1. S

    Importing operating system information into excel.

    Hi all, I am currently wondering how to allow only a single user to use my excel spreadsheet. That is I send it to the person, they download it, and then if they try to send it to someone else, the formulas in the spreadsheet stop functionning. My inital thought was to make a formula ,using...
  2. I

    Mass Export Whatsapp chats to Excel

    Hi All I have recently used a VBA code, which works with selenium. The code allows you to use an excel spreadsheet to send messages via whatsapp, automatically. You may have seen the youtube video for the guy who wrote and offers the code, along with the spreadsheet: However I have vast...
  3. C

    How to import file and replace current sheet with import

    I need a macro that will import an excel file into my current file and replace a sheet with the imported file. How would I do this?
  4. B

    PowerQuery - Retaining old data when refreshing

    Hi, I’ve got a folder that has got multiple excel files (50+) with each file containing a weekly summary. As it is a weekly summary, each week, a new excel file is added to the folder. Currently, I’ve got a “master” excel file that is linked to that folder using PowerQuery and imports all the...
  5. D

    Importing images from folders into corresponding cells in the worksheet

    Hello. I need a macro that I have no idea how to even start making. I have multiple images in multiple subfolders. The file structure looks like this: /Excel_file.xlsm /Images/Object1/Image1-1.jpg /Images/Object1/Image1-2.jpg [...] /Images/Object2/Image2-1.jpg /Images/Object2/Image2-2.jpg [...]...
  6. B

    Dynamically importing data into excel from a Database

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with 40k rows or so which is added onto every week. Each row has an Employee ID, Employee’s Shift Number and Hours worked column (see attached image for sample data). The problem is that I have the work out the Hours worked from a database to which I have an ODBC link...
  7. D

    Importing VBA code

    Hello I am trying to modify a code that i got for importing into a excel file, this is the code that i currently have Sub Get_Data_From_File() Dim FileToOpen As Variant Dim OpenBook As Workbook Dim ws1 As Worksheet, ws2 As Worksheet Dim destLastRow As Long, sourceLastRow As...
  8. K

    Use excel to drive dropdown list in pdf

    I have a list of items in a spreadsheet which are maintained by a designated person to ensure they are current and applicable. I have created a pdf form which is pretty much empty apart from simple things like an email address, logo. I want a different designated person to open that form and...
  9. A

    import data from web like color, name and model

    hello everyone ... i have learned a lot about excel from u now i am looking for a small help :( i have a sheet foll of products name and i need to find its specification such as, name, color, model number (if any), brand name for example: i have a product with its code in Column 1 called...
  10. S

    import part of text from txt to excel

    Hello everyone! I need may be some VBA script or something else to solve my problem) I have many txt files in one folder. Each file contain information like: some text here some text here some text here start to copy some text here some text here some text here end of copy some text here some...
  11. F

    VBA - Import text to specific sheet, with delimited with file dialog prompt

    Hello I'm trying to import a text file into a specific sheet, where it should do a Text to columns with the delimiter set as a space. What I would like to do: Clear all data in Sheet "SVKData" File Prompt for a text file, that imports data into "SVKData" the data should just be imported into...
  12. C

    Create Import for Microsft BC

    Hello, I have a table I use for sales forecasting, teams fill in the out months and I would like a process to create a table that can be imported into the General Ledger. Above is the import file, the teams would fill this in. EAch month there could be unique Billing Codes, and the billing...
  13. G

    Need help with automatic importing of Data every x minute

    Hi all, I currently have an automatic code that can open up the MOST recent (date modified) file in a folder. It works great BUT my concern is: Lets say i set a timer of 10 mins to execute this macro, However the macro takes 15 mins to run and inside that space of 15 mins another 2 files are...
  14. N

    Combine data from ALL worksheets in different workbook

    Hello, I've been working on a new template and excel sheet for the quality inspection of fresh carrots we receive. Everytime we receive a load, we work on a Excel sheet to fill in our quality inspection. So every load has its own sheet based on a template in the same workbook. The name of the...
  15. J

    Need to import 4 sheets from 50+ workbooks into a summary sheet

    Apologies if I'm not explaining this well; I'm a novice at VBA. I need 4 sheets to be extracted from 50 workbooks and copied into a summary. The VBA needs to work in the background. Can anyone help. I wore this code but it's clunk and doesn't repeat. Sub CopySheetFromClosedWB()...
  16. S

    How to Import or link CSV with more than 255 columns in ACCESS?

    Hello, I have a .csv with more than 255 columns (395 exactly), I only need 3 columns but I cannot manipulate the source file manually, that is, I cannot divide it in two. The columns are: 131, 208 and 282 I have tried to do it by wizard but Access won't let me do it because it has more than...
  17. S

    Cómo Importar o vincular CSV con más de 255 columnas en ACCESS ?

    Hola, tengo un .csv con más de 255 columnas (395 exactamente), únicamente necesito 3 columnas pero no puedo manipular el archivo de origen manualmente, es decir, no puedo dividirlo en dos. Las columnas son: 131, 208 y 282 He intentado hacerlo por el asistente pero Access no me permite hacerlo...
  18. T

    format data

    Hello I am having a problem formatting data in excel, I am preparing this data to import into a database that i have created. the problem is as follows: the raw data i have is for multiple chocolate recipe's that are broken down into the following: Name of recipe weight of ingredients unit of...
  19. S

    Import WhatsApp messages into excel in real time

    Hi everyone, I have been recently asked if it is possible to import messages from WhatsApp to excel in real-time. This person runs a catering business and receives orders via WhatsApp but as you can guess there is no specific format in which his customers send the order messages and his order...
  20. D

    Tableau .csv Url VBA Import

    Hello, With the Web Based Tableau tool, you can download the .csv version of data via replacing the end of the url with .csv then anytime this URL is entered, the file downloads. I am looking to integrate this data into a refreshable vba import that does not require manually downloading the...
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