1. O

    how to extract initials from first two words in a name (google spreadsheet)

    Hi everyone, I have attached a link to a sample file in google spreadsheet which contains Names. I need to extract the initials from only the first two words in the name. for example: George William Norris Smith = GW I have tried several methods and I am not able to get the right formula...
  2. N

    list missing people from a list

    I have a group of 10 people doing 5 roles in a spreadsheet. I would like a cell to contain the five people NOT doing a role. So the formula would check the five cells, compare with a reference containing all ten initials, and list the initials of people not in a role.
  3. P

    Name Query Not Working

    Hi. I am trying to use a VBA code to pull initials from a table named "PlannersList". It will then take those initials and insert them into query "schedule" in the "initials" parameter. This process will loop until all initials have been utilized. Everything works except for the initials are not...
  4. P

    Multiple Selections to P_rint

    Is there anyway to take initials from a table (30 of them) and print a report using the initials as query criteria. Essentially you could select 10 initials and it would print the first report using the first initials, it would then go to the second initial and print, 3rd initial and so on...
  5. tlc53

    Initial and Date Stamp

    Hi there, I currently have a drop down list which requires an individuals unique password to change it. Once a name is selected/the correct password is entered, I would like an initial and date stamp to be applied to the cell to the right of the drop down list. This stamp should only change...
  6. H

    Extracting Initials and surname from cell

    I have a column which contains first names and surnames in the cells. I want to extract the initials and the full surname from each cell. e.g. cell A1 will have Peter John Thomas which I want to convert to P J Thomas, cell A2 has Mary Jane Louise Wilson which I want to convert to M J L Wilson...
  7. M

    Can somebody please help me fix my =IF statement?

    Hi all, I have an IF statement that is not working and I am after someone with more knowledge than I have to help me fix it, or make another formula to the same effect. My statement is trying to perform some quick stats to identify start progress. The two letter words are the initials of my...
  8. K

    How to find Minimum Value between Several Columns and return Corresponding Company Name??

    I have a spreadsheet that contains the following: I am checking prices between 5 different vendors: Columns D, G, J, M and P contains the Vendors Part Numbers Columns E, H, K, N and Q contains the Vendors Prices Columns F, I, L O and R contain the Vendors initials I am trying to set up a...
  9. T

    Separating Names with Middle Names, Middle Initials and compound last names in order to alphabetize

    Greetings. I have a large list (actually 3 lists I must combine) the names run the gamut in length (some have 5 names, some middle initials, some middle names, suffix, etc.) and are currently in one cell. I separated the cells but how do I separate the list so that I can safely alphabetize? I...
  10. J

    Auto populate a field using a VLOOKUP

    Hello all, I'm new to this forum but I have had an issue that I have been trying to find a work around for a while now. I have a drop down with a list of people on our teams initials. I want to develop a way that when people select their initials (any of the ones on the Defined Name) the cell...
  11. R

    Changing cell color after initial input..

    So I am getting very frustrated and hoping someone can help me. It seems so simple yet I cannot figure it out... I have a User form that inputs information over to a Sheet (Sheet1) in excel... Column M in Sheet1 has initials of the person that input that row from the User form. It starts out...
  12. N

    Lookup formula

    I have a worksheet with dates in the first column and header rows are jobs to do. Each row has initials of people set to do those jobs. There may be more than one job per person - shown as that persons initial being in more than one column in any particular row. The sheet is not easy to read...
  13. M

    VBA filling the table by using checkbox's

    I'm a little experienced with VBA but I stucked with the problem of using Checkbox's and I cannot to move on, as its a first time I prepare something using this element of UserForm. SITUATION: First thing is that I have a table, which more less look like below: <tbody> CLIENT1 CLIENT2...
  14. T

    VBA/Formula - Get Initials from Full Name - Multiple names in cell

    Hi guys, I can't find a code that will help me with this anywhere. I have a cell in Excel that may contain multiple names separated by a comma - I want to have these names converted to Initials but still separated by commas eg: Cell A2 contains "John Smith, Betty White, Michael Jackson". I...
  15. kellywy

    SumIf Formula Snafu

    Hi all -- This is sort of an update on a previous problem, because the formula that I had worked out with your help has gone wonky on me. !? What I need is to figure out where I've screwed it up. The calculation I need: - Total the sales figures in K18:K250 - based on 2 parameters: - #1 ...
  16. K

    Need help/advise on automatically pulling specific data from a spreadsheet...

    Hello, I have this spreadsheet at work that I am attempting to add some macros/formulas to so that it does some processes automatically. I have come up with a few solutions, but I am stuck on one problem at the moment. I have figured out how to automatically pull out the initials of the...
  17. K

    Generate individual schedule from overview

    Hello! I'm using Excel 2016. I have a large worksheet with weeks and days spanning a year. Each week is divided into days and and each day has initials to plan which person goes where at each day. What I want to do is build a second worksheet where I choose the person (initials) and hit a...
  18. C

    Formula needed for extracting a three part string

    HI Everyone, I would like some help with a formula please. I have a three part name and need to extract the first letter of the third name. An example would be in cell A1 I have the name John Joseph Smith. I need to extract the S from Smith into the cell B1. I have multiple three part names...
  19. P

    Data Validation of a cell with multiple values

    Hi everyone, I hope someone here can help me. I've poured through posts to no avail. So I have a table with values (initials of people) in a control sheet. I want to be able to have a cell verify if the initials that are being inputted are on that table. It sounds like a standard Data...
  20. C

    Extract Initials from Full Name, when Last Name is first

    Good afternoon, I need to extract initials from a full name in my spreadsheet; however, the names are listed in one column as Smith, John. Through Googling, I found the formula =LEFT(A2)&IF(ISNUMBER(FIND(" ",A2)),MID(A2,FIND(" ",A2)+1,1),"")&IF(ISNUMBER(FIND(" ",A2,FIND("...

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