1. B

    Using If statement with a unique ID

    Hello, I am having trouble setting up a document. I am currently using Concatenate with an agents name and date to form a unique ID for that week. I am then trying to bring that data into a new sheet which marks the percentage 1-5 based on ranges. I have attached an example sheet but I can...
  2. A

    IF Statement for a negative range

    Score Range 5 -30% 4 -10% to -29% 3 +10% to -9% 2 +11% to +29% 1 >30%;High Hello, I need to test the above mentioned criteria for a set of values(in percent). Could...
  3. C

    IF statement issues

    I need to adjust the below to say if what is in orange is >=12 then return a value of "monthly"...right now it works how it is and brings back a value of 12, instead of 12 i'd like it to say monthly. I have tried adding another if statement but i keep getting 0 or errors. It's probably something...
  4. C

    IF Statement

    Hi everyone. I know I may be missing a rookie link here, I'm just burned out at this point. Help. I'd like to name my Processed Count column based on the Completed Column. If there is no date in Completed, then the Days are assumed Open: Open 7 Days or Less, Open 8-14 Days, etc. If there's a...
  5. C

    VBA Find and Replace other column and IF statement

    Hi, I have a dataset where I want the following and I am stuck. I have a datasheet, where I have clientnumbers in column E and in column Q the type of business of the client (i.e. new business, lost business or excisting business). Sometimes Column Q is not correct, so I have a correction...
  6. C

    IF Statement with Vlookup, largest amount

    Hello! I'm hoping for help on a formula. Here is my source data: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O 1 Employee ID Name JobCode Jobtitle Store Number Secondary Store Hire Dt Rehire Dt Termination Disciplinary Start Date End Date Days LOA Annual Rate 2 1234 EEA 01574 OTSA 1021...
  7. W

    PLEASE HELP----Writing If statements in VBA

    <tbody> A B C D Test Water Pressure Test--test 21 Test 21 Water Test --- 21 Test---21 Pressure Test </tbody> Hello, I need help writing an if statement that searches for a number(or phrase) is in a Cell. I want it to find if "21" or "Pressure Test" is in the...
  8. W

    Macro Troubleshooting---Multiple Ifs

    <tbody> A B C Tests 410--Troubleshoot Test 410 Troubleshoot Test 873---Water Pressure Test Water Pressure Test 873 </tbody> Hello, The problem I'm having is that I have a column (Column B) of about 30 different tests that are...
  9. D

    If Statement + Is Number + CountA

    Hello- I have the following data set, which I'm trying to calculate the time spent based on =CountA of the items (columns A-E below). <tbody> Col. A B C D E F G H I Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 Total Time Spent (mins.) Time Spent - Item 1 Time Spent - Item 2 Time Spent - Item 3...
  10. P

    VBA code for If statement that recognized background color

    Hey guys, so I’m looking for VBA function code that could help me with if statement based on active cell background color. So what I mean by that is let’s say: if active cell q8 is blue and if D8 says “ blue ” or “green”copy number from J8.
  11. J

    sheet to sheet value comparison.

    Hi, I have code below to check if column F and D values are in other page, Column E,G,H should be in other page as well. So I have code below. This code is not working correctly it ignores the comparison from other page. Private Function rowLast() rowLast =...
  12. A

    Categorize based on multiple criteria & conditions

    Hello - I am looking for help with the following. Thanks in advance! I have a column with values that need to be categorized based on multiple criteria. I would like to categorize using below logic: If value contains "X" Or "Y", categorize as "Category1", if contains "A" or "B" or "C"...
  13. F

    DAX - Using a Calculated Column in a Measure

    Hello, I am to figure out if it is possible to use a calculated column in a measure. The Calculated Column counts number of accounts per user: #ofAccounts =IF(ISBLANK(CALCULATE(COUNTA(Accounts[Contract Id]),FILTER(ALL(Accounts),Accounts[Contract Id]=Contracts[Contract...
  14. C

    Commission calculation - payout percentage based on target achievement percentage

    I am struggling to put a formula together for the below set of inputs: <tbody> Target achievement % payout 90% 0 95% 50% 100% 100% 110% 150% 120% 200% </tbody> So if the target was £1000, and they achieved £900 they get nothing, if they got £1100 they get 150%. I need to know the...
  15. H

    Urgent Excel Formula Help Needed!

    Hi Guys, I am trying to develop a formula which can help me do the following: 1. Looks up for two specific values in two separate columns 2. Looks for the first value in a third column and also looks for the second value in a fourth value 3. If both the first value and second value are found...
  16. W

    If / OR statement

    Hi, I have various columns including column F, J (both have dates values or no value/no dates) and U (which has a text value) I want to say that if at least one of the columns meet my criteria then, it shows the row as Active / Inactive. However, the function below only gives me inactive even...
  17. O

    Check if a value is positive or negative VBA

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to write some VBA code to check if a cell contains a positive, or negative percentage. Based on whether it is positive, or negative I would then like to copy and paste the value into a new table on a separate sheet which has two tables. One containing all the...
  18. S

    IF statement with multiple values

    I am looking for help on an excel formula in which i would like to do two things. I have two columns, one with a five digit number (column A), then column B will have the formula. If the value in column A is either 20800, 24900, 59000 or 60000, i would like it to return a 'INVALID' value. Then...
  19. S

    VBA if statement msg box help

    Hello, I have some code that compares part of a filename to a list in a column then moves the file to a new folder if they match. However I can't seem to get the message boxes right. I want ONE message box to display "Files archived!" when the loop is finished and ALL the files have been...
  20. L

    Would Like to Format Cells to Pull Data Based on Date Using VLOOKUP or IF (requires moving over columns)

    Hello! I have a spreadsheet that I'm using with three different sheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3). In Sheet 1 I have a dropdown list (C4) that contains 20 types of licenses. When a license is clicked, cells c2:c4 will autopopulate with what type of test the person needs for the license (there...

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