1. S

    Index/Match Formula - Sum if falls between a date range

    Hi all, Please can someone help? :-) I am trying to find a tidier version of the below formula - what I am trying to do is basically add up the values in row 2 for the week before. The displayed dates are Mon-Fri (not inc Sat-Sun). Note, the below formula would be in cell F3, so on the 2nd...
  2. J

    Look up a value for which 2 pre-conditions need to be met (ID and Year)

    How can I look-up the share (Column G) for the needed ID and the corresponding year? See attachement.
  3. M

    HELP! Index match, VLOOKUP, Not sure what to do

    hello! This is my first post so please bare with me. I am trying to make a configurator for work. Here is what I'm trying to do: B22 is a Drop down list made from Data validation. This list contains different types of equipment that is placed on different Chassis. I want to be able to click...
  4. K

    How do I use Index & Match to reference a separate sheet?

    I have the following test code that is working where column H is equal to what's in column B versus column D Range("H2:H17") = "=INDEX(D2:D17,MATCH(B2:B17,B2:B17,0))" Column B Column D Column H A Test1 Test1 B Test2 Test2 C Test 3 Test3 D Test 4 Test4 E Test 5 Test5 F Test 6...
  5. H

    Complex INDEX MATCH - Now Add Max

    Hi All I have a couple of Index Match formulas that are working well for me but I've realised there may be more than one result to find and I only want the latest date. My formulas sometimes have two match criteria and two index location, but I'm not sure how to return the highest valued...
  6. A

    Array not erasing

    Hi, I cobbled together some code from multiple sources that will process text files. Since we have multiple files in a folder that need to be read, I built the process to read all of the filenames in a folder into an array (DirectoryListArray()) that I use as a master list of files, then...
  7. S

    INDEX and MATCH Function

    I am trying to use the INDEX and MATCH function to look up a date within a range to bring back a annual salary amount. Here is the LOOKUP table which is on a sperate tab in the workbook call Pay_Scales: Annual Salary Start Date End Date 46395 2018-12-17 2019-05-02 47789...
  8. E

    Countif with Index on a Pivot Table

    Pulling off Pivot Table example: <colgroup><col><col span="2"></colgroup><tbody> </tbody> <tbody> Part Number Company 1 Company2 part 1 60 61 part 2 50 52 part 3 40 60 </tbody> Looking to do a countif on the entire row based on the part number with greater than or equal to 50. So...
  9. T

    IF condition for another sheet and whole column

    The goal here it to create a summary sheet. In that summary sheet I need to reference sheet 1 that holds all the products. Sheet 1 has all the products in one column, but some of them do repeat. My thought is to create IF statement that could call out one product in sheet 1 for the entire...
  10. H

    Index / Match with random multiple rows

    I have a worksheet called Data. Each row relates to a customer repair. In column C is a part number (3 digit). There are many different part numbers distributed on different rows. If the customer rings to chase the repair the user puts an X in column S against that customer, so there can be...
  11. T

    INDEX and looking for match in multiple columns

    Hello, I am trying to use Index:Match to find a value in several different columns then return the result of a column once I find a match. Here is the sample formula I am trying...
  12. D

    Help to Index unique records in Multiple columns

    Hi Experts, Could you help me with formulas to index data where there are duplicates in multiple columns? I am trying to find counts of all unique records and tabulate it. Here is a sample of the data to be indexed. The found records are UID from a CRM. <style type="text/css"><!--td {border...
  13. B

    VBA adjusting an existing user function to operate on rows instead of columns

    I need help adjusting an existing UDF to meet a new need. The script below is designed to take a vertical range of cells with comma separated values, then add all the values together and display the result in the same form- Like so... 6,4,1 5,6,1 3,2,1 ________ 14,12,3 Make sense? It works...
  14. M

    Index Small Across 8 Worksheets

    Hi and good evening, can anybody help me with their best approach to the following scenario. I have a shared workbook (4 people) with 9 worksheets named "Dept1" - "Dept8" (Column Headings Identical) and 1 named "Summary". 25 rows of data approx. will be added to the Dept. worksheets on a daily...
  15. V

    Change color conditional formatting - quick way

    Hi, I have several columns. Each column needs to highlight certain times in a certain color. For each column the time and color is different. Column A 9:00 (color Blue) Column B 5:00 (color Green) Column B 6:00 (color Yellow) Column C 8:00 (color Red) Column C 9:00 (color Light Blue) etc...
  16. M

    Find cell based on multiple identical criteria

    Hello, I'm trying to find names based on multiple identical criteria. For clarity I'm looking to find specific NFL players from an entire league. For instance, there are 3 columns: Players/Position/Team. I want to pull each wide receiver (WR) from the Arizona Cardinals (ARI), subsequently...
  17. B

    SUMIFS with INDEX MATCH and greater than?

    Hello, I hope I can explain this properly as english is not my native tongue. the first table takes its information from the bottom table that is usually in another worksheet by using Index Match I've been trying to make my 3rd column (2+) add the amount from the Indexed Matched row if the age...
  18. R


    Hi Excelperts, Need help on following try to create a dashboard. Have herewith attached a sample file But first need to match data from Column H to A of Sheet 'Oct-19' On dashboard need following data are to be Displayed with the help Index on Sl-No in column G of Sheet 'Oct-19' & lock/protect...
  19. C

    using index match to compare numbers on different sheets based on a common criteria

    I am trying to compare numerical amounts on different sheets/tabs for common criteria, for example sales of an item on two months to determine the difference. I have a vlookup for this, but would prefer an index match The sheets would be as follows sheet 1 row 1 row 2 apples...
  20. B

    Index Match with multiple criteria not using arrays

    Hi all Im using the index match feature with multiple criteria to get a returned value, but its slowed the sheet to a crawl. Any other ideas to return the text value? Im not great at VB I should mention its a shared document and I think arrays have issues with it being shared...

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