1. S

    Save Workbook Chart as Images

    Hi, I'd like to be able to save all the workbook charts as images. The folder structure would ideally be like this: C:\Users\Pictures\Workbook Name\Sheet Name\Chart Title Name Some code is below which I've started on but am a bit stuck. Any help would be appreciated thanks. Sub...
  2. C

    Extract Images from a PDF using VBA

    I am trying to extract images from a PDF in Excel VBA. I am able to extract all of the text page by page with no problem (code below). I have searched for sample code or an explanation of how to extract images but the only sample code I found did not work. Does anybody know how to extract images...
  3. P

    Saving and consult images with macros

    Hello dear, it is a pleasure to be part of the Mr Excel community. My query is based on the following: I have a budget management system made in excel that uses a spreadsheet to make a certain budget and saves the information of each budget in another spreadsheet that is used as a database to...
  4. S

    Export/Save images loaded to userform to a specific folder

    Hello, Can I please have your help to create a code that allows me to export image1 and image2 to a folder name that changes based on every new entry. The images will be loaded to the user form by click the image shape in the userform. I would like to export or save the images on the a folder...
  5. D

    needing formula to calculate fulfillment needed per day

    I'm a photographer needing help with determining how many images to edit per day in order to meet a deadline. The columns are as follows: D) Status - The status column indicates where the client currently sits in the workflow, such as "Scheduled", "Edit", "Reveal", etc. F) Due Date - The Due...
  6. L

    VBA URLPictureInsert pics disappear

    Hi there, I have VBA to insert images from a filepath which is derived from a formula. The images insert just fine and are visible for me but if someone else opens the documents they cannot be seen (all settings are correct). I'm assuming I need to embed the images but cannot quite get the...
  7. L

    Insert Images to Excel Linked Word Table

    I have a VBA code that copies a seelction of cells from Excel and creates a Word table that is linked to the original document. I need to be able to insert images into the created word table. The table will allow me to do this, but each time the link to excel is refreshed the images disappear...
  8. S

    Excel Template sending e-mails

    Morning I have been tasked with "fixing" and excel template created by someone else who no longer works for the company. We fill in the template, press a "clicky" then it saves and send the completed template to the client. The issue is that the company images that appeared in the E-mail are...
  9. B

    Sorting Across the Down with Photos

    I'm creating a database of sorts with Excel. They want a photo page with links to a details page for each item. I'm trying to make a sheet that is 10 columns wide and then raps to the next row. The links are tied to the images so they need to be sortable in the case that a new item is added. I...
  10. J

    VBA Image from HTML

    Using the following URL in cell S2: I am trying to pull all the image Src URL's on the page. Any ideas why this isn't quite correct please? Thanks. Sub Images() Dim XMLPage As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLDoc As New...
  11. J

    One image used in many cells?

    Hi All I have a sheet where all the rows have a product image. There are quite a few rows so loads of images - all thumbnail size. However, the user often needs to duplicate the sheet in other tabs, so in theory all the images are copied too and my file size gets bigger and bigger! Is there a...
  12. S

    VBA - Identifying Image Selected

    I'll use a macro to display several images in a worksheet. Then I'll enter some data in worksheet cells. After that I'll trigger another macro to delete the current images and then trigger the first macro to display a new set of images. All of this works fine. What I'd like to do now is...
  13. Leicester City Fox

    Help with Downloading and finding images that work in Power Bi

    Reference :Help in Easily Downloading new images into Power Bi for chartinfo graphs or find images that can be easily downloading to use in Power Bi Hi there I a new to Power Bi ... so be gentle with me :) I have download images in my picture but when I downloadthem into power bi when I...
  14. A

    Slicer table image issue

    Hello all, Avid consumer of Mr Excel, first time poster. I am building a sortable data table that I want to include images into. I have pasted them into the corresponding cells and when I use a slicer to filter the table, everything works, images move accordingly BUT the images that should be...
  15. S

    VBA to download images and rename

    Hi i have an excel file with links to images in column L i need to download them and rename them with the list in column M Thanks !:):nya:
  16. H

    Importing Excel Range data to Word doc

    Hello All, I need to import an excel 'Range' which contains texts and images into Word document. I have used the below code. Problem is images are misplaced after importing into word document and few images are above the text content. how do i maintain the structured format even after...
  17. O

    Cannot find this file. Verify the path and file name are correct

    Hi all, I have a macro that will open an email template that contains two images as attachments. when putting the images on my local drive the macro runs perfectly. I'm looking to add the images to a shared drive so multiple users can run the macro but when i try adding the new path i'm getting...
  18. J

    Consolidate and Sum the Rows

    I have tried the basic 'Data' then select 'Consolidate' then 'Sum' etc.....looking for some help to sum up the QTY and SYM and get rid of the dups...I have attached (2) images...the 'Before' and what I'm looking to accomplish with the 'After'...any help with this would be very much appreciated...
  19. M

    List properties of images in workbook

    Hi, Does anyone have some code that can loop through each sheet in the activeworkbook and list all shapes/images and their dimensions / properties? I am most interested in the resolution of the images, but it would be useful to know other info too. Can anyone help? thanks, Mark
  20. S

    Dynamic Picture Viewer

    Hi, I have a list of image file names (minus the extensions) in column A and an Image ActiveX control embedded on Sheet1. Could you help me with a code that would access and display the images? For instance, when a cell in column A containing "Image1" is selected, Excel should access...

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