1. D

    Indirect Formula

    Hello, I am using the following formula and trying to drag horizontally without just copying the reference to the current cell. I am not very familiar with the indirect formula but this could help save me hours worth of manual linking.. =INDIRECT("'"&B2&"'!c37") B2 is the tab name and C37 is...
  2. A

    using OFFSET to refere to entire column (eg. $H:$H)

    referring to a cell by OFFSET(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW();COLUMN()));0;-4) is easy Although I want to replace "$H:$H" in a formula by an OFFSET function referring to the entire column 4 columns to the current cell (column) How can that be done? example: =TEXTJOIN(", ";TRUE;IF($H:$H = E5;$I:$I;""))...
  3. TheWaterDog

    Defined Name as Cell Reference

    Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere; I've looked and can't seem to find a solution on the board. I'm using dependent dropdowns in Sheet 1 [Main] via an indirect() in Data Validation from named ranges in Sheet 2 [DVS]. So, you choose the "Parent_Choice1" in Cell A...and then... Cell...
  4. M

    Sumproduct & Indirect returning 0 or incorrect

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this formula: {=SUMPRODUCT(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]"))} Which is returning 0 Or, =SUMPRODUCT(SUM(INDIRECT("'"&"2010_Sold.xlsx"&"'!"&{"January","February","March"}&"["&"Current Price"&"]")))...
  5. G

    reference cell even the row is deleted

    i have no clue to doing this man, i expect the output is to be the right chart, but on the left chart is what i’ve done i want the cell to still remain the same number even the row is deleted and if i add new no. it still going +1 i need your help guys
  6. C

    Indirect cell reference not updating row when dragging down

    Just started using Excel Formulas and I'm using this to get sums across 3 sheets. In the following Section, B3 and L3 are not updating to B4 and L4 when dragging down a row Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. M

    Multiple INDIRECT within a COUNTIFS

    Hello and thank you for looking at this. I have just started using INDIRECT and am finding it very challenging. I have a couple of use cases. One I have solved, this new one is killing me on syntax. I am using a dropdown to change a year. When it changes my formula updates to reference a new...
  8. C

    Lookup within multiple columns

    I have a supplier who decided to populate data in a complex way thus making life a bit difficult in working with a form. Item are placed like the below table.. this is just 1/8 of contents. I need to lookup in this sheet find the supplier code which is in either column A, C, E or G then return...
  9. R

    Explanation of a formula

    Hi All, I am currently working on a large data set. I took the 10 largest values within this data set using the large formula. After this I wanted the area these values came from and found this formula online, =INDIRECT(ADDRESS(1,SUMPRODUCT((B1:M9=A13)*COLUMN(B1:M1)))). It seemed to work but...
  10. B

    Summing across multiple sheets using indirect

    Hi all, trying to sum up across multiple sheets. Caveat: the cells being added up are all the same cell address as the active cell, just on different sheets. My troubles: I'd like to be able to insert rows or columns across all tabs and have the formula adjust to always be summing the equivalent...
  11. K

    INDIRECT and SUBSTITUTION creating#REF Error

    I have a column of sheet tab names in Column A. I would like Column B to reference cell G44 in each corresponding sheet tab. This is the code I am using. However, it is giving me a reference error. Does anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? =INDIRECT((SUBSTITUTE(TRIM(A6),"...
  12. V

    How to recognize two result in one cell with indirect

    Column F: i have used drop-down list and below code to get two values in one cell, >>>>>>> Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) 'Updated by Extendoffice 2019/11/13 Dim xRng As Range Dim xValue1 As String Dim xValue2 As String If Target.Count > 1 Then Exit Sub...
  13. X

    Pulling Specific Cell Value from Multiple Workbooks

    Hi guyz, Please excuse me if this question has already been asked multiple times. I am very bad with the VBA Scripting and would appreciate any and all help with my query here. So, what do I need help with? I have a folder in my C:\ Drive with the name "Acc". In this folder I have Multiple...
  14. T


    Hello, I am trying to use COUNTIFS and INDIRECT but my formula is not working. I have different sheets, and each sheet represents a store location. In each sheet, there is a Sales Person name and the sales amount generated for each store item (e.g., shoes, tops, dresses). In my summary sheet...
  15. N

    Using INDIRECT Function in Google Sheets conditional formatting

    Hi guys! I have a column that I need to color with conditional formatting based on two different criteria. I am using the following formula in the conditional formatting pain and it does work: =AND(AC2="Yes", AK2=INDIRECT("Partners!B6")) The issue is I need the range of Partners!B6:B not just...
  16. L

    sumifs with multiple tables

    Hello, I have a question and i hope someone can help me out. I want to use the indirect function. I already used it in F1. I did =VLOOKUP(E1,INDIRECT(D1),2,0) Now I want to do it the same way in F3 but now with sumifs or maybe another function? I actually want a value of 18 in F3. How can I do...
  17. F


    Hi, I am attempting to use two countif conditions across multiple sheets (which I have named "Tabs" in name manager) to count how many times a job is raised for an item with a certain reference number in a particular year of its ownership. I have used a no. of forum posts to get me to where I...
  18. M

    "Floating" Index Match

    Hello all! I have spent many hours attempting to solve this problem and hope one of the geniuses on this forum could please help! I think I am doing something simple wrong, and it might just take a quick lookover. I have a monthly task where I need to take my employer's budget from their...
  19. U

    Swap values in the rows and column based on given value that are extracted from a parent child data sheet

    I have a Excel table in the form below that was extracted from a separate sheet: Level1 Level1-Level2 Level2 Level2-Level3 Level3 Level3-Level4 Level4 a b c d f i j b a d e g g k b e c h d i The Level1 is parent records, Level2 is child records, Level3 is grandchild...
  20. U

    Want to fill and swap values in the cells and column

    I have a excel table in the form below: Level1 Level1- Level2 Level2 Level2- Level3 Level3 Level3- Level4 Level4 a b c d f i j b a d e g g k b e c h d i The Level1 is parent records, Level2 is child records, Level3 is grandchild records and so on... Level1-Level2 is...
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