index & match

  1. V

    filter data or any other option - don't want to copy formula in all cells

    Hi, we have the data in sheet1 and sheet2 and using index and match formula, its working fine but we don't want to drag and drop formula from C2:C4 and again we have used formula in D2:D4, there is any formula from which we can get desired result so that don't do drop down SHEET1 125024568765...
  2. H

    Index and match formula that ignores dynamic value

    Hi all I have the following sheet and I'm trying to use an index and match fomrula but it ignores a dynamic value. In colum O13, I'm using the index and match to return the person with the lowest value. This works as intended but I need a way to continue this but to ignore the name/person from...
  3. N

    Index Match after sorting

    I have one excel file that has two tabs that i want to work together. In Tab1 i want the priority list to be updated manually. Then on tab2 i want the priority list to be filled automatically from tab1. The order numbers will be in different sequence on both tabs so i want the priority to...
  4. W

    Lookup function with multiple criteria

    I have a dataset shown below that is used for production scheduling. I would like to be able to look up by the bay number and the date and return the job # and the phase that the date falls in. If I reorganize the data, I can use an index match and concatenate function. However, the scheduler...
  5. M

    Index and Match with 2 array Prob's

    hello, I want to use the index and match formula but with 2 adjacent arrays (OH & OJ), is there a formula that I can add ? please help 😄
  6. T

    Index match with multiple criteria, sheets & columns

    Hello All, I am trying to get a Index Match formula to work on my sheet Currently I am trying to use the following but its not working. =INDEX(NewDemand!$A$1:$CA$55,MATCH($C$1,NewDemand!$A$1:$A$55,0),MATCH($E18,NewDemand!$A$1:$CA$1,0),MATCH($O$1,NewDemand!$Q$1:$Q$55,0)) First Sheet...
  7. W

    Dynamic worksheet look up - index match 2-way look up

    Hi there, I have an index match match 2-way look up, which returns data based on another tab. (The index match does a vertical look up and then a horizontal one). The formula works fine, but I would like to introduce a variable into the formula to so it looks up the 'correct' tab, corresponding...
  8. Z

    Index/Match for a number in a range

    Hello, I'd like to do a multiple criteria lookup to find the cost per unit of a book. I'd normally use Index and match to do this but I'm having trouble because one of my lookups is not exact and is in a range. I tried doing boolean logic with an xlookup, but I can't get it to work unless...
  9. k3yn0t3


    Hi there. Can anyone help me with an indirect with nested index match formula that's dynamic enough to allow me to get values from other sheets which change depending on the Factory and Metric I need them for? My hope is to have one formula that's dynamic to copy it across and down as the file...
  10. k3yn0t3

    INDEX(MATCH()) pulling wrong row data & Macro to duplicate sheets with formulas

    Hi everyone. I have two sheets: (A) master sheet and (B) single store sheet (examples below). I'd greatly appreciate your help with two things: A Formula that dynamically populates rows 2-15 of Col B on "Store 1 Sheet" I tried this but it's off by one row... I think it's treating the "Store...
  11. J

    How to do a sum for multiple tables

    Hello, I am trying to figure out a formula to work out the cost of ingredients in different stores and then also look at the cost for the whole recipe at the same time. I have an example with really basic amounts in it just to give an idea. I have built it with a really basic =(A1 * I1) + (A2...
  12. S

    Extract column data from non-contiguous columns based on header text with duplicate headers

    Hi all, I am attempting to extract full columns of values only when the column header cell contains specific text in a large matrix where those headers are repeated (due to testing under multiple conditions.) I have attached an example sheet. I would like to make the measures contiguous (e.g...
  13. G

    Lookup help - multiple ranges

    Hi there, I am looking for a formula which can lookup the text in cell S7 and match this with the range of options in the range U3:U20. I would then need the formula to check the table range V3:AG20 for the cell which contains the percentage figure and then return the date in row 2 into cell...
  14. R

    Index/Match using VBA not working

    I've looked over some posts here related to my issue, but can't seem to get this to work. I want to use Index/Match using VBA to find a specific cell value in a named range. Dim myDistro As String Dim myID As Integer myDistro = Application.WorksheetFunction.Index(Worksheets("PS Console -...
  15. C

    Stock inventory - count unique sequences from barcode

    Hi, I am looking to obtain an overall itemised count from a delivery taken from the scanned barcodes. The first image is the full inventory catalogue at where the items are looked up against. ABCDEFGH1ItemPart numberTests Per Kit ( tests x cartridge )2Amylase reagent4T8520640 (160x4)The full...
  16. F

    How to match numbers within a specific range of each other?

    Hi! I'm currently working on a project where I have to match a reference number to one number from a separate column that is within +/-3 of the reference or equal to the reference. What formula can I use to do this?
  17. E

    Index/Match - Return value if partial text from cell contained anywhere in separate column

    Hello. This is round 2. I posted the question yesterday, and got a terrific response, but i neglected to mention one thing - The current formula is incredible, but works on a row by row basis. Index/Match - Return value if partial text from cell contained in separate column however, I forgot...
  18. E

    Trying to use index match method

    All this works correct except for the Index match method say`s run time error 438? Anyone know why? Option Explicit Sub VLookup() Dim SrcReD As Workbook, Alton As Workbook, Cov As Workbook, Basildon As Workbook, wb As Workbook, BName As Workbook Dim ws As Worksheet, SrcRed_ws As...
  19. K

    Index & match formula with if statement

    Is there a way to perform a index match function if 2 conditions are met. I am able to get the correct results if I use the below function alone =INDEX(sheet2!C2:C2318, MATCH(1,(sheet2!A2:A2318=sheet1!X567)*(sheet2!B2:B2318="Replay"),0)) But I need to execute this function only if sheet1...
  20. A

    how to Image should come by entering SKU no in Excel (images are copy-paste in base file for lookup,index-match or VBA option)

    I need help in linking images when I enter SKU no in a quotation format. I have two sheets, one is a base file in which SKU no is in B2:B4000 and their corresponding images in E2:E4000 (images are inserted into the cell by copy-paste from PPT/PDF/websites- No URL available). Another sheet is the...

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