1. J

    Automatically import .txt files into separate sheets in Excel

    I have daily .txt reports that I would like to import into excel as separate sheets in the same workbook. My problem is that 3 of the 4 files have fields that are numbers that are 20 digit account numbers and import as scientific notation. I want them import as text. I am currently using the...
  2. Q

    Loading Mulitple CSV filenames

    Hello there, Although this is predominatley a Power Query Question, the criteria are obtained from an Excel Sheet and the output placed on 1 Excel sheet. I have some PQ code (Windows Excel 2016) that will load a single pre-specified CVS file into Excel as follows: Excel Sheet1: Excel Name...
  3. J

    Phone Bill Import to Excel

    Hello, I haven’t used Excel for anything other than work info recently and need to import my phone bills into Excel. I’ve tried converting them to .txt files prior to importing and the results are…not great. Does anyone have any tips on a better way to import? The phone bill is for multiple...
  4. WarrenCarr

    VBA to read MP3 metadata is not pulling in information

    I have a VBA macro that i want to run. It is supposed to pull MP3 + Wav meta data into excel. When I run it, it seems to work but doesnt actually pull in any data. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? I am very inexperienced with VBA. Thanks, WC
  5. S

    Column A changes dynamically but need to keep values in column B associated with their value in column A

    Using Google Sheets. Column A contains a list of products. That list is imported from outside Google Sheets (Shopify). The list constantly changes as new products get added or removed. When products are added they don't necessarily get added to the bottom, they get added anywhere on the list so...
  6. K

    Comparing two sheets

    Hello gurus, I've been trying to nut this one out but it's got me stumped. Scenario: I have two worksheets. The 2nd (System Security Plan Annex Template (March 2023)) is considered a new version of the first (System Security Plan Annex Template (December 2022)) therefore it will mostly have the...
  7. S

    VBA query pasting data in with new columns rather than just pasting values into existing columns?

    Hi! I have a macro/vba that imports a .txt file (i wanted to be able to assign the macro to create a button to import rather than copy/paste), I just wanted pastevalues starting with a specific cell, keep the layout/formatting because its in a nice grid. I had it working fine for a week then...
  8. P

    Import data from

    Hi, I have this google sheet, with these columns: EAN, TITLE, AUTHOR, PUBLISHER, YEAR, PRICE Starting from EAN data in column A is it possible to pull the other data (title, author, publisher, year, price) from as in the example (raw 3)? Thanks very much!
  9. R

    Change Power Query Source based on Toggle

    Hi, I have looked around and haven't found a workable solution for what I am trying to achieve. I have a query (importA) importing data from txt files, and I have a sheet (ManualData) for data to be put in manually. I want to add a setting option (toggle/radio button) to set the query source...
  10. J

    Preparation for importing multiple word documents to excel

    I have multiple word documents (over 200 individual word files), that I need to import to an excel spreadsheet. The excel sheet is already populated with specific fields (columns) that the data from the word documents needs to be mapped to. However, the word file is not really prepared in any...
  11. G

    If user hits 'Cancel', workbook is closing

    I have some vba to import a document and I call it using a button but I found if I select nothing and hit 'cancel', it's closing the entire workbook. How do I avoid this? Code I'm calling: Sub ImportR() Application.DisplayAlerts = False Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  12. S

    Importing operating system information into excel.

    Hi all, I am currently wondering how to allow only a single user to use my excel spreadsheet. That is I send it to the person, they download it, and then if they try to send it to someone else, the formulas in the spreadsheet stop functionning. My inital thought was to make a formula ,using...
  13. I

    Mass Export Whatsapp chats to Excel

    Hi All I have recently used a VBA code, which works with selenium. The code allows you to use an excel spreadsheet to send messages via whatsapp, automatically. You may have seen the youtube video for the guy who wrote and offers the code, along with the spreadsheet: However I have vast...
  14. C

    How to import file and replace current sheet with import

    I need a macro that will import an excel file into my current file and replace a sheet with the imported file. How would I do this?
  15. B

    PowerQuery - Retaining old data when refreshing

    Hi, I’ve got a folder that has got multiple excel files (50+) with each file containing a weekly summary. As it is a weekly summary, each week, a new excel file is added to the folder. Currently, I’ve got a “master” excel file that is linked to that folder using PowerQuery and imports all the...
  16. D

    Importing images from folders into corresponding cells in the worksheet

    Hello. I need a macro that I have no idea how to even start making. I have multiple images in multiple subfolders. The file structure looks like this: /Excel_file.xlsm /Images/Object1/Image1-1.jpg /Images/Object1/Image1-2.jpg [...] /Images/Object2/Image2-1.jpg /Images/Object2/Image2-2.jpg [...]...
  17. B

    Dynamically importing data into excel from a Database

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with 40k rows or so which is added onto every week. Each row has an Employee ID, Employee’s Shift Number and Hours worked column (see attached image for sample data). The problem is that I have the work out the Hours worked from a database to which I have an ODBC link...
  18. D

    Importing VBA code

    Hello I am trying to modify a code that i got for importing into a excel file, this is the code that i currently have Sub Get_Data_From_File() Dim FileToOpen As Variant Dim OpenBook As Workbook Dim ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet Dim destLastRow As Long, sourceLastRow As...
  19. K

    Use excel to drive dropdown list in pdf

    I have a list of items in a spreadsheet which are maintained by a designated person to ensure they are current and applicable. I have created a pdf form which is pretty much empty apart from simple things like an email address, logo. I want a different designated person to open that form and...
  20. A

    import data from web like color, name and model

    hello everyone ... i have learned a lot about excel from u now i am looking for a small help :( i have a sheet foll of products name and i need to find its specification such as, name, color, model number (if any), brand name for example: i have a product with its code in Column 1 called...

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