index formula

  1. F

    Shortening Long Nested Formula

    Looking for a possibility of making this formula shorter, any ideas? Thanks =IF(AND(INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),7)=0,INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),8)>0),INDEX('Tab2'!$F:$M,MATCH($F$3,'Tab2'!$J:$J,0),1),"") This formula is producing this The active cell is A6...
  2. M

    IFERROR INDEX MATCH combi formule does not work

    Dear Sir, Madam, I have the following issue. I have inputfile with only data on the 1st of january and the sixth of january, but I have to fill this in on a full calendar list. I tried to solve this by using an IFERROR , INDEX and Match function, but as you can see in the attachment it only...
  3. E

    Replacing "offset" with "index"

    Hey guys! Can anyone help me replace the "offset" with "index" in the following formula? =IF(...
  4. B

    Help with a formula - Complete newbie here!!!!AntW1ZrWMeX2gQNq01G4gmqqiJfO ok i am very new to excel - and it does bamboozle me a lot!!! what i am trying to do is to get the savings total to show up on the dash board just like income, expenses show up, after several hours of research i managed to get the "chart data...
  5. M

    Index-formula to ignore hidden (filtered out) cells

    Hi guys, I have the following table with a few rows of data in it: <tbody> Date submitted Driver Time spent with driver Leadership Communication Enthusiasm Commentary Environmental awareness Comments about driver 11/09/15 Jan 1-2 days 5 5 5 2 3 Good driver 10/11/15 Cook 3-10 days 5 1 2 5 4...
  6. L

    Remove Index formula once values have been inputted

    Hi There, I have a simple question (I hope!). I am copying a worksheet to another worksheet using index formulas. Now if a cell is inputted in the source worksheet, I want it to remove the index formula in the destination worksheet and just show the cell value. I want to do this...
  7. G

    Index Formula Help

    Hello Everyone, I hope all is well. I am looking for some help with the Index formula. I know that you cannot do a vlookup using multiple criteria, thus the need for an index formula. However, I am 100% new to the index formula, and it honestly confuses me at the moment. Looking to see if...
  8. M

    Match/Index Formula

    I'm combining the index and match formula in excel to extract data given a specific reference. The problem however, is that my formula only finds the first listed piece of data rather than all the data that matches the reference. For example, I want to find ALL the projects that "Joe" is...
  9. M

    Vlookup Help!

    I need to pull data from one sheet and put it into another automatically. My home sheet has the following data... Column A: % of project completed Column B: Status of project (either in progress, on hold, or completed) Column C: Task Description Column D: Date project was started Column E...
  10. H

    Lookup codes and names and add costs

    Hi everyone, I would appreciate it if someone can help me with this. I have a workbook of 13 sheets. All 13 sheets contain the same information:Activity-Employee Code-Employee Name-Code1-Cost1-Code2-Cost2. I'll show a small example to illustrate my case: I have a table containing all...
  11. S

    Creating a formula or vba for collating data and monthly reports

    So basically I have a Month's data to collate. The data is sent daily on a workbook (Lets say that the spreadsheet follows the naming convention 2014-03-01, </SPAN>2014-03-02, 2014-03-03 etc) In the workbook, it contains a sheet that has columns and rows that are related. To help visualise...
  12. H

    Need to increment columns in a formula while dragging down...not across

    Greetings all, Is it possible to have a formula, that references a table in another worksheet, increment the column by dragging down? The formula is =MIN(SFLD_Stats!B$3:B$26), and I need to drag it down multiple cells so that it increments to =MIN(SFLD_Stats!C$3:C$26), and so forth. The row...
  13. S

    Time approximation in Index Match

    Hi there, I have a column containing a large-ish number of cells (column "A"). Each cell contains a concatenation of a dollar figure (can be pos or neg) & a card number & a datetime (MM/DD/YY hh:ss). Example: <tbody> -2.23|6202xxxxxxxxxxxx|08/06/13 10:02 </tbody> I have generally been...
  14. S

    MIN(INDEX formula which ignores blanks or zeros?

    Hi i am using the below formula =MAX(INDEX((Sheet1!A1:A59>=B1)*(Sheet1!A1:A59<=C1)*Sheet1!B1:B59,)) I tried to adapt it to use the MIN function but because my range covers periods in the future some cells are still blank, is there a way of using the formula to incorporate MIN but ignoring any...
  15. S

    Search Value (Index/Offset/Match) by using combo box

    Hi Everyone</SPAN></SPAN> I tried to find similar problem and solutions by searching the older posts in forums but I didn’t find anything so I apologize if this is a repeated question but I would really appreciate any answer and help.</SPAN></SPAN> 1) I have a data set updated every week –...
  16. M

    4 ways lookup with duplicates criterias

    Hi, I am not proficient with Excels and I have a problem with finding a formula for this situation where I have extract data from another worksheet for the budget sheet. I have a few similar criterias and probably 2 or 3 of the criterias may be the same. What formula should i use to extract...
  17. S

    Adding ROW function in VBA that can get data from Access

    Hello all, sorry if this topic has been discussed before, this is my first post on the forum. I am very novice with VBA, and currently I am stuck on a certain problem. I have a ton of data, that is currently stored in Access, it used to be stored in Excel but it made the workbook run very slow...
  18. A

    Formula: Copy Index Values and skip rows

    I am trying to simplify a billing spreadsheet. Sheet1 keeps track of billing to the customer, and sheet2 keeps track of a shared portion of the customer data billed to an association. I want to copy information from sheet1: A to Sheet2: A but the problem is that the interest is calculated...
  19. I

    Array/Index Formula result always 0

    Hi, I have a 25mb spreadsheet which runs quickly and without fault (the bulk of the spreadsheet in Macro text). I'm running a Macro which inserts an array/index formula into the spreadsheet (eg formula below), this is runs perfectly and gives the desired result when running all months of the...
  20. C

    Data Index

    I have having trouble designing an index formula, I have the table and the data setup but cannot get the criteria correct. The biggest problem that I can see is that the lookup criteria for both columns and rows would be constantly changing. I have tried inserting V and H look ups but keep...

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