1. R

    New sheet with MAX cell values from other sheets

    Hello my dear friends, 1st post here.. I have a spreadsheet with several sheets where sheet name is the person's name (1st and last name). I need create a new sheet with consolidated data, where column A already have the person's name, and I need the MAX cell value from columns A-C at each...
  2. F


    I have 12 sheets that needs to be summarises based on months and withdrawals and item codes. so i created a range name and named it Donors I then proceeded to use this formulae. however, the answer ends up being #ref! I8:I200 has the withdrawals, D8:D200 has the months, Table13[[#Headers],[Jan]]...
  3. X

    Can’t skip cells, no dupes, no formulas

    Hi, I have a list of 20 names in column B. Everyday I need to select 6-8 of these names and have them appear in col J without skipping cells, without duplicates and without using a formula in J. If cells get skipped it will break the formula on another sheet that is the purpose of the workbook...
  4. L


    Good Day, I am trying to solve this issue, but I didn't find any mistake in the formula. Could someone please help me check or correct the formula? Thank you You can check the file in this link: TEST FORMULA.xlsx 😁😁😁
  5. O

    Vlookup and Get comments ( Macro or VBA or magic)

    Hello to all So Im trying to accomplish 2 things, I have a table that was poorly formatted were I need to get information 50+ times a day I was able to get the information but there are comments on SOME cells, This is what I got so far 1st DropDown ( Main Category )...
  6. K

    Inserting Cell Text into an Existing Formula

    Hello, I am struggling with the syntax to combine a COUNTIF function with an INDIRECT function embedded within (or something similiar). Here's my current formula in cell B1: =IF(A1 = "all",COUNTIFS(Sheet1!Q:Q , Sheet2!M4)) (If A1 in the current sheet = "all", then run a countif to see how many...
  7. C

    Vlookup with indirect returning 0, when value is present

    Hey everyone, Looking for some help again. I have a formula..... =IFERROR(IF($G$8="Primary",VLOOKUP(I$8,INDIRECT("PrimaryDailyRange"),2,0),IF($G$8="Secondary",VLOOKUP(I$8,INDIRECT("SecondaryDailyRange"),2,0))),0), that works exactly how I need it to in one worksheet. The next worksheet is...
  8. S

    Formula that pulls from a specific row for each month & "locks" into that row for the month?

    Apologies if this looks/sounds messy... In the middle of my (probably unnecessarily complex/large) formula, I have this function: (OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(), COLUMN())),-ROW()+2,0)) As it stands, this will pull the value of the cell 2 rows from the top, in the same column as the current...
  9. J

    Help writing a hyperlink reference to another worksheet based on a number in a neighboring cell

    I'm using Excel 365 with Windows 10. I want to create links inside my excel file and am having a lot of trouble combining different formulas inside one cell to make a link. I have one workbook named "Trade Log" with two worksheets named "Trade Log" and "Screenshots." In the Trade Log worksheet...
  10. B

    Using vlookup/indirect/sumif to return sum of results from variable reference tab

    I have a workbook with an index, that returns all of my tab names in column B (=INDEX(listsheets,A6). This is then used to search specific data (row 3) within each tab using the formula =VLOOKUP($E$3,INDIRECT("'"&B6&"'!"&"b3:F500"),5,0). The data on row 3 of my index tab, is searched for in...
  11. S

    Issues getting Sumproduct working with Indirect

    Hi A column contains a header which is a named Cell. I want to return number of Items in the entire worksheet column (the column containing the named Cell). I'm using the count to create dynamic ranges, it's all automated and needs to be reliable... CountA is not returning correct answers...
  12. C

    Formula returns error and don't know why

    Hi The below formula return #VALUE and i'm not sure why =SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&$B$1&"'!$b4:$n17"),INDIRECT("'"&$B$1&"'!$a4:$A17"),$A7,INDIRECT("'"&$B$1&"'!$b2:$n2"),">="&$B2,INDIRECT("'"&$B$1&"'!$b2:$n2"),"<="&$B3) I have tried the below alternative and get #REF...
  13. F

    Help Needed Combining Index/Match with Sum across Different Sheets!

    Hi All, this is my first time posting here. I have done a lot of google searching but i haven't found exactly the problem to my issue. I have multiple sheets which i want to add across. the rows and columns are not in the same order, therefore, a simple sum across sheets wont work. I want to...
  14. L

    Indirect function on a Table Column name

    I have a drop down list in cell A1 with years (2018, 2019, 2020). I want to make a formula dynamic based on cell A1, how do I use INDIRECT function on the column part of a table nomenclature where it says 2019? FiscalYear[2019 Actual]
  15. C

    Improving my Formula

    Hi All ive created this formula and it works perfect, but as your see in a sec its rather big. Can anyone think of a smarter way to get the same result. The below checks to see if there is a date in the BOLDED cell and if there is it moved onto the next till it cant find a date, when it cant...
  16. pliskers

    INDIRECT formula with Relative Column References

    I have a formula using the INDIRECT function to reference the name of the tab indicated in cell A11. This formula works and pulls in the indexed value in column G on that page. What I'd like to do is copy this formula across several columns and have the referenced index column change to H:H...
  17. R

    Particular Indirect and Match formula

    Hi Guys, I need help in order to change the indirect match formula, I have these data to Match. <tbody> #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Values #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Roma Sub 1 #FCE4D6[/URL] , align: right"]85000 #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Pisa Sub 98 - 287 #FCE4D6[/URL] , align: right"]176700 #FCE4D6[/URL] "]Pisa...
  18. R

    Indirect formula with conditions

    Hi Guys, I Need help for a formula, I need an indirect formula, (because the data are stored on another excel worksheet) in order to take it, without blank cells data. Example: the data are something like this: <colgroup><col...
  19. S

    Indirect within sumproduct

    I have the following formula but want to use INDIRECT function on the column name within the table GANNT so becomes easier to update =IF(F$7<$C$2,0,SUMPRODUCT(--(GANTT[WK40_2]=$B$11))*E$8) Have tried the following but get a #REF...
  20. U

    INDIRECT in Data Validation

    I've got three tables TableA: <tbody> List of Tables Other Info TableB Info1 TableC Info2 </tbody> TableB: <tbody> Column A Column B stuff morestuff otherstuff extrastuff </tbody> TableC: <tbody> Column A Column B onestuff redstuff twostuffs bluestuff </tbody> I ultimately...

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