1. kelly mort

    Count images larger than a give size in a folder with vba

    Hello again, I have been searching the net for a while now to find a solution to my problem. I have come close in most cases but not right to the point. I want to go to a folder called "MyImages" in the location on my workbook. That's. ..... ThisWorkbook.Path & "\MyImages". Then I count...
  2. Q

    Randomly display images from a different sheet?

    Context: I am trying to make a question bank to generate different assignment for each student so as to minimize copying... Task: I want to maintain a list of images in a sheet, let us call the sheet as LoI (for List of Images), and then I want randomly display a few of them on the Assignment...
  3. E

    vlookup on images

    Is it possible to use VLOOKUP to pull images from my table? If not VLOOKUP, is there a way?
  4. M

    Selecting Images in Word

    I am producing a report which needs to be run daily. I have some pictures in Excel and I want to copy them and paste them into Word. I need them in a certain location. All this needs to be done in VBA. My proposed way of doing this is by creating template pictures in Word. I assume that I can...
  5. D

    Code to delete some images

    I have this code to delete some images on my spreadsheet, but there are now 2 images I don't want the code to delete. The names of them are Image1 and Image2. How can I change it so that it won't delete those images? Private Sub cmdNoSig_Click() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="npssadmin" Dim...
  6. M

    Copy Image from Closed Book & Paste in open

    Hi, I have two workbooks. I am looking to copy an Image from the closed book (Image Source) and paste it into the open book (Source Portfolio.xlsm). The Images are signatures and have been named to correspond with the staff names stored in ComboBox1 ie. J Bloggs would have a signature image...
  7. A

    Insert Images or Files

    What is the best way to insert images into New Threads? I cannot seem to get this feature to work. I am using Snagit to copy screenshots which will assist me in posting my thread and showing exactly my issue, Thank you.
  8. M

    Allowing manipulation of images but not form controls?

    Hi everyone. On my worksheet, I have a button that allows the user to add image(s) to a worksheet. When they press the button, the worksheet stays protected BUT it allows for the manipulation of ‘Drawing Objects’, using the below code. This way, they can insert the images, but cannot change...
  9. kelly mort

    Images not switching with printing loop

    Hello again, I am yet into another trouble and I want someone pull me out: My image control is not switching its images when I use the loop to print. It maintains only the first image throughout . So if the first item has no image, then it takes that for all the others. Meanwhile when I...
  10. V

    Extract separately from a folder documents with specific names referred in an Excel table

    Hello! I have a folder containing about 5000 images, each one of them being named with a EAN (European Article Number) code. On the other hand, 700 of the total images have their EAN names transposed into an Excel table. My question is how could I filter and extract into another folder only...
  11. N

    Convert linked images to be embedded in the file

    Hello All: I've searched for about a few hours and can't seem to find something that would help me do the following: I have a few files with over 1,500 images in each file. The files are copied from a network drive. When I email the files out, the images can no longer be viewed. If I copy...
  12. T

    VBA - Insert Multiple Images into a sheet

    Hi I have searched everywhere but somehow the VBA codes I found on the web to do this routine have not worked. This is what I am trying to do: I have a set of images (PNG format) located in a folder (C:\MyImages) I want a VBA code to automatically load these into a workbook (in a sheet...
  13. 2

    Convert Url to Images in Excel

    Hi Team, I have a list of 300 urls in column A, I need their images to reflect in column B with given dimensions e.g 50px x 50px. Can you please help me with a VBA code for the same. Its excel 2007. Column A |...
  14. R

    Download image from excel to desktop using vba

    Hello, I have some images in column "E:E" for each cell and I need to download them and save with the number of the material in the column "B:B". The images do not follow the correct sequence, beginning in 1 to n, so, first of all, we need to select the image and then save it in desktop. For...
  15. P

    Paste Image Offset

    Hi, I am attempting to paste several overlapping images into a cell. The process works perfectly until the third image is pasted, because Excel seems to want to offset any subsequent images by increasing amounts. If that is not quite clear, I have a sheet that contains 10 images: 5 backgrounds...
  16. U

    Can we scroll through images and change the aspect ratio in a UserForm?

    I need to be able to select between windows used in home remolding. I have several GIF images that I would like to scroll through and I want to use their file names in the bill of material. I also want to know if there is a way to change the aspect ratio based on the window's dimensions. My...
  17. J

    Chart Export to Image

    Hi, I have code to export a series of charts from a dashboard to images. The intention is to then disply them on TVs around the building I have code that will do that (HTML) but the charts are tiny :( They are nicely laidout for the dashboard but I need larger images for the TV Is there a...
  18. D

    I need the vba code to delete all the active x control images on a worksheet

    I am still learning to code and I don't yet know how to delete all the active x control images on a worksheet. Could someone help me please?
  19. P

    Cannot Load Images after Changing Data Category to Image URL

    I'm trying to pull images into PowerBi visuals using the URL and they are not loading. The most common soluton I've seen for this is not having the image column categorized as "Image URL", but I've done that. Images are available publicly as well. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. F

    Dynamic images

    I have an excel file where in sheet1 column A there are club names and in column B their logos (images). In sheet2 at column A are people names and in column B their favourite club. I want to add in column C the logo of their favourite club dynamically. I know how to do this for a single cell...

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