1. T

    Formula using Percentages

    I have a formula that I want to write as follows: <tbody> <tbody> A B C D E F Region Country Charge Rate Card 15% Margin New %margin new rate formula for cells in column F C&W Europe Austria € 750.00 € 637.50 23.39% € 637.50 IF E2 is less than 15% then increase D2 by the difference in...
  2. D

    I need help with some stock market math

    Here's a link to the table I'm working on. note: I'm expecting either a 61.8% or a 78.6% Fibonacci retracement so I'm using those percentages. I'm trying to calculate the return of a strategy where you short the coming bear...
  3. D

    Min and Max Calculated on Other Cells

    Hi, I am trying to calculate the minimum and maximum amount the value of a cell based on another cell and cannot figure it out. I have never used this function. Helpful (hopefully) example. the max allowable increase is 10% but the below increase is 15%, so I would want the result to max...
  4. H

    Increase OR Decrease the complete value

    Column B is updated with RTD Output required in Column C as: If 3rd decimal place >=5, then INCREASE the 2nd decimal place by 1 value & COMPLETE VALUE to nearest .05 multiple ELSE DECREASE the 2nd decimal place by 1 value & COMPLETE VALUE to nearest .05 multiple Thanx in adv I am using...
  5. P

    Extracting numbers before a certain word or symbol in a long string of Text.

    Hi. I am looking to extract several numbers from a string of text like the following: "For the period beginning January 1, 2018, Supplier's fees for Services may be increased annually effective each January 1 upon 60 days prior notice to Customer. Any increase shall be based on actual increases...
  6. T

    Macro to increase all cells with a value that have a yes next to them by a certain number

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro that when its run will do the following with active sheet ceck there is a number in cell AK28, if not message box "Please enter a Number of Days" exit if there is then Look at the range AK32:AK47 with each cell check if they have a value in them and that the next...
  7. T

    % increase.

    Hi all, New user and couldn't seem to find exactly what I was after, so hopefully below makes some sense. Context: I'm looking at utility spend across our portfolio of around 100 locations, each location is a different size and spend is location specific. What I'm trying to pull out is any...
  8. W

    Calculating Percentage Change

    Hello, I am trying to standardize the way my organization calculates % increases for Revenues and Expenses. Depending on the report, we display it as either a simple increase or decrease OR we display it as favorable or unfavorable. For example, if Expense in Period 1 is $10 and Expense in...
  9. S

    Forecast analysis - How to add percentage increase to the chart and/or pivot table?

    I've managed to successfully create a Forecast line chart. It has produced a table including forecast values, which is great. However, I'd really like to know what % increase it's working on? How would I go about adding this column to the Forecast table?
  10. K

    Calculating based on variables

    I have a column of numbers showing gallons of paint, (column 1) they are 6 (white paint), 8 (blue paint), 9 (green paint), 11 (purple paint) this is what is needed to mix and obtain a certain cover. The paint supplier gives me varying quantities of each of those colors. It is not the same...
  11. J

    VBA Code to extract and combine alphanumeric values

    Can I get the vba code for the below formula please? =IF(A2,UPPER(LEFT(D2,3)&LEFT(C2,3)&TEXT(ROWS(A$2:A2),"0000")),"") I need to take first three digits/numbers from column D2 & C2 and add number starting from 0001 as it goes down each row it should increase as 0001, 0002, 0003... so forth. Eg...
  12. P

    Multiple if statements to have a percentage

    Hi, I'm not even sure how to title this and as such unable to find a solution which i'm sure is out there. Basically I'm looking to do a formula that says Basically i have 5 cells at as each gets filled out cell a1 would increase by 20 % so if A1 is "" then "" else 20% unless b1 is filled then...
  13. W

    A better formula?

    There has to be a better, more concise formula than this. I have revenue, and I want to compute favorability between a new period and an old period. Higher revenue in the new period than the old period is good, less is bad. The % increase or decrease should follow suit. If the old period had...
  14. M

    formula query

    I have acciden Unit measure of +/- .25. If my result is .25 my %score point is 100, if my result point is decreasing my %scorepoint should increase too. Can someone help me with the formula thanks
  15. J

    How to Increment a Number in Excel With Pattern

    So I have a question (which I hope someone can give a quick answer). What I am trying to achieve is as follows: 1 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 So essentially have the number pattern/repeat based on the number itself and also increase. I need this to go all the way to at least number 36. Anyone has a...
  16. M

    Dividend Increase per year knowing the starting dividend and the ending dividend.

    It's such a simple question, but I don't know how to write the formula... Here's the question: If one knows that in 2018 that $3.59 was paid in dividends, and that in 2024 the expected dividend is $7.10, what is the percentage increase per year that will get you from $3.59 to $7.10? Thanks...
  17. D

    Copying select cells from one sheet to another based on criteria

    <tbody> Building Apt Type Name1 Name2 Rent Util Park Pet Total M/I Exp. Last increase Date Last Increase Amount Next increase Date Next increase Amount New Base Rent Renew New Total Rent Renew Next increase Amount MTM New Base Rent MTM New Total Rent MTM Building A 101...
  18. B

    Increase VBA performance using compiled DLL files

    Has anyone ever given this a try to see if this truly does speed up your code vs running functions natively: Curious of everyones thoughts. Seems like an interesting concept if this is true that DLLs would run quicker.
  19. E

    COUNTIF formula

    Good morning, I've been given a task at work and am having a little bit of trouble with copying a countif formula. The formula starts off as =COUNTIF($D$2:$D$885,"31/03/2017") When I copy the formula I want the date associated with the formula to increase by one day each time. So the next...
  20. V

    Vba increase cell value by 5%

    Hi all, I was wondering if i could get your advice. Is there a way to automatically increase a numerical value in "column A" by 5% without having to add another column to do the calculation within VBA. I haven't come across any Google topics that can answer this question.

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