index & match

  1. Y

    Index & Match with the name of Tab

    Hello, I hope all is well. I don't know if we can use the index and match in this case. I tried, but I failed because I don't know how do I point the code to the name of the tab. I hope I could get some help on this one. Thank you in advance. Table I need to fill Date Total Hour Location...
  2. L

    Index&Match wrong result

    PQRSTU2Cargo Horas metasPontos3Comandante de exercitoAspirante 8693533638154117603010Aspirante8693533638154117604Capitao tenente2Tenente 86935336381541176135202 Tenente8693533638154117615Major1Tenente 86935336382381671440301 Tenente8693533638238167146Capitao tenenteSoldado...
  3. S

    Complex multiple worksheet formula - Is this possible?

    Hello all, I have a bit of a challenge here if anyone can help. I'm not entirely sure if it's even possible but I'm sure I've seen someone do something similar on a YouTube video but I may be mistaken. I want a formula (or formulas) in the range B8:O19, which will pull back information from...
  4. Y

    Match value counts

    1) The Values need to Match cell C1& B2 value like that cell value need to check. Condition like as below cells cell c1& b2 cell c2& b3 cell c3& b4 cell c4& b5 like this matching up to 100 After that I need total count of match value. The same way need to match reaming values...
  5. A

    Determine order number based on multiple variables

    Quick back story: I need to report shipping dates to customers. I gather this information by doing a two way index match on the customers PO number and the customers PO line number against our line number. When entering items into our system the Import Team is supposed create an order number...
  6. C

    Match Top Results

    I'm trying to create a lookup or match, where I would enter a State in a cell and of all the options from the original table, it would bring in the first 10 matches based on the state selected So this would be similar to a vlookup or match, but would need to pull more than the first results...
  7. N

    Index & match across multi coumns I think?

    Hi all, im not sure the best way to get the following: I have 2 tabs with tables (like below) and im trying to get a formula in column DI that looks at table1, column BK and then BQ, BS & BU and if their is a match (e.g. MATH 100; MATH 105; MATH 107) to table2's column A&B then returns a "Match"...
  8. D

    Index & Match matrix function. With number Intervals as lookup and Text as output.

    Dear Excel-experts, I am trying write an Index & Match formula to output what kind of wooden box I need in order to ship different pipe variants to our costumers. The boxes has been designed to carry different pipe types with various dimensions. For now I am only interested in Type and Length...
  9. F

    How to perform Index-match with great amount of rows (formula or VBA)

    Hi everyone. I hope y're all fine. I have a spreedsheet with prices for many products, according with the 4 criteria bellow: (1) City (2) Seller (3) Date (4) Product type Each product has a product "below" which price must be lower. So for example, the product B must be more...
  10. H

    Help with Index/Match for multiple criteria within a date range

    Hi! I'm pretty comfortable with ifs and vlookup, but these formulas are not providing the results I am looking for. I am thinking I should use Index/Match, but I am less familiar with these and arrays. I want to match COLOR_1, NUM_1, START, END from TABLE_2 on TABLE_1, and return values for...
  11. S

    Index match with multiple criteria in a table

    Hi, Please see the picture attached. For every number in the left column I am trying to match that number and the property type found in the row next to it and return the associated number at the top. So for example for 103 0 06 with property type house-Y i want it to return 0. Note that I want...
  12. W

    Index and Match or Vlookup with subtracting?

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that changes dynamically using the offset function. I want to be able to subtract in 1 column. I want to subtract the very last value in the last row by the first value. For example: In the image, please ignore column B. "Change in NFP", column C, is the column in...
  13. C


    Possibly a 2 condition index match formula? Data sheet is in a separate spreadsheet to the formula sheet. I am looking to return the relevant data (into cell G4, H4 & I4 on formula sheet) from the Data sheet (Task - column C, Frequency – Column B & Who – Column E) if the due date (column G on...
  14. Z

    Xlookup or Index/match with multiple criteria help!

    Hi, I have a table that has below format and need to update the amount from different table that has a different format, I tried using Xlookup and Index/Match but for some reason it didn't work. Could anyone help me? What I need to accomplish: - The template I have has 3 columns (Employee...
  15. M

    Replacing OFFSET to sum up to max value from specific cell

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board & thank you all in advance for the help. I have data for the time it takes each step in a manufacturing process & each step has a unique name that never repeats, as seen below, pasted in A1 corner. Steps time Start Point Sum of Steps Count 2800N1 5...
  16. V

    Lookup number from string in pivot using index/match/left

    HI, I am trying to return a value for a number in a string in a pivot table. Currently I've been using index/match with left but keep getting #n/a return value. Open to any suggestions :) THanks!
  17. S

    Summing cells within a column that find data that finds data by matching multiple cells

    Using Multiple Worksheets. Worksheet one is where the data is entered Worksheet too using index_match to pull data after matching name and date. How do I add data together from data that was entered multiple times with same name and date Formula used to find and pull data =IFERROR(INDEX('Audit...
  18. B

    Copy & Paste Data in a cell with Index/Match

    Hi, What I'm trying to do is to copy data from a sheet (named Data Source, cell K68) and then paste that data as a value into a second sheet (named Reference) in a specific cell based on an index match/match (indexmatch('sheet 2'O28:V63,match(sheet 1 H67,sheet 2 N28:N63,0),match(sheet 1...
  19. brasqo

    Not sure what function to use - INDEX/MATCH, VLOOKUP?

    Just looking for some guidance... I'm confused on what I should be looking for as far as what formula would accomplish what I'm looking to do. I'd like to be able to look at column H, and if it has text rather than a date, I'd like to change it to the date... You can see in Column A, these...
  20. S

    Find The Most Frequent Occurring Text In A Column

    Hi, I want to find the most frequent occurring text in a column with multiple criteria. I know how to do this for simple criteria, but when I have to use the date criteria it gets complicated. This is working for these two criteria that I implemented...
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