8 says “ blue ” or “green”copy number from J8.
  20. J

    sheet to sheet value comparison.

    Hi, I have code below to check if column F and D values are in other page, Column E,G,H should be in other page as well. So I have code below. This code is not working correctly it ignores the comparison from other page. Private Function rowLast() rowLast =...

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